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    Hi - How Can i join this group? I'm a Ann Arbor, Michigan resident with a medical card and I plan to grow soon. This looks cool.
    Whasup?! I have a question.. HOW THE FONK DO YOU START A THREAD???? I wanna start one and I don't know how... haha I know it's funny but I don't know how!!!
    right after they pop i transplant and put them under a pc fan blowing form the top dwn it really thicken up the stem
    If you dont mind i have a question. How do you get your stalks so thick at the base. Is it in the germinating process?
    nm just drying some stuff lol hows it going for you? i just started my 2nd set in my perpetual grow, looking at adding a few more to the mix though.
    i replied to your perpetual question and u should get more plants into flower then just 2 with your lights i put a bunch of plants under 1 400w hps

    Uploaded with heres the schedule for a week rotation. The way it works is at first you take 8-12 clones from each plant. Then after you get roots you place two clones into soil then into flowering stage. The next week you take two more clones and place those into the flowering stage. You continue to do this till you have all "9 weeks" of flowering filled. The last week week 9 you take and harvest those two plants. Then in goes two more for week one from the clones into flowering. So every week you get a new harvest.
    I'll be doing this setup myself due to the fact then i can have 6 mothers and 18 (2 in each week of flowering) in the flowering so my total of 24 would be met :) this can save time and from the research i've done, the loss in veg time is made up by the amount you get every week.
    No problem. Your more than welcome to come back any time you want to dude-et. I'd love to talk to ya when ever man. Just drop me a note every so often to let me know how things are going. Talk to later smkinmouse.
    Well dude-et, I hate to see you go, but if you must you must. Come back when ever you want to. Good luck with your grows and your medical adventure.
    Later, the Rip.
    the greener one is doing good, although it did look it is going to be riped first, it didn't, the flowers still developing, but it is almost riped. . my smallest one suddenly got riped very fast, and i harvest some of it's branches today, it looks great :). i will harvest the rest of it soon. the other 2 i have got are bigger, and taking a bit longer to ripe. most of the leaves are yellow, is it natural for the end of the flowering? im using the molasa, and i think it does work great. i have a problem of dry weather when the lights on, i use fogger but sometimes it is not enough and the RH goes down to 20-22%.. do u have expirience with very low RH?
    hey bro, just started 7th week flowering, can't stop watching them girls! i think at the end of the week i will harvest some of the branches from 2 of them, that look almost riped.. do u think it has any negative efect on the plant if i harvest some of the branches before?
    It don't matter, so much, how you got started w/the auto's. I'm just glad ya did. Now maybe you'll grow them again huh? Plus, like I told ya, they have a great medical value. After you harvest them, you'll have to tell me your honest opinion on the auto's.
    That's super that your almost ready to go. It's Sunday now so I suppose you are ready to go. Good luck with your new found business, Dr. Dude-et LOL.
    If there's anything I can do to help ya out, just ask.
    No, not with the auto's. They need the veg. spectrum their whole life in order to do there best. If you were to grow auto's outside, your first grow(end of April to the beginning of June) and your last grow(August to the end of Oct.) will be about the same, but your middle grow(July to end of Aug.) (when the sun is at it's strongest months) will out preform the other two grows. I hope that makes since.
    Are you going to collect the pollen from your males to pollinate females for seeds later on? Hang in there, that's part of the game dude-et. Try gemming your seeds at 73 to 75 degrees. Cooler temps. help to germ female plants. Same with the temps. at the seedling stage. Keep them cooler for females. Not fool proof, but it does help. I don't know how you germinate, but I use a propagation heat mat with a thermostat that plugs into it. I also start my plants in a 12 plant jiffy greenhouse w/jiffy plugs. Now I'm not saying I get all females cause I don't, but like I said, it will help.
    Well, it all sounds good. I wish I could see your set up. Yeah, having patients would be a big responsibility. But if you keep your grow rooms clean and never enter a room with your street cloths on. Do in naked. LOL. No, I'm kidding about entering a room with no cloths on. But not kidding about the street cloths. And always wash your hands before touching a plant. I'd hate to hear that you got spider mites or something. Keep up the good work dude-et.
    No problem. Remember though, keep the grows simple. When one starts getting all technical with um, that's when things can go bad real quick. Your doing a fantastic job.
    They all look real good and healthy. If I were a medical user and didn't grow myself, I'd let you be the care-giver. Can't wait to see them all in full budding. Nice work!!!
    Well I'm glad to hear your problem wasn't mine. Plus, unless you live out in the country, you probably won't have the leaf spot problem.
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