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  • you sing?! i produce my own music as far as instrumentals and songwriting. i have done a few performances and my local radio station's dj's want me to finish up something to put on their air time! movies are always good although i've been very busy with music and work so i havent had time to see any good ones lately! hey maybe you should record a hook for me for one of my songs!
    ummm im a big movie buff..and i sing...hopefully professionally in the next little while...getting my demo done in the fall i hope :D but yea...movies movies and more movies :D i like the indie films the most...u?
    ya its looking good 6inces from the point i cut has now grow so now its got to head an started to flower in week4
    yo hi ya mate i cut the top of my plants of but the pistols have start to twist over each other ????????????????????????????????
    what leaves do you cut when its time to cut the tips...My first time IDK......my plant is like 6'3 ft.......
    u can say that again!
    this is way better than a book.
    i mean untill books talk back theres nothing better than feedback
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