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vegetable glycerin tincture for tank system e-cig?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by indcolts77, May 25, 2013.


    indcolts77 Active Member

    Anyone ever do it with success and without killing your e-cig? My reasoning is this:

    The e-juice is made with tobacco leaves soaked in vegetable glycerin and then strained and flavored. THC will dissolve in the glycerin. I would dissolve my homemade iso hash in the glycerin on low heat for about 24 hours, strain, and have some THC infused e-juice, right? It makes sense to me but my two concerns involve if I would get high? And if it would fuck up my e-cig?

    I have an Ego-T refillable e-cig, not one of those disposable non refillable ones..it uses a little tank witjout a cartridge, you literally put the juice right into that clear chamber, connect the pieces, and puff...its exactly like a Gpen pretty much but only takes VG based juice... bought it for my girl and I WAS going to get a G-Pen before my local dispensaries got shut down...all of em thanks to Measure D passing in Los Angeles... now I no longer have access to wax and don't want to make my own BHO bc I'm afraid I won't purge it right or blow my face off...Iso hash is way easier to make and won't seperate from the glycerin like the oil/BHO would

    Any help is appreciated
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    indcolts77 Active Member

    Here are some pics...it delivers nicotine really well and the flavors are great... nice big puffs of smoke and nice little buzz

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    Comatoke Active Member

    sounds right to me, dont see why that wouldnt work, unless the ecig itself has some sort of filtering system for the smoke.

    vacpurge New Member


    indcolts77 Active Member

    No theres no filter or else the nicotine wouldn't get delivered... I'm basically trying to sub the nicotine with THC ...thanks for the reply brotha, I'm a little more confident now that someone agrees with my reasoning haha

    Definitely agree and thats all time classic, nice call haha so you think it'll work?

    d3dm4n Member

    get the flavoring with 0mg nicotine... i have a tsunami e cig and i just use a syringe with my c02 hash oil put it in the tank then warm up the tank by holding it in my hand for a while then take some of the 0mg tsunami juice put it in and shake the tank ... it never really mixes but it does make the oil turn a little better consistency so i get bigger rips

    oakley1984 Well-Known Member

    it works what you are attempting to do, but poorly.

    indcolts77 Active Member

    Thanks man, I was gonna do this too but I don't have access to oil anymore...I make qwiso without having to cook or heat anything which is better for me....I'm going to have to heat the hash and glycerin for a bit but I'm gonna use my outside grill on low when I have a chance.....I know making oils you need specific temperatures and what not and I'm just not willing to do all that lol...I have access to the 0mg stuff you're talking about at my local headship...gonna use that and mix it with my tincture....thanks braj
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    Vegetable glycerine is water based. I have tried mixing RSO with vegetable glycerine and some of the components of the RSO would mix with the VG and others would not. I have not idea which compounds were mixing and which were not. I don't think vegetable glycerine is the right way to go. Unless you can actually extract 100% pure THC. Vegetable glycerine is a good base. RSO already has a good base (oil based). I am not finished with testing my current experiments with a different compound to make RSO usable in a tank style e-cigarette. I will report back with my final analysis in about a month. So far, after a couple weeks of using my current mixture, it is the best cannabis vaporizing experience I have had. However, I have not tried too many different styles of vaporizing cannabis.

    E-Cannabis Oil aka G-Oil.jpg

    This is the RSO I have been using. The following photos are before mixing with the compound to work in a tank style e-cigarette.
    2013_03300015.jpg Premium RSO.jpg
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    Your ego-T looks almost identical to what I am using. I think they are the same actually. I am using a Dream Vapor Electronic Cigarette. They cost almost $35 after tax and shipping.

    Thanks for mentioning the ego-T, I see that there are a lot of accessories that will work with my Dream Vapor, at least it appears to be so. http://dreamvapor.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52

    indcolts77 Active Member

    Hey Grow Goddess, your dream vapor is the same thing as my Ego-T marketed under a different name...so thank you for confirming that its possible...

    Two things tho...Whats RSO and what base do you use to mix it with to work in the ecig? And can you give me your recipe on how to make it? It looks like great stuff and once you mix it with your base it looks like it'll work for sure in mine....I have plenty of trim, buds, and hash to work with

    Thanks and +rep for your experiment
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    RSO is concentrated cannabis oil. I have people get offended for saying RSO and others get offended for not saying RSO. RSO is just easier to say. I try to describe my products to where people have a better idea of how it was made, so they will know what they are getting. I consider RSO a method of making concentrated cannabis oil.

    The finished product RSO has gone through the decarboxylation process. RSO or BHO that has been decarboxylized is better to work with for any vaporizer in my opinion. It does not require any heat to activate the THC.

    I interact a lot with cancer patients. RSO is the most popular method of using cannabis as an alternative treatment for cancer. It has become quite common.

    I love the RSO so much all of the best buds from my crops go into making the concentrated cannabis oil. I am starting to enjoy the tank style pen vaporizer so much I may not even smoke buds anymore!

    I am still fiddling around with a couple of different mixtures. I would like to wait until I choose the most preferred mixture before announcing the formula. I hope you understand.

    I learned about RSO after watching the video (YouTube) Run From the Cure. Before that, the only concentrated cannabis I ever had was hash. After watching the video it really motivated me to try to make the oil. I found it very hard to believe that a dose the size of a grain of rice could keep someone buzzed for up to 12 hours, let alone cure some cancers, or control cancer. I made some oil, it was potent just like the video said it would be.

    When I was involved with our local compassion clubs in MI, I met a cancer patient who was looking for an alternative treatment for his cancer. He wanted to try the oil after he saw the video. I offered to treat him for free. He is now cancer free! I couldn't believe it and neither could he. This patient had been ran through the medical system with many different treatments for 11 years at the time we began treatment. He was ready to give up, having been so tired of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, radiation treatments, and more. After 6 months of taking 1/2 gram per day of the oil, he had bloodwork and a scan. They could find no signs of the cancer. This patient had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Whether it was God that took his cancer away, the cannabis oil, or something else, you will have to judge for yourself. I truly believe the cannabis oil made a difference.

    When I get my formula for e-cannabis oil to a satisfactory level, I will post detailed information.
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    indcolts77 Active Member

    Wow that is fuckin awesome...I actually read up on RSO while waiting for your reply and it seems relatively easy to make. I'm going to give it a shot for sure and if it can cure cancer, I'm sure it could help prevent it as well and i am too ready to take it everyday for preventative purposes as well as the pain relieving effects i seek. I read it has many other benefits such as revitalizing organ tissue and seeking and destroying cancer cells. I'm sold on your testimony, thanks for being an awesome person and treating that man for free. Respect.

    The reason im trying the glycerine is because that is what the ego-t ejuice is made out of (im just going to buy the plain unflavored ejuice from the headshop and try to dissolve hash into it at a low heat level, both to speed up the process and decarb the thca) ...I figured i would stick to what the pen is already made for....but yea I totally understand you not releasing the formula yet...ill let you figure it out for us haha ;P just messing around. really I do understand but please please don't forget about me and let me know once your formula is complete! I'm gonna try the Vegetable glycerin for now and if I fuck it up oh well I can always buy another pen for $25...ill let you know how it goes with the glycerin! Good luck on your experiment!
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    I am all for helping people. Don't waste your money on the glycerine. I will PM you some information. Please report back on how it works with your hash.

    For me RSO is the way to go, but I am very interested in knowing how it works with other types of concentrated cannabis.

    Yes, you are right. I truly believe it does prevent some cancers. I believe in taking one to three small maintenance doses per day (size of a grain of rice).

    It takes anywhere from two to three ounces of bud to fill a two teaspoon size syringe (10ml, or 10cc) with RSO.

    d3dm4n Member

    ne time... I love my oil filled tank lol I use to anywhere I want... I got yelled at, at the airport by a cop that i didnt notice was near for smoking "an e cig" in the airport... didnt tell him it wasnt exactly an e cig lol

    indcolts77 Active Member

    @gg I responded to your PM but I don't know if it went through BC I'm posting through my phone...if not just know I appreciate the info a d will report to you once I get going! :)

    @d3dm4n that's what I'm going for man, I'm glad to hear the stealth aspect works!
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    @indcolts77Message received, looking forward to your results.

    Kanivers Active Member

    I have experimented with VG and PG mixtures with straight flowers and BHO for a tank system e cig. I find it inferior to just using a concentrate pen like a G pen. You have to vape too much e liquid to get any effects. With the concentrate pen it's one and done!

    PsychedelicSam Member

    I do it. I have the same set up as the op. The key is to NOT strain it. It will remain a suspension. Straining it will remove the suspended oil and that's your real potency for vaping it. Shake it well before use. Also it helps if you let it cure for a couple of weeks in a dark cabinet, shaking daily. Because of the specific properties of glycerin, it takes a while for the bonding to complete. You also need a minimum potency of 3g (reefer) per ounce of glycerin for enough potency. That's hard to attain with whole reefer but very easy with hash oils and you can easily attain a great effect on just a few puffs. I recently made a batch of 9g/oz using a Green Dragon made from kief and I feel the first hit and am buzzed good at 5. With hash oils, there's no need to reduce any solvents and it's better than hash for extraction.

    Your cut is important, too. Nearly everything you use will dilute it, pg, flavor juice, alcohol, so you have to keep that in mind. If you're adding a few drops of some non-thc product into a milliliter, that's diluting it. The secret is to use a few drops of Green Dragon instead. It mixes well and is one of the recommended additives but this adds more potency to your mix instead of less. You never want to use more than 25% of the Dragon in the blend but you'll find that it will help dissolve your hash oil into the glycerin. Adding alcohol to glycerin creates pg and it vaporizes well. I use my pen almost everyday and 1.5ml has lasted me two weeks. :smile:
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    2013_03190064-cropped.jpg 2013_03190056.jpg

    The amber colored oil shown in these pictures, we compared them in a G-Pen. It is high quality RSO. We compared it against the tank style e-cigg vaproizer with a 20-30% propylene glycol to RSO mixture. Hands down, the diluted RSO in the tank style e-cigg was better, smoother, and seemed more potent. It was just all around better. The G-pen did work with the straight RSO, but the draws were very harsh. Kind of like it was over cooking the oil.

    The tank style e-pen with the PG/RSO mixture compared to pure RSO in the Eclipse vaporizer, well the oil in the eclipse is more tasty. I guess you could say it is more heavy duty. That is about it. The e-cigg vape won on every aspect, potency, convenience, buzz effect, etc.

    Me personally, I do not have use for the VG. Just concentrated cannabis and PG work great for me. This is reference to RSO, I do cannot say how it would be with other concentrates i.e. BHO, hash, etc.

    I must say, with the RSO I use the Eclipse vaporizer, the taste is awesome! The problem is that it is a PIA to use. It is not as enjoyable as I would like it to be. Mostly because of the need for a torch lighter and it is easy to overheat.
    2011_11250006 (800x600).jpg Easy Vape.jpg

    I love my tank style e-cigg vaporizer. It makes me very happy.

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