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Think Different - Dutch Passion

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by OGEvilgenius, Feb 15, 2012.


    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    Anyone growing this out right now? Saw a rather impressive journal where a guy pulled 350g off a single plant in a DWC with LED lighting in around 80 days (maybe less I forget).

    DP is claiming 16-18% THC on this plant. They don't usually BS. I think I'll succumb to the demons that are fem seeds and autos and give this one a try in the spring and run a few plants outdoors.

    NuteGreenwitch Well-Known Member

    Okay, we have seeds on the way. Should be here by tuesday. Anyway, I will only be growing one under a 150w hps and will create a little journal. I heard the stone of this plant isn't shabby either!

    Garbazzo Member

    I just got my pack of think different from attitude on Thursday morning and by Saturday morning they all popped out of the rock wool. 100% germ rate! I'm using three 5 gallon buckets "DWC" in a 4x4 grow room with a 400watt MH Bulb. And i got a 400wattt HPS Bulb to switch too as soon as i see the first signs of flower.

    But the one thing i want to know is how many days should i wait before switching from veg to flower nutrients on this particular auto flower.

    mogulust Member

    Where did ya guys get the seeds from if you're in the US?

    Kush2180 Active Member

    Yeh he pulled 350g off one plant!!! Thats mental

    lavode Member

    any news guys i want to hear about this thinking of getting one myself

    Kush2180 Active Member

    its a great strain, high the, finishes in 80-100 days and can highest proven yield is just over 12oz. That was in dwc under 600w led. Its a top strain

    lowblower Well-Known Member

    must have been in hydro ?? thats crazy. 350g what !!

    brettsog Well-Known Member

    its was 356g. he was chosen to test the strain for the breeder. the guy who grew it knew what he was doing. he started with 3 plants then eliminated the weakest after a couple weeks then same again with plant 2. the grow journal was epic. it was in a dwc bubbler.

    GrOwEmBiG420 Member

    you can find it on autoflower.net seymour-buds grew it under indoor growing ppl still comment on it to this day so it will be in the first cpl pages same person in growing another epic grow this time with 2 of dutch passions strains both are monsters

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