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The Octagon

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fdd2blk, Apr 22, 2007.


    HarmoniousFlow Active Member

    nongreenthumb, i thought about that before, but the drainpipes are only 4" so i was concerned the water would be too high and come out the side or something but after seeing it both drip and ebb/flow it looks like it would be just fine angled in, and would probably be better too...

    closet.cult, thanks for the kind words... do you construct your own soil or use premixes? you could fill the tubes with organic soil, only way less watering...

    im in the process of taking/obtaining clones for another better attempt at this thing, along with some type of medium/container that hangs down to the bottom of the tube...

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    wow thanks for all the info..;.

    im not sure what is up with these rapid rooters? theyre not what i expected.. anyway i will let FDD know when im coming up and we can have a beer!

    KushMaster85 Well-Known Member

    I have an idea for the rotating garden and its watering method. I would think that you could fill the 4" tubes with grow rock and rockwool cubes then have a resivore at the bottom. so that when the tube come down it will fill with water/nutes. I belive this would work similar to an ebb-flow cycle. Just a thought for those of you who are interested in trying to build an Omega.
    Mister Ed

    Mister Ed Active Member

    An overpriced watering system. Did you see the stretching between nodes on those plants? What a joke. I wouldn't waste a dime or my time on any of these coliseums, octagons, omegas.


    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    the facts behind the science here is undeniable. stick your thumbs where you want but dont knock what you dont know smart guy.
    Mister Ed

    Mister Ed Active Member

    Sketche, theres no science behind this. I challenge you to show me where science proves this is more efficient to grow with. Im calling you out, lets hear your indisputable science. I say your full of it.

    iwir3d Well-Known Member

    Very interesting. But the lighting is what amuses me. Plants only get light on 1 side of them? The side facing away from the lights dont get any? Or is there some sort of reflector involved to maximize the effeciency?

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    i would be challenged, except if you read the whole thread, you will understand. harmonious flow has put science into his grow. call me out, i challenge you to read the thread before talking ish my friend.

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    having no reflector and plants growing 360 degrees around the light is one of the things that makes it so effecient

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    It would be more efficient if the plants were leaning into the light more.

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    i agree... more light to more of the plant

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    Imagine going large scale with it though, have a bee-hive effect with a light setup in the centre of every cell.

    HarmoniousFlow Active Member

    i have been very swamped lately and some of the replies may be too late but hey... ill just go on down the line, but first the PHEDOR is the shit! butaneless light hybrid vaporizer, i love this thing and it is so worth the 150$ to not have nasty cancerous headache from butane and butane fumes..

    Herbal Vaporizer Phedor - Wicked Roots Vaporizers check it out

    sk3tch3: rapid rooters work great in my opinion but not as good as aerocloning... beer is great!

    KushMaster85: rocks in the tube is similar to the omega garden w/rockwool cubes in a metal frame and would be pretty much the same except you would have to have a neoprene or similar "cap" for the rocks but let the stem through so they didnt fall out upside down.

    thank you for your opinion which you are perfectly entitled to. if you would have read the thread those stretched nodes are OG Kush and if you are familiar with the diesel line you would know the stretch is due to genetic traits. also the grape ape plants stretched ZERO amount which eliminates your uneducated misunderstanding connecting stretch to grow system. also, there is no reason to be so critical when this is just shared information on an experimental grow. as for omega gardens, i have personally seen 4 and 5 pound yields from 1200 watts. waste is relative to perspective.

    efficient as in 90 square feet in 25 square feet of space? circumference = pi x diameter or 5 x 3.14 which is 15.7 x 6 foot of height = 94.2 square feet to be scientifically exact for you. this equals more space for plants/more plants/more efficient!
    also science tends to say heat rises vertically so a vertical heat cooling path would be the most efficient as well as keeping the plants away from the heat.
    science also says that heat rises and gets trapped by physical barriers such as horizontal reflectors, building up and reducing bulb life, and putting more radiant heat into the growroom, whereas vertical has two more efficiency advantages here.
    science also says that light reflects off reflective surfaces, obvious but in a horizontal reflector the light is reflecting all over, back through the bulb, hot spots are created, and light is lost, so more efficient by reducing light loss, and having even distribution.
    hopefully you will see some of the advantages to vertical growing and why it is going to become the future of garding in space and urban areas where space is limited.

    yes! the plants only get light on one side of them, which i noticed the side away from the lights the shaded buds (not that many) were smaller, i just compensated by rotating the netcup! a reflective material (poly,mylar) wrapped around the entire unit would be awesome.

    yes! it definately would, and the stretchy OG kush's leaned into the light almost level and were way better lit, and took up less vertical surface space, think if they were all towards the light it would be like vertical SOG.. i really thought they would go inwards more..

    i dont know if you read the article but some guy got busted with 8 omega gardens (they say he built them himself) had a picture.. crazy.. i cant wait to just have 2 going!

    Dutchy_Herbivoir Active Member

    Couldn't you get some big cardboard/ plastic sheets, cover them in mylar and hang them on the outside of the setup and thus reflecting light to the backside that doesn't get as much light as the ones on the inside?

    potlike Well-Known Member

    I believe filthy asked the question of rotation earlier how that could be accomplished.

    Easiest way I see to do that is to rotate the entire floor.

    Fabricate a floorboard platform using 10 footer 2x10's or whatever size and then make support joists every 2-3 feet. Top it off with some OSB for the platform part. For the rotating part in the center cut an inch into the existing floor then put a heavy duty motor. Put casters on each corner for easy turning.

    Build the octagon on top of it.

    btw, harmonious I consider myself awesome at fabricating and being incredibly innovative, I must say I bow in your presence to this one.


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i came up with an idea of a rotating light. you could have a track or a rotating light hanger that would spin the light around the inside of the octagon. you could make a big one and hang 4 1000 watters from 2 spinning fixtures. it would rotate half-way around and back. the light can be moved closer or further from the center to bring them closer or further to/from the plants.

    Micheal Kelso

    Micheal Kelso Well-Known Member

    This is just sick - I will totally be using Ideas from this.

    What about putting as screen around the light so you could kinda do a vertical scrog?

    potlike Well-Known Member

    what would be better in that case would be a cross mounted to the motorized fixture if you are doing 4 lights with one light to each section of the cross if you wanted to get fancy you could have a second motor on pulleys to make the lights move up and down with a motion sensor telling it to change direction.

    about your vertical scrog idea you can use it as screening around each individual plant so it acts as a sort of lst training as well

    there are no limits :)


    HarmoniousFlow Active Member

    Dutchy_Herbivoir: yes you could indeed get cardboard or similar and put mylar on it... i myself was going to use 2x6 pieces of styrofoam panels (besides being lazy), i have also seen friends make cheap wooden frames and just tape the mylar on or between two boards screwed together to keep it snug and not rip..

    potlike: great ideas i love it when people use their brains and manifest their ideas.. that is a great idea but unfortunately if you turn the octagon it would do nothing actually... at any given space the plant will be the exact same distance and same exact angle from the bulb. so technically nothing changes for the plant... now vertical rotation is different as the plant moves around as it turns upside down, as well as releasing hormones..

    fdd2blk: yet another good idea.. this time at any given time, light is going out one side of the bulb really close to the plant, the other side is shining off into the middle of the octagon and the next light wasting the light coming off that side of the bulb. so in any position this would always be happening.. and most of the light from that setup would be in the exact center of the octagon, being wasted UNLESS you could come up with either a fat plant or plants in the middle, maybe a mini octagon with a plant per side? could be interesting!

    Micheal Kelso: a screen around the light is a good idea, and i have seen people use 4" wire whatever in coliseums and such to keep the plants from falling in and getting burnt by the light.. i actually used a screen instead of the first octagon, being DWC trees and vertically scrogged. the problems i personally ran into were that vegging for a vertical scrog took awhile and vegging cannot be done in that room due to other gardens blooming. also it took a long time to grow, but not bad once they got going, and finally the plant still wanted to grow in its typical pattern, top strong, branchy, and open and stemmy in the middle. and the plants grew up still. horizontal scrog releases hormones, the plants all grow away from the screen towards the light, didnt work like i thought it would, but did reduce plant numbers..

    i am going to create a 12'x5' omega garden clone next and that will be rotating...

    potlike Well-Known Member

    put the octagon on tracks then it would move like an accordion

    and the rotation wasn't for function it would just look bad ass

    -pot (Flying with Peter Pan in Never Never land right now)

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