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The Octagon

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fdd2blk, Apr 22, 2007.


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    here's where it begins.

    first off credit to my friend. he's using this method and is sharing it with me. rumor has it Humboldt county growers are doing it a lot and that's where he heard of it.

    i will be using 2 600w HPS lights. vertical hanging, no hoods. i will have 7 walls, leaving the 8th out for access. 3 tiers high. each wall will be 18" across and 5' tall. there will be 2 holes in each tier on each wall for a total of 6 sites per wall. the octagon will be made of 4" pvc tubing and fittings. i will drill holes to place cubes. i will have a reservoir at the bottom with a pump that will pump to the top. each tier will be slightly sloped so it drains down to the next one. the lights will be hung from the center.

    i have not a thing yet, so this is a project in planning. i will post all new steps as completed.:mrgreen::peace::joint::joint:


    morp Well-Known Member

    sounds good bud! interested to see how this works out, good space efficiency

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    when you get it to 16 oz per foot call me ill take 10

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    this one is NOT mine. but i took this photo.

    k-town Well-Known Member

    That is one bad ass setup!

    k-town Well-Known Member

    Do you know how many plants, lights, etc. are in there, man that is the baddest setup I;ve ever seen. How does he take care of them, with a ladder?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    it's 8 sided. 1 side is left open. 5 tiers high. 3 per tier. 15 per wall. 7 walls. capable of 105. 2000 watts.

    k-town Well-Known Member

    Wow, that guys a fucking genius in my book! I'll bet that's the best feeling walking in that room and looking at that octagon!

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i'll let him know. thanks.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    he lurks among us. he may pop up. he could be standing right behind you. i won't name names though.

    joekikass Well-Known Member

    how much approx is a plant yielding off a setup like that ?
    Moon Shadow

    Moon Shadow Well-Known Member

    I'm not real smart so I'll ask a dumb question.

    Is that hydro and if yes what kind?
    Moon Shadow

    Moon Shadow Well-Known Member

    Sorry I took a better look it's a drip system
    mary jane

    mary jane Active Member

    will your buddy not have problems with the plants growing towards the lights.
    might be a bit of a nuisance, no.

    jUzSmokEIt Well-Known Member

    If your restricted for space thats a dam good idea! But i am really curious to see end results and how early you would need to start flowering.

    Bottom line - looks the piece but how effective, some plants look very stick like with hardly any leaves. (unless there just baby clones)

    anyway im not a hatter just voicing my opinion. :)

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Nice thread it kind of got into something I have been working on copying and figuring out how to build at home with some hardware componenets.I have a basic idea but I have yet to be able to see one of these things in person to steal some measurements and mechanical know hows.Anyways heres a picture of what I wanna finish coping and building for a side sog action...Oh if anyone has one of these or knows where there is one to get pics and measurments for me let me know lol Thanks

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    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    your right it did originate in humboldt as DIY plans from the concept of a coliseum grow which is what they refer to it up there. i suggest putting hinges on it so it can be a full circle closed and open up to give you room to do your "stuff" inside. wrap the out side with poly or mylar, add fans top and bottem. rock and roll. my buddy was debating he can get the same amount as "those guy in.... who do coliseums". but he is the wizard of oz. i dont doubt his abilities, only my own.

    HarmoniousFlow Active Member

    this is my first time growing in this thing. clones were thrown in with 0 veg time, except 20 that were vegged 3-4 days. im just experimenting with the yields/stretch/etc... so some are scrawny cuz they may have only had barely one root, also some are OG KUSH which stretch to all hell.

    i have noticed much more trichome formation, way frostier faster.

    phototropism- growing towards lights
    gravitropism- growing towards the sky which takes priority. most of these plants are growing straight up but the leaves turn towards the light.

    FF: i have seen Omega gardens in use and 4 pounds off 2-600watters consistently... orbitropism.. nothing beats these vertical rotating gardens imo.

    sketch you have similar ideas to what is going on inside my head.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    told ya he was here.

    YummyBuds Active Member

    Wow! I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread. Awesome idea, cant wait to see the result after the bugs are worked out.

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