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The 12/12 From Seed Club, Show off Your Girls

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by RandyRocket, Mar 22, 2009.


    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    This is a thread to post pictures, info, questions and any thing to do with a 12/12 from seed or 12/12 from rooted clone.

    As there is no 12/12 from seed journial section this thread might be a nice place to brag up your grows.

    So post pictures of your 12/12 from seed babies.

    And links to your grow journials.

    Rules to post:

    1 - Only 12/12 from seed (day come of of the ground) no veg time. You can use clones if they start the 12/12 as soon as they are rooted. You still need to root clones two weeks on 18/6.

    2 - Please be nice and welcome new posters.

    3 - Post a link to any jornials you are doing in addition to info that helps us all learn.

    Thanks I'll edit as needed.

    Now lets grow into the biggest club on here.


    I'll join first.

    This is my grom on day 63 http://www.rollitup.org/grow-journals/151253-12-12-seed-harvest-1-a.html

    and a picture at bed

    Day 63 Good Night Girls.

    Some buds



    My Flower Chamber is lighted with a 430 watt hps and a few 26 watt and 42 watt cfl's as needed.
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    RandyRocket Well-Known Member


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've sean the add for that phone, now the song is stuck in my head,

    monkz Well-Known Member

    small containers will give you small plants,
    no veg will give you small plants,
    add the two and you get less bud that if u'd used bigger containers and vegged em,
    and i know that you know this, so why didnt u do it?

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    if you would read up you would know why everthing you said is wrong.

    And if you would read the first post then you can see why that post should not be there in the first place.

    So where is you question or is it a habbit of your to muck up others threads. I hope you made better uses of you other 180 posts.
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    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    I'd like to mention that a plants tolerance of going 12\12 from seed varies quite a bit based on strain.
    Some want to veg for 3 months before they even show sex regardless of photoperiod.
    Others are growing flowers before their veg-room counterparts are even on to their first true set of leaves.

    I've had some come out large and in charge, with a single cola weighing anywhere from 7- 30 grams dry.
    And with other strains I've had them grow maybe a gram of bud on a skinny wimpy little stem. I have no pictures of these as they were not worth photographing. (in hindsight, i guess i could use a photograph of one right now, so they probably were worth photographing....)

    Anyhow, I no longer do it as personally i've found it to be a lot more reliable to grow 12\12 from clone, for a number of reasons. Not the least which is preservation of champion genes. It takes MONTHS AND MONTHS to reveg a plant in late flower and is infinately easier (IMHO) to just veg my plants a while and take backup clones of everything. Every now and then you plant a seed the just has amazing weed, i cant tell you how many times i've lost great potential mothers because i didn't take cuttings. The fact is, even in strains touted as 'stable' there are gonna be good plants and bad plants, personally
    But having said that there is nothing wrong with growing 12\12 from seed. You can grow nice fat honkin buds pretty quickly. Anyone who tells you its not possible is either misinformed, bitter with a failed attempt at doing so, or a liar.

    Anyhow, heres a shot of my new ebb and flow table. filled with 3 different phenotypes of my 'house' strain (read, bagseed)
    They went straight from the aerocloner into the flowering room about 2 weeks ago.
    And here are some Arjan's ultra haze #1 clones in soil, also 12\12 straight from the cloner.
    This is one of the strains i've tried that refuses to grow well 12\12 from seed, it grows about 3 inches tall and takes 13 weeks to produce 3 grams.
    However, these clones (2 weeks old) have already grown a ton with tight nodal spacing and gigantic sativa leaves.
    Which just goes to show how strain dependant 12\12 from seed is, and also reinforces my preference for growing clones rather than seeds.

    And heres a budshot (pheno#3 from the aformentioned bagseed) for good measure.
    Joe Camel

    Joe Camel Well-Known Member

    my 12/12 from seed.
    Currently have two females about a month into flowering.
    4 clones entering the room
    9 germs

    8 warm cfl
    3 daylights for germs
    70w hps for the bottoms

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    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    Nice posts everyone. Welcome to all the new growers and sorry about the first thread mess up (stoned not stupid).

    this was a cool couple a pics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    7 or 8 weeks ago.

    Today Day 66
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    I think with a good rotatin system an ounce or two a week seems doable?

    Start two seeds a week.

    After week three wnen sex is know pull any new males. 50%

    I see a great clone opp for my next try.
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    Heath Robinson

    Heath Robinson Well-Known Member

    Here is a 12/12 from seed vertical grow I did in 2007, grown in Hydroton and auto fed with drippers. :bigjoint:



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    JackCarrera Active Member

    Sorry if this post shouldn't be in here, but i followed randy rocket and his black cat here, black cats ftw!! but back on subject, i'm plannin a 12/12 grow myself pretty soon, it will be my first grow, any suggestions on a good seed for this? and i'm planning on having only 5 feet vertically, will this be enough room or would i have to lst
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    Joe Camel

    Joe Camel Well-Known Member

    If its your first grow just throw in any seed that will sprout.
    Look at it as working the kinks out. your first grow will show you limits of what to and not to do. Then you know what to expect. Good Luck

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    You are in the correct spot.

    Try bag seed the first time. If you can only get seeds you must buy I'd go cheep. Save your $ until you feel you can grow good bag weed.

    Said it all.

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    Nice grows,

    I'm starting to see more intrest in this style of growing. I think I may keep 1 or 2 12/12 from seed or clone going at all time with my other grows.

    I'm at day 67 and it's just wait on the hairs to turn brown. So as I wait this may be cool.

    My current grow.

    [​IMG] Day 1

    [​IMG] Day 2

    [​IMG] Day 6

    [​IMG] Day 9

    [​IMG] Day 11

    [​IMG] Day 13 Wow almost 2 weeks and they all still fit in one try.

    The tallest [​IMG] [​IMG] at 3". Day 14 and in just a few weeks she hit 54"

    [​IMG] Day 15 and the root are good. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] and [​IMG] Day 17

    [​IMG] Day 19

    [​IMG] Day 20

    [​IMG] Day 22

    [​IMG] "Where have all the flowers gone?" Kington Trio sould have sang Randy grew them before young girls picked them.

    [​IMG] Day 29

    [​IMG] Day 31

    [​IMG] Day 33

    [​IMG] Day 34 or 35?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Day 36

    [​IMG] Day 38

    [​IMG] Day 39

    [​IMG] Day 41

    [​IMG] Day 42

    [​IMG] Day 43 some are getting tall.

    [​IMG] Day 45

    [​IMG] Day 49 those kitten are every were "I think i saw a putty cat".

    [​IMG] Day 50

    [​IMG] Day 51

    [​IMG] Day 53

    [​IMG] Day 55

    [​IMG] Day 56

    [​IMG] Day 57

    [​IMG] Day 59

    [​IMG] Day 60

    [​IMG] Dayy 61

    [​IMG] Day 63

    [​IMG] Day 66

    It was hard to pick just a few pictures wow I post lots of pics.

    GrowKindNugs Well-Known Member

    here's my new and 1st ever 12/12 from seed garden! 1 gal grow bags with FFOF, under a 400w mh/hps....around day 9 think, haha, sorry, it's late...enjoy..

    Attached Files:


    JackCarrera Active Member

    You are in the correct spot.

    Try bag seed the first time. If you can only get seeds you must buy I'd go cheep. Save your $ until you feel you can grow good bag weed.

    ^^i have one purple #1 seed i found in a bag, and about 5 i have no clue of, but i can also get clone's of trainwreck off my buddy, i think that would probably be the best, and easiest? i hope

    GrowKindNugs Well-Known Member

    who?? me?? i've been growing indoors for years!! :lol: this is my 1st try with 12/12 though, and i'm real excited...i'm determining which strain does best under 12/12 and then i'm gonna get more of those! :bigjoint:

    Ichi Well-Known Member

    Greetings! So I started this grow 12/12 from seed with 8 babies from super dank bagseed in my little cabinet. At the time I had not hooked up my airflow setup so the door was just left open. Well, the wife thought that it was too bright and shut the door while I was away. Baked the little bastards. I tried to save them but in the end there is only one left. A fighter. She (I hope) needs a name. I'm thinking "The Professor." Really no reason for that one. Here are the pics. Any input would be RAD!

    Attached Files:

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    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    This is day 68

    Lucy thinks the plants are too big and late.

    I want to look for light leaks (don't think we have any)

    We don't find any but as this is the first grow with the lights off at daylight (grown at night when I'm home to watch). I have added more light proofing.

    and both grow kittens help.


    She holds the flap in place so I can tape.
    Lucy at work

    [​IMG] Leo "do you need an air inlet here?"

    Leo at work

    Ichi Well-Known Member

    I love it that the box on the outside says "CHRISTMAS." Damned right Christmas inside.
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    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    X-mas Box? lol

    just a pic from the last day or so.

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