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Oriah's Garden - SuperSoil TGA perpetual medical SCROG

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Oriah, Apr 18, 2012.


    Oriah Well-Known Member


    Dr Who, Quantum Kush, Micky Kush and Professor Chaos are their currently available gear... With more winners to come..

    snowboarder396 Well-Known Member

    Howsbit going Oriah , been a long time since I've been active on here. Man school sure keeps you busy, and I haven't been able do anything I've wanted growing wise. Have you heard anything about hgnw and what they plan on releasing next? Looking forward seeing what you do this year and hopefully will be more active myself

    MzFarmer Member

    So it's been a few days and my clone is wilting pretty hardcore... Normal?

    Shawns Active Member

    it happens but it probably wont survive once they flop over they're done chances are it wont survive

    MzFarmer Member

    Yea... I tossed em... I'll try another time I guess. crazy clones.

    Shawns Active Member

    Was this your first time taking clones ? next time take a pic if you can so we can maybe help with what you did wrong, I find cloning easy I have pretty much 100% success the only time i find i loose one is when i get greedy and try and take just one more lol and that'll be the one I loose cause it was too small. It could have been you cloning solution I like to use a gel but if you have any questions just ask or start your own thread good luck :)

    MzFarmer Member

    How long do they normally have to be to get good clone off of them?

    Do you scrape the sides? Do you whisper sweet nothings? I just need a definative answer... Ican't ever seem to find one.

    Shawns Active Member

    Some people take big clones, I usually like mine about 4-5 inches long with 4-5 nodes and I try to have atleast one of the nodes in the ground, I cut the end at more then a 45 then I split the bottom half inch or so in 2 put on a good bit of rooting gel and plant carefully making sure you don't rub the gel off, another thing when I cut the branch I put the cut end in water right away, I try to have 2 or 3 leaves some people cut them in half if there small you don't really need to

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Every expert has their own opinions on every aspect including your question...

    However, I'ma whisper a sweet nothing to you letting you in on the secret that everyone who thinks their method is what made the Virgin Mary say very quietly... "Cum again"..

    Which is.... it doesn't matter... As long as whatever you do to your ladies tip, let it be scraping, cutting the bottom 1/2" in half, cutting it on the node on a backward 45 with a bong in one hand, and a beer in the other, or cutting it square.... whatever....

    As long as that part of the stem is in the proper conditions (in a cloner, my fav... , rapid rooters, dert... Whatever you uses...) as well as proper lighting schedule (18/6, 20/4, 24/0... Ie veg...) light strength and color (a 5000k + color 23w cfl is more than enough), and a nice humid environment...

    Then the most important part, the cutting was taken from a healthy section of plant, nothing is more important.... And closer to the bottom of the plant the better, and the longer since you've fed the momma the better, mainly N should be cut long enough (a week is good) without stressing momma but they can be taken from anywhere if need be; but how fast they root depends on the above factors minus what you do to the stem unless you cut too many nodes off leaving none of some dumb shite..

    The following matters but not as much as people and companies that sell cloning hormones or rooting compounds. The rooting powders/gels are good as long as you aren't using a aero cloner... It just gets washed off... duh.... But it doesn't hurt to let them sit in it for a little while while you do other things so it gets sucked up and let's them get a little before washing it off, but there's no need to smear a half pound on it to stick it in and funk up your cloner..

    The above powders and gels are best used if you are cloning in a medium other than water if you didn't get my drift above. But I put some clonex or Dutch masters aps in a measuring cup and as I take my cuts, while waiting to "insert" them to my cloner, letting them sit for a few but I have no proof they work or not...

    I use an aero cloner, ez cloner actually and I add 1oz. of regular peroxide, adding it and fresh tap/chlorinated water to the cloner 24 hours before any clones are "inserted", it keeps the cloner bacteria free and 100% sterile... I let them get a nice set-uh roots on them and then I transplant them to roots organic/camo bag or recycled base and then on to supersoil or some TLO type container spiking and layering if I'm out of SS...

    Guys who got it nailed down to a strict sciencecan get roots showing in 4-5 days, planted in soil or hydro medium in 7-8....

    Basically all the methods work, some are easier than others, rapid rooters take a little too much effort for me so I stuck with a cloner, I'm set... No reason to change and most times I don't get roots for a month because it's too cold where I root my clones....

    As for your actual question.... As long as you have a 3-4-5 sets of nodes and can put 2 of those nodes below the soil/waterline, your good to go as long as you keep it moist, yet not to the point they wilt, if you let them dry out once their done...

    dabumps Well-Known Member

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