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New grow: G13 labs auto blueberry & g13 labs auto ak

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by CYLUS, Oct 25, 2012.


    CYLUS Member

    Whats up RIU, Im first official grow im posting but ive been doing my homework here for a while now

    Ill be growing the g13 labs auto ak and auto blueberry (fems)

    Im currently using 4 6500K CFLS (Thinking of upgrading to 6 or 8 for 3 or 4 a plant let me know what yall think)
    The bulbs are housed in what appears to be aluminum reflectors. Some say they hinder light some say they direct it i figured Id find out for myself

    This is gonna be a closet grow do to limited space. Ive built a temporary box out of old flourescent housings which are pearly white so they are the perfect substitute until i get my mylar tent.

    I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil along with the full line of nutes (maybe week 3)
    Ill be doing a full journal and smoke report on these strains seeing as I haven't found too many on these.

    Any tips are appreciated but spare your fingers if your gonna start in with your hps vs cfl shit, this is the set up that works best for my situation right now trust me if i could upgrade i would have.
    all tips are appreciated thou

    ALICA KEYS (AK) OCT24 DAY 1.jpg BLUE  OCT23  DAY 1.jpg IMG_20121022_095700.jpg IMG_20121025_152636.jpg



    CYLUS Member


    Both the Auto Blueberry & Auto Ak are progressing well (I hope on par for where they should be)

    g13 labs auto blueberry IMG_20121028_173201.jpg IMG_20121028_174835.jpg
    g13 labs ak IMG_20121026_155356.jpg IMG_20121028_174816.jpg

    Im pretty meticulous with this grow so Ive been playing with the distance of the lights. Ideally what i want are short and bushy so i wan to keep the lights as close as possible to avoid to much stretching but im conflicted. Without a thermometer to monitor my the heat I hope I'm not stunting any growth with the heat. it seems cool enough for now with the addition of the fan and thermometer in this coming week. Any opinions on this?

    IMG_20121028_173305 (1).jpg IMG_20121028_175008.jpg

    CYLUS Member

    • THANK BLU much appreciated ill be sure to check out your grow.

      sorry you guys have missed most of this grow but do to unforseen conditions i havent been able to update but im back now and here to catch u up.

      About my grow I am running a cfl set up in fox farm ocean forest soil. I had planned to run the full line of nute but i wanted to get my feet wet and thumbs green before i did. i feel confident i can run the full line of fox farm nutrients at a 1/4 strength on my next grow which may be an Auto Northern Lights Auto Sweet tooth cross. I mus tell you this lil lady has probably lost alot of potential yield becuz i didnt start her in optimal growing condition. But now that i have my tent set up i feel like she has made great progress, although she wasnt half way decent before, just not the best.

      In the begining i started with several 6500k cfls (i know cfl's arent the best but they work best for my set up) and at first sign of flowering around day 24 i switched to a full 2700k spectrum pretty much using a 24/0 cycle only recently incorporating and short dark period.

      This is my first offical grow i also had g13 auto ak 47 going a day behind but space restrictions have forced me to neglect it. not to mention accidently snapping he main cola by accident when moving it one day
      I have been lst'ing her for a while and i feel ive done a pretty good job ive only ever had one branch snap off so im learning. YOUR TWO CENTS IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED. im a newb so any help his great, i do do my research thou. i snapped some pics of her to share with you​

    View attachment 2449548 View attachment 2449549 View attachment 2449550 View attachment 2449551 View attachment 2449552 View attachment 2449553 View attachment 2449554 View attachment 2449555 View attachment 2449556 View attachment 2449557 View attachment 2449558 View attachment 2449559 View attachment 2449560 View attachment 2449561 View attachment 2449562
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    You should consider getting rid of the metal reflectors around the cfls. They collect heat with my first grow those got hotter than my hand did an inch from the bulb. Then get some splitters at a hardware store and you can add more bulbs per power source. The removal of the metal also lets you put the bulbs "flat" or long side exposed to the plant rather than just the end. I saw your K temps but what are the actual watts of your bulbs?

    You may not need to use the nutes much with straight ffof its got stuff already in it and autos do not need or like as many/ much nutes as most photos. Especially veg nutes since the veg time is so short. But you are correct about starting at 1/4 strength.

    A thermometer is always a good idea you might want to check online I got a digital thermometer/ hydrometer with, in/out, min/max temp and RH for 15 dollars from htg supply and a while before that got a shitty digital thermometer from the hardware store for 20 dollars.

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