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My favorite things to hear when medical growers get busted...

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by bob harris, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Organicgold Active Member

    Anyone that supports growers getting busted on a web site built by OVERGROWERS....Yeah your right he should be busted...karma...Bob I'm going to WILL you get ass jack hammered in jail.
    Buddy Ganga

    Buddy Ganga Active Member

    I'm not wanting anyone to get busted and I don't believe thats the point of this thread.
    This is about the excuses illegal growers use when they get busted.

    It's the people standing up for the illegal growers that need to taste of cock smacked out of their mouths.
    They are advocating for the state and all of those against MMJ.

    And may your karma come back to you two fold in your will for Bob.

    Organicgold Active Member

    This whole site is based on ilegal growing... are you mad? So you never bought or smoked weed before 2008? If ileagal growers did not take that risk none of us would be here right now talking about this or MEDICAL cause there would have been no need for it.

    May your will for me to karma bob will your dog to eat shit and give you three ears...

    DankGrower Active Member

    Wow you have self proven you cant read, spell and you dont understand how Karma works. Please go back into the kiddie pool area. If your able to add something actually relevant to the discussion feel free.

    stumpjumper New Member

    This thread has turned into useless drivel..
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