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Dec 1, 2017
Aug 11, 2011
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Apr 20, 1992 (Age: 25)
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Well-Known Member, Male, 25

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Dec 1, 2017
    1. Bob Zmuda
      Bob Zmuda
    2. Olive Drab Green
      Olive Drab Green
      Did your thread just get deleted again? What a bummer.
      1. tangerinegreen555 likes this.
    3. dannyboy602
      I had a mc accident. nobody wants to rep me. I need you obi wan cannoli you're my only hope
      1. Olive Drab Green likes this.
    4. HappyJackal
      Thanks @Finshaggy! I'll send you notes on questions, tech requirements, and scheduling at the email you leave at the contact page upthread
    5. Doer
      Do what ya like, Mr Finn. It is the outspoken that are spoken about.
      1. Yessica... likes this.
    6. MightyMike530
      Just read that you were raped as a child. Damn!
    7. Iloveskywalkerog
      I know that this is random and that I am a stranger but I was just wondering why you are frowned upon by a lot of people people have mentioned you on some of my threads telling me I need to give you advice on how to get a job. What's up with that you seem like an abstract fine fellow to me what's with everybody ?
      1. Finshaggy
        They just think that being on a forum gives them some type of status, and because they are older than me or more anonymous than me, somehow that makes their online status higher than mine. It's stupid.
        Oct 4, 2014
        Sassafras¥ likes this.
      2. Yessica...
        Holy shit, you hit the nail on the head there. I hope you come back sometime.
        Jul 20, 2015
    8. mattooly
      so im in need of a shark? was pointed to you....6000?....i kno all consequences and circumstances
    9. dannyboy602
      sup fin...i'm just bored...no likes and i'm in withdrawl...ugh...xo...db
      1. Yessica... likes this.
    10. passthatcheeb
    11. Doer
      You actually have to accomplish something around here, to be this unpopular. Good job, I'm impressed. Closed your own Journal thread. A warrior move.

      I sent you a, friend me.
      1. ODanksta and Commander Strax like this.
    12. rollitup
      You appear to have forgotten that you are limited to posting only ONE video per day on these forums.

      This should serve as a reminder.
      1. Commander Strax likes this.
    13. unkle mouse
      unkle mouse
      how do I edit my home page?,, not meaning to insult,, dude you are blowing my page up.. lol
    14. Padawanbater2
      Your posts are an interesting window into the piles of shit that access this website. You are a complete stranger to them, yet they feel the need to belittle your own life to make theirs better. More of a study on people, not you. Their true character is hideous.
      1. Yessica... and Commander Strax like this.
    15. GreatwhiteNorth
      Send me a link to the thread.
    16. lime73
      you should no better than to spam forums fin? advertising for other websites is not allowed here!
      1. Commander Strax
        Commander Strax
        you should KNOW better
        May 10, 2014
    17. stoned cockatoo
      stoned cockatoo
      Finshaggy says:::: Ya'll get ready. FinShaggy is about to have about 4x the content on the web as it did before. I would prepare your anti-finshaggy meme's now.

      hello finshaggy glad to here that your latest venture is going well.

      I have also expanded my horizons and now partake in a bit of freelance photoshopping, working for the sheer passion and nothing more.
      I specialize in anything regarding uncle bucks face although I am very versatile and should be able to cater to any request.

      kind regards stoned cockatoo
    18. jammin screw
      jammin screw
      Ey I'm here in Colorado homes hit me up
    19. dannyboy602
      Was just makin sure u didnt bail... Sooo many guys been leavin lately
    20. dannyboy602
      For the record, I think you are a pretty cool dude. I don't understand why you upset so many ppl. Mb they are just intimidated? Idk. What do you think?
      1. Yessica... likes this.
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    Apr 20, 1992 (Age: 25)
    Look me up on Google
    From Texas, now residing in the 420 friendly state of Colorado :p


    If everyone is thinking outside the box, there is a new box.

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