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Monster Cropping Increasing Yield

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sagensour, Jul 8, 2010.


    sagensour Active Member

    So I rarely start threads but hear it goes.
    Im not going to get into deatail on why we do this or why it works other then that our yeild has increased by 30-40% when done correctly. Enjoibongsmilie

    Monster cropping. One of my collegues and started trying this teq about two springs ago. We used a beautiful Purple pheno that weve been working for years now. Started here in bud indoor in a perfect enviroment, took some cuttings about 2 weeks into flower. Never really hit it with flower nutes though. When we made the clones, they had marble sizes buds on them. We went throught the cloning and hardnening off process to get them back outside. The end result of this was a large, very, very bushy Purple plant with no main stem. A shit load of branches and nodes though. I havent turned back outdoors and its all known as Monster Cropping.

    Heres some pictures that I pasted from another site. I will get my pics soon, my outdoor are far from me so be patient.If anyone else has had good success to this, chime in please!

    Monster Cropping

    Monster Cropping or Flowering Clones is another method of growing that was brought to my attention by one of our members; JWP, who also was kind enough to provide the pictures for this part of the guide. This method involves taking clones of flowering plants and then forcing them to root and re-veg, which eventually leads to very bushy plants with a great number of branches and nodes. I named this technique Monster Cropping because that is what you will get, real monster plants, but also because this method was introduced to the scene by a grower named greenmonster714. He in turn credits a grower named Feral for discovering this technique.

    Taking clones from flowering plants goes against all that has been said about cloning cannabis and might therefore seem a bit confusing at first but the science behind the technique is sound and the results speak for themselves. ​

    You start by taking clones of a plant that is about 21 days into flowering. This seems to be the best time to do it but you can also takes clones at a later stage with the same results. The lower branches make better clones as they have not yet become rigid and will also root faster and more easily than say the top cola. Move the new cutting into a glass of water and let it sit for a while in order to make sure that no air gets into the vascular system during handling, as this can be fatal to your new plant. You should make the cut so that it runs along the stem as this will increase the surface area for water and possibly nutrient uptake, depending on what method of cloning you use. Personally, I have found that using a small hydroponic setup or a propagation bubbler is by far the best way to clone cannabis plants. I will not expand on the subject of cloning here, if you need more information on how to clone your plants, have a look at the official cloning thread by JJScorpio

    In the picture below, you can see how the clone from a flowering plant been has placed in a propagation bubbler for rooting and re-vegging. This also means that you will have to put the clone back under a veg light schedule of 18/6, 20/4 or even 24/0. Clones do not need strong light so a small CFL will do. You can remove some of the buds at this stage in order to encourage the plant to revert back into its vegetative cycle but leave the topmost flower alone.


    It will take several weeks for the clone to root, some never do, so it is best that you take a great number of clones at the same time in order to ensure that at least one makes it on to the next stage. It might be a good idea to place the clones inside a humidity dome, which can be bought at gardening stores or custom built for your specific needs. The high humidity inside the dome will make sure that the plants do not dry out and die. Ventilate the dome every day just to make sure that the plants don't get attacked by mold.

    Keep in mind however that the most important thing when it comes to cloning is to provide the fresh cuttings with plenty of oxygen and that is why the propagation bubbler is so effective compared to other methods. ​


    The clones might be a sad sight at first but as soon as they root, they will also revert back into the vegetative stage and start growing again. Once the clones have rooted properly and started growing again, they will put out single unserrated leaves at first but the normal leafs are soon to follow. It might be a good idea to apply some training at this stage, tying down some of the tops will encourage even more branching. You can also provide some heat underneath the clones as this will speed up the rooting process considerably.​

    When the plant starts growing again, the incredible branching power of the flowering clone becomes apparent.​


    As you can see, this plant has grown into a real monster, and all this without ever topping the plant. That's the beauty of this technique; you can forget all about topping and FIM'ing since the flowering clone will sprout all these new branches all by itself.

    This plant is now perfectly suited for a SCROG or perhaps even a SOG grow. This one plant can easily fill up an entire Scrog net in no time. Several of these plants grown in SOG will definitely give you a grand harvest.

    There are other benefits from using this technique; it also removes the need for keeping mother plants. When the newly re-vegged plant is flowered, it can also provide more clones for a perpetual harvest. Recycling at its best. This might be of interest to those who need to keep down their number of plants.

    Needless to say, this method is highly effective thanks to the heavy branching that occurs after a flowering clone is re-vegged. With further training and some patience, you will get some real monster plants and thereby also a monster harvest.
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    kingofqueen Well-Known Member

    Good read .
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    (Butters) Well-Known Member


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    genuity ambition

    hmm...im likeing them plants.
    i got some going now.
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    sagensour Active Member

    Nice. Glad to see you dropped by. I might try and get a few cuts going to share.

    ManicOrganic86 Member

    Going to give this a try. Looks fun :) Thanks for the read and knowledge :D
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    MysticAzrael Active Member

    This is really cool considering I did this purely by accident and I see the same results you are describing in this thread.
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    Rydub Active Member

    Very interesting. Im going to try this!

    sagensour Active Member

    Yup yup. Please do. It goes against everything we know huh?

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    i too am going to do this on a few clones to see how i like when i start my grow back up. in your pic though it looks really bushy in the middle do u ever get mold probs. also how does the end result buds turn out

    sagensour Active Member

    Only tryed this outdoor because of the mold issues. I know it increased my heard and the plant finished outdoor in 48 days with lots of medium nugs. Really dense nugs

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    sounds good, when i do it indoor mabye i will cut soe of the inside out to opin it up for more air and avoid the mold issue. thanks for the post

    Tenru Member

    I did this about a month to a month and a half agoish. The clones are VERY slow to start. Almost seem to be in suspended animation lol. Anyways after they root and start branching it is speeding up very fast!!

    rzza Well-Known Member

    if i can remember this in 5 weeks or so i will certainly come back with my results. i grew three strains qwerkle, white widow and blue widow. i took cuttings 20 days into 12/12 and it took 10-14 days for all of em to show roots. after that they started doing crazy things like grow extra branches and shoots, they were all over. i vegged them for 30 days after root and i vegged the seed for 30 days the first time. only problem is i have added a 1k light so the yield is gonna increase from that already.
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    Dionysos911 Member

    I am just getting getting into the cloning process but I like the sounds of this. It'd definitely work better for my rotations.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    just remember the success rate drops a little, you might not get 100% of them to root. ill get 12 good out of 15 for example.
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    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    LOL Whoa...+rep and thanks for confirming what I found out on accident twice.....I was bent on saving a strain and took a cutting at 7 weeks...it took a long time to root, but once it did and new growth started it was an absolute beast of a plant.. Gonna give this a go with something from the flowering room right now....
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    wil2279 Active Member

    so if you were good at cloning, and you had a plant that you were flowering, you could just take a few cuttings about 3 weeks into flower, and the clones from this process, would look like this monster with all the branches? so you could finish flowering your "mother plant" and then go straight to growing the clones again? am i understanding this correctly?

    rzza Well-Known Member

    you sure are. flower your mother and take cuttings 21 days into 12/12....i like to snip off about 80% of the 'flower' on top of each cutting.
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    wil2279 Active Member

    ok thanks... I just ordered some Jackberry F3 & Killing Fields seeds from sannie's. I will need to grow a couple plants out to find a female... I will then take a few cuttings from her and clone them while she finishes flowering... i will most likely try to pollinate her if i have a good male so i can have some more seeds for later. then i will get down to business with the female clones!

    I will be most interested in seeing some of your clone pics when they are ready from your blue widow, white widow, and quirkel
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