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    Appreciate you

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    Hi just wondering what are these lights like? are they any good?

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    These are under the platinum p450
    here are some pics of plants grown in the back, directly under it (its even over 4 plants actually but the two towards the middle also get some hps light so I didnt post pics).
    first two rare dankness, second one bluekush dinafem (same order for the full plant pics)

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    so im usually shopping in the 400-600 range. alot of lights with similar power consumption can be found, go green has a cob 200w, hydrogrow has a 175w. For a bit more cash you can get a kind led. If you go any bigger than the p450 with the platinum they are odd long shapes. Then lower end stuff theres mars hydro....
    California light works worth a mention.
    kind will be my next purchase, unless go green has another sale.

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    Just so I'm clear...these cree 3070 are only just over an inch square? Am I seeing this right?? 27.35mm square? :confused:

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    Wow...that's amazing and a lot of light in that much space with so little heat..

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    You can actually burn your hands with cobs if you drive them hard and keep your hand very close :lol:

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    it's astonishing to me that these little lights pack the punch that they do...
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    Sherbert Day 25 -- Liking how things are shaping up. Hitting them with the PK 13/14 in a couple days.

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    Scchweeet Sherbert !

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    Has anyone tried a newer Hydroponics Hut light yet? Bought the X5-500 & an Amare SE-450 to do a side by side. Really curious to how they grow?

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    I have an old model, the pro grow 260 I think, uses 195 watts.
    Their local to me, its held up nice. works well, decent spread, probably not much penetration vs a cob. Let me know what you think of the lights you have! Very interested.
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    I will, I'll have a thread you can check out w/I a month. Been building my new LED flower room all week. So far it's separated to 3 4'x4' sections. One for each light I'm trying. The third light is the new SunCloak vertical LED system. Bad ass IMO. It'll be my first journal & first LED grow. But I smash it with HPS now. Just trying to figure out what company is gonna lace the new big room going up soon. Can't seem to get any solid input on the HH light. they should all be here soon. Thanks for your input. All I can find is older models with mixed reviews. Yours helps though. Peace n hopefully I'll see you at the thread.
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    Online today only price: $60.00

    Craftsman Tap & Die SET 50PC SAE-MET

    Includes 6 drive tools, 11 SAE taps, 11 SAE dies, 11 MM taps, & 11 MM dies.

    Drive Tools

    # 4 Tap Wrench 1/16 - 1/2
    0 - 1/4" Sliding Tap Wr.
    T Handle # 60 Die Stock
    SAE Thread Gauge
    MM Thread Gauge

    Inch Taps
    1/8-27NPT Pipe

    1/4 - 20NC taper
    1/4 - 28NF taper
    5/16 - 18NC taper
    5/16 24 NF taper
    3/8 - 16 NC plug
    3/8 - 24 NF plug
    7/16 -14NC plug
    7/16 - 20NF plug
    1/2 -13NC plug
    1/2 -20NF plug

    Inch Die
    1/8-27NPT Pipe

    1/4 - 20NC
    1/4 - 28NF
    5/16 - 18NC
    5/16 24 NF
    3/8 - 16 NC
    3/8 - 24 NF
    7/16 -14NC
    7/16 - 20NF
    1/2 -13NC
    1/2 -20NF

    Metric Taps
    1/8 - 28BSP- Pipe

    6 x 1.00 taper
    7 x 1.00 taper
    8 x 1.25 plug
    9 x 1.00 plug
    9 x 1.25 plug
    10 x 1.25 plug
    10 x 1.50 plug
    11 x 1.50 plug
    12 x 1.50 plug
    12 x 1.75 plug

    Metric Die
    1/8 - 28BSP Pipe

    6 x 1.00
    7 x 1.00
    8 x 1.25
    9 x 1.00
    9 x 1.25
    10 x 1.25
    10 x 1.50
    11 x 1.50
    12 x 1.50
    12 x 1.75

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    Testing a Lowe's(lights of America) 4ft 5000k 4200 lm led shop light(40watts) to replace an old 4 bulb 4 ft t8 (144w) over one 2x4 micro green table.

    20160210_111400.jpg 20160210_111420.jpg

    Not bad considering the wattage difference, not the exact same performance, but mostly due to lower ambient temps from the led imo(Winter basement)

    Fed a strictly vegan program( neem meal) for culinary use......very green from the high N.

    owner is happy and is considering changing out the rest on my recommendation.......priced out the $9 dollar @HD Phillips instafit t8 vers. this $45 fixture.....he preferred a ul listed, complete package (no old t8 ballast losses either) for marginal upcost

    I'll let you know how it holds up....doing another small op using the Phillips T8 4000k led bulbs instead, will compare... ha
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    I WAS AT LOWES YESTERDAY AND ALMOST BOUGHT ONE OF THOSE. Was thinking about it for a few minutes then opt out. you probably can't go wrong for the price though.
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