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    FranJan Well-Known Member

    AT600s are a commitment. It really is a tool for serious growers who want consistent results over time. And let's not talk about $$$ to get going. Not the kind of panel you use for 2 or 3 runs. So the question is why don't you explore LEDs that you can use to supplement your current setup and try to reduce some wattage and heat that way. I'm assuming you're using HPS/CMH, so lights like Kessils or A51 RW75s on the fringes of the grow could help getting rid of a bulb or two, or go from 1000 to 600 watts bulbs. Or you could start buying AT200s, an AT600 is basically 4 AT200s I believe, and slowly amass 4 AT600s over time but that's even more $$$ in the long run, unless you can work something out with the Apache boys.

    I'm still surprised I don't see more HID and LED grows around here. Like some door to Hell will open if you use both at the same time :). Maybe some people just don't want to say they were wrong about LEDs, (not talking about you Beech) or can't justify the cost yet. Good Luck!

    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    So far I'm really impressed with these RW-75s, I was told they would exceed the production of a 250W HPS but not quite a 400W, I'm finding that to be pretty accurate.

    Here is a bud on my cheese, day 38 of flower. I have been fighting with a calcium deficiency but she's still budding nicely. She's frosting up real nice too, I've run this cut under HPS before and I'm definitely seeing more trichome production under LED :weed:.
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    Weedral New Member

    Hello guys. I'm in serious need of advice regarding the LED light to go with.

    I am choosing LED for heat and running cost reasons. My soon-to-be grow area will be limited to 50x50x100cm, as mentioned in the following tent details:

    Yeah, it can fit one comfortably - but that's okay, otherwise I'm not growing. :)

    So, please advice which light would be optimal. I am not shy on the cost, although there's always 'too expensive' at some point. Feel free to drop a PM as well. Thank you in advance!

    Weedral New Member

    Would this be alright? UFO LED light, details:

    Blue(430~440nm,450~475nm) Red(620~630nm, 650~670nm) Warm White(3000k~3500k) And Pure White(6000k~9000k)

    LED Quantity:
    60 X 3W Bridgelux Leds

    LED Rated Lifespan:
    50,000 Hours

    View Angle:
    90 Degree

    Total Power consumption:
    100 Watts

    AC86-264V (Can be used worldwide)


    Gross Weight:

    Working Temperature:

    Coverage Area:
    60.4cm x 60.4cm (1-2ft above plants)

    FranJan Well-Known Member

    ^^^In my book I look at it like this. Bridgelux doesn't make red LEDs. Too much Blue. Budget whites are usually crap and generate too much heat. Coverage is a lie too IMO. Don't bother.
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    Weedral New Member

    Thank you for the heads up.

    Got any suggestions? :)
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    FranJan Well-Known Member

    ^^^Onyx, A51, ApacheTech, PlantPhotonics. Hans panels and some Advanced panels are good too, Vipar is OK if you're not thinking long term, there are some OK budget panels but it's tough for me to recommend them. A couple of CREE spotlights from Home Depot are better than any UFOs on Ebay IMHO. Look around and see whose grows you like, then see what they are using.

    Mukky400 Member

    I just obtained the 300w vipar 5w chip model, vipar customer support told me it pulls just over 200w, i assume thats 200w led+fans.

    I am gonna order another, my babies love the thing. Eventually when i have the space ill mix them in with my 600w hps. But for now, 2 vipar 300w lights is what ill be running.

    lightspectrum New Member

    I understand a "designer light spectrum" is on it's way. I believe that the specific needs of our plants will soon be met, by a company currently working on identifying exactly what light spectrum the plants need at various stages of their development. This company is currently growing in a lab environment to " dial in " the spectrum specific to our plants. Not just an "agri led." Root development, veg, flowering, all have crop specific requirements and using a led designed for commercial production of anything other than marijuana is already giving up too much. Using a "full spectrum" when the plant is wanting a specific light spectrum for its current needs is inefficient.

    lightspectrum New Member

    Could you imagine.....


    Positivity Well-Known Member

    I disagree. Tell that to the sun and evolution.

    Better than make a so called "efficient" spectrum....give the plant the full spectrum it craves and make a solar panel to go with it. :mrgreen:

    Plant is happy...wallet is happy.
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