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Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by project fuoro, Sep 11, 2009.


    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    Lowes/HD sell fixtures for these. Also regular screw bulb vanity fixtures for regular LED household flood type bulbs

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of these from Lowes, they're $15 here, likely $10 in the US and hold 3 bulbs each, they have one with 4 sockets as well. I mounted 2 of them to a piece of plywood and connected them together for a total of 6 sockets, safe, cheap. Using one "panel" right now with a mix of LED and CFL bulbs in my breeding tent mainly to maintain the temps I want, cheaper than a heater and provides some extra light.
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    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    I'm going to be harvesting my cheese this weekend, I'll post some harvest pictures and then pictures after the cure, with a yield report. I'm going to try something new and harvest with wet soil instead of letting the plant starve for water it's last days. Should give me a slower dry, 3 days is the norm here and I want to stretch that out.

    epicfail Well-Known Member

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    Tokecraft Member

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on grow cabinet size for two XGS-190s. I'd like to build a 3x3x7 and put both lights in there, but I'm curious if the footprint overlap is overkill. What are your folks' thoughts?


    NapalmD New Member

    I have not grown with the a51 but Ive seen great grows in a 3x3 with one xgs and some side lighting.You could definitely put 2 in a 3x3, but 2 of them in a 4x4 if you have the room would be more efficient imo, Gives you more space for the plants and to work around them.
    With 2 of them in a 3x3 your at roughly 42w per square ft which some say is pushing it as people are getting great results from 27 to 35 w per sq ft.
    Look around here at some of the xgs grows to get an idea at what your needs are.
    Good luck with everything!

    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    So I let my Cheese go a little longer and harvested her today. This was a single plant in a 5 gal smart pot using FFoF soil and FloraNova Bloom during flower, grown under two RW-75s in a 30"x30"x60" tent. I had a calcium deficiency and ended up getting some nutrient burn but I'm still happy with how she turned out. So as promised, here are some pictures and sorry about the focus on some of these, I don't have a very good camera.


    NapalmD New Member

    Very nice BDOG! What cheese is that?I have a single dinafem cheese im thinking of popping judging by those pics instead of all chemdawgs.How long did they flower for?

    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    Thanks NapalmD, I honestly don't know... I wish I did. It's a clone that was given to me by a friend a few years ago. She was flowered for 59 days.

    Edit: It's a cut of "UK Cheese", I don't know the breeder though.
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    primedevine Member

    Looks like some sticky nugs....nice grow BDOG!
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    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    Thanks prime, they're very sticky indeed! I started up a thread to provide updates on my grows with these lights and posted new pictures of a few trimmed up buds as well as all the bud jarred up for curing.

    I put two more plants into 12/12 yesterday. This round I'm flowering a couple plants grown from seed that a fellow grower gave me, he called them Blueberry Dream. I know they're not actual Blue Dream. Im just running them to get an idea of what to expect from the remaining seeds.

    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    wow, she is gorgeous, Im doing my first scrog now under LEDS and wanted to ask you...when did you stop tucking, when your first saw pistils forming?

    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks Keebo, I've seen your grows, so I'm happy you approve! This was my first time doing a SCRoG, first time using soil and first grow with LED. I did have the benefit of flowering this cut before, so I knew how much it would stretch. I ended up tucking up through the first week of flower and then let it go. So yea, pretty much when it it started forming clumps of pistils is when I stopped.
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    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    Thanks I appreciate the Luv!! ...that is perfect my girls are on day 10 and I have a lot of pistil formation going on. thanks for the info. peace!!

    siouxiesioux Member

    hi led grow 4 x 600w over 16 plants in 2x2x2x hydrolab how far should they be away from my girls help so confused

    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    I wish I could help, but it depends on intensity of your light.
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