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    Sounds good hook me up

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    If you have seen "The Union" here is part two "The Culture High"

    If you haven't seen The Union watch it here


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    Hey there lunkheads :) I need your help, opinions and ridicule. Again.

    Anyone ever rent a PAR meter? I'm not buying one. No way. Not when I haven't put a dime into my IRA this year but I really need to see what my setup is throwing out. Think this one will generate some good, (as in consistent and accurate), numbers? I basically know dick about these things but I'm assuming this is the one people are using.


    PAR Meter Rental + Deposit = $369.00

    Product Description​

    Know for sure what you light output is… The Proof Is In The Pudding. LEDs are bright. Use this meter to dial your lights in for accurate acclimation. If your replacing T5 or PC Bulbs a start reference is paramount to the healthy acclimation of your corals.

    Rent our Apogee Quantum Flux PAR Meter for only $25 a week .

    Take a reading with your old lights, adjust your new LEDs to the appropriate level then use the return label its that easy. The probe is water proof so you can measure the light inside your tank. The $359 deposit will be charged plus $10 shipping. This includes return shipping. If you are unsure of your postal carrier please add insurance. After four weeks this charge will stay and the meter will be considered sold. Once we receive the meter back. A refund will be issued less the shipping and $25 per week charge. If you are in possession of the meter for one week $334 will be refunded. Two weeks $319 will be refunded, four weeks $259 will be refunded. This is after this the meter is received. If you ship back the meter within 1 week your total cost is only $25 plus shipping.

    We have a limited number of these please return it as soon as your done..If you keep the meter the deposit will not be refunded. The Meter ships in its own USPS small Flat Rate Box. Keep the box and packing material. Repackage once your done and use the return shipping label

    LEDs are brighter than advertised. Lower you start point by at least 10-20% below your current lights.
    Meter rental is a first come first serve basis.
    An out of stock means all meters are currently rented and by placing your order you are next in line.
    The Customer is responsible for the safe return of the meter. If the meter is damaged while rented, the meter is considered purchased. The rental time starts once the meter is delivered, and ends the day its shipped back. If the meter is never returned, lost before being shipped back, damaged by flood, hurricane, locust swarm or evil biting Clarkii Clownfish…The meter is considered sold and the deposit is forfeited.
    By adding this to your cart you are accepting the rental terms of this meter.

    Due to the popularity of Meter Rentals average wait time is 2-3 weeks.
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    AquariusPanta Well-Known Member

    So Frannie, the deposit is sort of high. How much is the meter?

    It's capital mate, an investment that probably has a high-resale rate. Although the renting option isn't bad either, except every time you want to use the light, it's like $30. So if you plan on changing your light layout multiple times due to PAR readings, it's gonna add up.

    I'd personally buy it with the intentions of using it for about a year and selling it afterwards, in the pursuit of making up ~70% of initial cost.
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    Eraserhead Well-Known Member

    For a brand new member, you're a little spammy....

    Have you seen CWs #s on Grower's House's website? They're lower than all other big lights, except the Blackdog. Apache blows it out of the water, even the rebranded Kind/Apollo kills it.

    For $2k, and a single big light, the AT600 is much more sensible. More output, more penetration, and more coverage, no brainer....

    http://growershouse.com/blog/ All the numbers can be found there.

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    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

    You can buy just the sensor and use a multimeter to take the readings,that's what I did.

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    AquariusPanta Well-Known Member

    It crossed my mind too . . . what should we do!? :shock::shock: :shock::shock:
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    Eraserhead Well-Known Member

    I am all in favor in the harshest of punishments. Let the strictest long arm of justice sendeth him to the corner, for 5 entire minutes. o_O
    @FranJan you can borrow my par meter if you want, all I ask is to return it when you're done. I have the same one from your pic.
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    AquariusPanta Well-Known Member

    How would you know it's accurate if you don't compare it with an actual par reading meter? I don't doubt your cross-combination technique of MM and sensor but unless you had a legit PRM, then how would you know your readings were at par with the par reading meter? lol


    Now I'm tempted to try your technique Captain

    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

    They have instructions on how to use it with a MM on their website.

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    FranJan Well-Known Member

    Well I'm just curious as to what kind of PAR I'm generating with my setup, how close I can keep my COBs and can I change my configuration and maintain respectable levels of light. And if I was a bit younger maybe I would buy it to have and save money in the long run. Thanks for the help.
    Yeah, I saw that you have that. I'm kinda concerned about handhelds ability to begin with, or at least that's the majority of the criticism I've read about them, and would like to have the unit that several websites and people use to compare results and get consistent numbers though I'm definitely gonna look closer at what you suggested. Thanks Cap!

    Thanks E, I'll send you an email later with some more questions. Might just take you up on that.
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    Icemud420 Active Member

    I have that same model, I ended up buying mine of ebaay for around $240, about $120 off the cost new. Was a pretty good deal and the previous user only used it 2 or 3 times for his aquarium and it was in brand new condition. I would have to say, for anyone who is a lighting enthusiast/fanatic..haha :) Its definitely a worthy purchase, or at least rental.

    I did my due dilligence before buying it, and even though not the absolutely best option available, its definitely a good runner up, for much lesser of a price. Yes a Li-Cor is definitely a much more accurate tool, but since I'm not doing lab grade analysis, it works fairly well for my uses including verifying advertised PAR from LED grow lights, light height and placement adjustments, measurement of footprint PAR coverage for DLI and for these needs, its money well spent.

    I thought it would be one of those tools where you use it 1 or twice and then off on a shelf it goes, but I was wrong. I find myself pulling it out quite often to reset the lights height with growth, and for verifying height for best coverage in my grow area, especially around the sides. Also since recently I have become a LED tester/sponsored grower for a few different companies, it helps me to determine which ones have more intensity, which ones carry a footprint more evenly, and how far the intensity spreads per angled lenses, and diode layout and configuration.

    I definitely have to say, its one of my more worthy "tools" for growing I have bought and gets quite a bit of use. And with getting it for the price I did, It definitely has been a benefit in my garden.

    Also, I did speak with one of the engineers at Apogee for a good hour, and he did say it would be fairly accurage for measuring led grow lights, and suggested for LED's with white diodes, to use the sunlight setting. I also asked if the Apogee was the same as the green Sun System one, and he verified its exactly the same, just different logo :)

    Anyhow hope this helps, I found my MQ200 very helpful. I also use it on my youtube unboxing and testing review videos. So far I have tested: Mars II 400w, Top LED 144x3w reflector series, Intelligent Gro Gen 1 228w, Intelligent Gro Gen 2 180w, Advanced LED XTE-300, and Advanced LED EX-VEG200 with the meter, and all my tests are on youtube under Icemud Grow Channel.
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Good to know that the sun systems par meter is made by apogee.......I've seen good deals on them recently.......I may bite if I can get one under $250
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    doctorflux Member

    I use an Ocean Optics USB2000+ with a 400 micron UV/VIS fiber optic, cosine corrector, and irradiance calibration. I get 0.38nm resolution from 177nm to 880nm. The data and accuracy is awesome. Is anyone using one of these?
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    I haven't done any glamor shots of my garden in awhile, so here you go, you lucky so and so's.

    Chucky's Bride x Cerberus

    CB x Cerb.jpg

    Mr. Nice Guy

    Godberry CU.jpg

    Timewreck x Cerberus #2

    I'm bored ECU.jpg
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