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JWH-018 Synth here!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Mental91, Mar 6, 2011.


    forgetfulpenguin Active Member

    You'll find out. Strike did and he was a lot more intelligent then you.

    Mental91 Active Member

    I'm not saying it isn't.

    Mental91 Active Member

    O and fuck dateline for what they did to that dude.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    Let's temporarily assume that the 1-nafindola is actually the naphthoyl indole. What is the purpose of the sodium hydride? Deprotonating the indole nitrogen to make it a better nucleophile? That seems like it might help speed up the reaction, but why NaH? It's going to reduce the ketone, it raises the hazard level exponentially (what atmosphere did you use in your supposed synth?), and it's fucking pricey. Any reasonably strong base would deprotonate the nitrogen. Even if you need a phase transfer catalyst and KOH it's cheaper and about a billion times safer. Fucking alkoxides are a better idea. It's like using a jackhammer to hang a picture.
    And now for some more evidence you're lying and or don't know what you're talking about. First you claim the synth is for JWH-018, then 011, and then 018 again. You claim the 1-nafindola is a reagent, then that it is made with the DMSO and NaH, then that it's a reagent again. Didn't you perform this synth. You won't even answer simple questions such as what atmosphere the reaction was performed under. Now I hope you will make good on your statement that if you were proven wrong you would leave. Please do, although I doubt you will. Only a fool trusts a known liar.
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    damianl Member

    So after reading pages of bullshit from Mental91 I just had to sign up and post. Everything that guy says is bullshit.

    He has not paid anyone for the JWH synthesis he has google translated a russian site claiming to have a method.


    This site is where *MOST* people find their recipe.

    I did speak to them about clarification and apparently the translation isn't accurate. Their is indeed no chemical called 1-nafindola but I couldn't get much information on what it may be and clarification of other vague parts of the synthesis due to a language barrier. I also think these guys are full of shit and don't even know what they have produced themselves.

    Thank you MrEDuck and ForgetfulPenguin. The synthesises (is that a real word) you posted seem like a much better bet. MrEDuck could you please upload this other synthesis to sendspace.com and post a link. I am curious (and also prepared. chems, equip, etc) to make this amazing chemical.

    It is worth noting that in emails between hauffman and a "home" chemist who tracked him down, he states that the brown tar/oil that seems to be produced in mental91's synthesis is in fact toxic. He specifically goes on to mention that russian site and that many people use that way of synthesis without luck.

    I cant find those actual emails but I'm sure they are on this site somewhere:

    I believe this thread is valuable and should stay open but can someone please remove mental91's first post, it is not only wrong but dangerous and toxic.
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    Entertaining. :) Syntheses are better left to the individual with a proper lab, no?

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    Yes synths are best left to those who have real labs. Especially when using chemicals like NaH. It's more reactive than sodium metal.
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    Yes yes. The secret shortcut to LSD is to drop a kilo of metallic Sodium into a 2 liter graduated cylinder. Glass of course. *fun ensues*
  9. Здраствуйте ! Кто делает Jwh 018? я готов сотрудничить покупать его!

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    From my own experience dont use jwh. Ive found the AM chems much much more pleasing. Currently in the US I am only able to get MAM 2201 and some other less known chemicals. Personally Ive made the choice not to give myself the access that exists.. Only becasue I have a problem with the shit lol and if I had that much of it. Id be a zombie 4 life niqqa.

    Anyways, I would buy a gram of MAM 2201(roughly 25 bucks), mix with acetone, and spray one ounce of damiana with it.

    Thats the best way. Now a friend of mine has this blend of some jwh compound AND MAM 2201. Now that shit.. You cant really let people smoke it. Just yourself and the few friends who you have that you know it wouldnt kill.. One hit of that with my skyrocket tolerance and I was FLYING.

    I might get into that shit in the future.. But its just too addicting for my likes... Weed it is!

    DaRealMoy Member

    wut type of acetone do u use with the MAM2201? Please elaborate

    Noplayplay1 New Member

    Sell me some of you guys recipe

    Kervork Well-Known Member

    I will refer you to what the creator of the JWH series said about the people who use it.

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