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How to Grow the BIGGEST buds EVER!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CFornell, Jun 14, 2010.


    doc111 Well-Known Member

    Yes and yes.:weed:

    CFornell Active Member

    When is the ideal time to start adding molasses... I've heard at the start of flowering, or wait till one month into flowering??
    roll it up smoke it up

    roll it up smoke it up Well-Known Member

    I started using it 2/3 weeks into flower and stopped with a week or so left

    CFornell Active Member

    Sweet, thx roll it up!

    weedstock2010 Member

    i use miracle grow during vegetation and its like the plant is on steroids

    raw225 Active Member

    does molasses really increase bud size???

    CFornell Active Member

    Damn... So do you use soil?
    Mr. Cheetah

    Mr. Cheetah Well-Known Member

    i use bio bizz fish mix for veg and the effect is same as urs :mrgreen: goin to buy bio bizz bloom shit.
    i have scrog outdoor thread in my sig. everyone wellcome. my plants are one month from flowering. ive never really had success with scrog. ive done it once indoors ad i had crappy plant to work with.

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    kanabis Well-Known Member

    That's a hard question since the list is quite long, starting from the configuration of the system, amount and type of lights, ventilation, containers .... blablabla to medium, nuts, molasses, water, CO2 .... blablabla ... and of course the strain, if you start from seeds or clones, etc ... and ultimately the ability to read your plants.

    Besides all these conditions that will certainly affect the size of your buds, I found that trimming the lower branches and any other that you know will produce tiny small buds like little branches going inward make possible to concentrate the juice toward what matter the most. You probably heard of the sweet zone and associated techniques, I applied them, it hurts in a beginning but you ultimately get used to it. Results are bigger, denser and heavier buds with way more crystals and stonier which is what I look for. Further on, removing some leaves to allow more depth in your canopy is a great idea too.
    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    Thats not completely true. If you water with ice water during your flush you will turn the plant very purple.
    roll it up smoke it up

    roll it up smoke it up Well-Known Member

    Your last flush? Should you flush and then have 24 hrs of dark, what do you do?

    DaveCoulier Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't suggest this though, nor should one lower nighttime temps to achieve purple colors long term. This will lock out phosphorus, and it will negatively affect photosynthesis, and ultimately yield.

    I dont know how quickly the purpling comes about. Maybe one can do it a day or two before harvest, and see if it will turn the plants purple fast enough. I think Ill do that in a few days. Ive got some plants coming down in 5-7 days. Ill post results back for anyone interested.

    OZUT Active Member

    That would be interesting....Can't really fuck it up with a few days to chop....I'm harvesting on the 1st and will try this out too...post up your pictures and I'll post up mine and we'll see if it works....

    2manystrains Member

    I grow in 707 soil. I use foxfarm grow big during veg and start using snow storm ultra just before flowering all the way til I start clearing them. I also like to use bushmaster around the third week of flowering. I also use big bloom and then fossilized guano tea during the last half of flowering as well as gravity right at the end of flowering (about a week before I start clearing).

    All this stuff used in the right quantity, at the right time, makes all the difference in the world. As far as the SnowStormUltra goes...I buy it by the gallon. It does indeed make a huge difference.

    Flush for 7 to 10 days with reverse osmosis water and a clearing solution if your in soil, with the last couple of flushings being pure water. When the flowers are ripe, put the plant in complete dark for 48 hrs (resin production occurs mostly at night) then harvest, dry and cure.

    buraka415 Active Member

    many moons ago, i did this ice water technique - it doesnt work. trust me. there are way too many other variables that coulda been wrong, but no purps mayne jus gonna automagically appear I dont think
    spli f

    spli f Member

    How does the scrog method make more buds??
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Got a basic question, why would anyone want or strive for purple buds? I guess if you're a commercial grower and you've duped your clientele into believing that purple buds are more potent or is a better smoke or whatever, then it makes sense. Kinda unethical, but it's all about the money when it comes to the pot industry. My friend still buys high grade Mexican pot for $625/lb, sells it for $50 - 100 an ounce.


    doc111 Well-Known Member

    I see it on here all the time where people are doing all kinds of crazy things to get their plants to turn purple. Evidently the kiddies like purple.:dunce:
    Mr. Cheetah

    Mr. Cheetah Well-Known Member

    well, basicly, when plant is grown under a net it grows horizontally and every part of it takes equal portion of light. that helps for the lower branches to reach size like the top ones.
    spli f

    spli f Member

    Thanks Cheetah. I thought it was how growers suported there plants when using a hydro system.

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