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How Hard Is It To Grow a Meth Plant?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by chronicallyDank, Mar 4, 2011.

    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    meth is bad but if you must grow it you need to get the upside down seeds. they grow best in topsy turvy planters. the key is vigilant pollination. you can't just rely on the bees to do it for you. get out there with a paintbrush and grow that meth. it sells for more when it's wet so don't get too carried away drying it out. real meth connoisseurs like to chew the leaves, so be sure to hang on to those. remember to be patient.
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    jjburnout Active Member

    R U fucking serious? O.0
    Michael Sparks

    Michael Sparks Active Member

    woah outlash huh, future suggestion do some research prior to posting a question.

    jbake Member

    OMG I stumbled into this thread and fu*king love it. I grow meth all the time, it's my favorite, right next to my acid plant. If you really, really want seeds you just ask the meth fairy for some magical beans, plant them and the next day you'll have a stalk as high as the clouds. Just be very careful because this is very easy for the 5-0 to spot, make sure your in an isolated place. SERIOUSLY? It's more than likely that your just kid wanting to get a buck or free meth, but honestly that sh*t is horrible and you shouldn't mess around with it. If you need to escape from your troubles just go beat off to your mommas JCPennys catalouge.


    jbake Member

    idk if you really make shit or not, but battery acid??!?!?!!?!? I had a friend who does and seen him make it/tried it once before, and ITS NOT BATTERY ACID ITS SOMETHING IN A CERTIAN KIND OF BATTERY that you get after its drained of acid. I'll send you a PM of what it is, and the only reason I'm doing that is because I know you can't control what people do, but I don't want anyone selling someone something made with battery acid. One of my friends was playing with one once, cutting it, got acid all over his had and had 3rd degree burns. Snorting that shit would literally eat away at your brain, idk about smoking it, but either way its retarted.

    chronicallyDank Active Member

    Yeah, its not the battery acid you want, i believe its the lithium they are after. So where do I mail this money for those seeds jbake?

    ANC Well-Known Member

    However the most common extraction method with DMT uses naphta to pull the DMT molecules out of the basified mix...while being basicaly totaly non-absorbent to the lye....

    puffnstuff707 Member

    pretty sure their being facetious
    Michael Sparks

    Michael Sparks Active Member

    i am surprised this thread has gone on this long lmao
    Michael Sparks

    Michael Sparks Active Member

    WTF LMFAO you really took the time huh

    one11 Active Member

    meth plants need lots of sudafed, some battery acid, and a lil this a lil that. they like full sun. good luck.

    zzyx Member

    all i want to know is how many grams per plant you get!
    Medical Grade

    Medical Grade Well-Known Member

    meth plants grow pounds per plant.

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    No you are the dumbass Assasin. As usual you post before reading. He clearly said you could grow a COCA plant to be converted in to 'caine........
    Detroit J420

    Detroit J420 Well-Known Member

    To get a Meth you gotta feed the Coca plant some L.S.D and a little Bleach..

    assasinofyouth420 Well-Known Member

    Jeeze. Sounds like your taking that a little too seriously....hater.

    RyanTheRhino Well-Known Member

    haha long threads always have fights... im mad someone brought this one back up. The first time i saw this thread. I though wow this person can not be that restarted. thats like not knowing where not knowing where milk or eggs comes from?
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    LMAO and mollases
    Blue eyed devil

    Blue eyed devil Member

    Go see your SPRACKEDOLOGIST and get a prescription!!!

    bunique209 Well-Known Member

    what the..... hahahaha

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