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Fun Things to Do When Stoned

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by 420penguin, Jan 7, 2007.


    420penguin Well-Known Member

    So my friend just got back from the art museum. She said it was cool on a whole new level because she was stoned. So I thought I'd ask. What do you dig doing while you're messed up?

    Things I've done
    Watched Fraggle Rock
    Hang out with friends

    Things I want to do
    Watch A Scanner Darkly
    Watch Wizard of Oz to the Dark Side of the Moon
    Go to an art museum
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    roor23 Active Member

    i love playing guitar man. I get creative wen im stoned.

    preoQpydDlusion Well-Known Member

    i found "the dark side of the rainbow" as they call it, on youtube or google video one night. i was considerably toasted, so it was really enjoyable for the first 15 min. it seemed to lose relevence after a while.

    Dark side of the rainbow
    Dark side of the rainbow (w/ original movie voice track)

    i just found these now, the second one has both Pink Floyd and the movie soundtrack (not sure why anybody would be interested in that but just in case)

    i like painting when im blazed. i think too much when im sober n when im baked shit just happens. usually good stuff
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i tried to create the smallest picture on this site. i'll second the guitar vote. just learning to play and it gets me past the little ruts i get stuck in. then i start messin' with the effects pedal and the neighbors just love me. other than that i'd say just about everything.

    Troglart Well-Known Member

    I love playing drums high, im not too good though just learning atm. Video games are fun to do with friends, and guitar hero by yourself. Also my friends somehow got me into WoW (World of Warcraft) so I try to play that high and just end up dying to a giant spider.

    roor23 Active Member

    i got a band. PM Me if u want the link to the website. fddblk what is that in ur picture? it looks like oatmeal or somethijng LOL

    wakebud77 Active Member

    ya ill go along with the guitar. Base and drums are great too. i love walking around to random places. My best freind finds it funny to video tape the entire time were blazed and then watch it sober. if there is an ocean near by smoking on the beach and watching waves is sick too.

    420penguin Well-Known Member

    dude, walking through the neighborhood can be a blast. Me and a buddy got slammed one night and took his dog for a walk. We wore that poor puppy out.

    I think that thing in the bowl might be some yeast releasing co2.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    honey oil my friends, honey oil. that is 100% pure exploded trichromes. i use buzznn bee honey extractor and vector butane. herb is ground up placed in the extractor. then you cap it with a paper filtered cap with a few holes in it. take a 300grm, the big one, bottle of butane and blast it thru a small hole at the other end. trichromes melt into oil get filtered thru screen into bowl. after butane evaporates and water (butane causes condesation) dries you take a paperclip scrape a little off the side. it dries like a crystally powder. when scraped together it forms into a molasses like "oil". heat the paperclip above to gob and let it drip on top of a bowl load. SAY GOODNIGHT GRACY!!

    420penguin Well-Known Member

    a new one I must add to my list is Watch Broken Saints. It's a really cool new anime series out. Very trippy and mystical. Just tried this tonight and it was a blast.

    cannibas101 Active Member

    a really fun thing to do when your really high... is to go out behind a vehicle of somesort... mind yout his only applies if there is snow on the ground... and snowskate... just hold on to the rope.. and get the vehicle to pull you.. its some crazy funn!! haha try not to wipe out tho haha

    i also agree with the guitar hero thing... i got #2 tho... its pretty dope

    skunkushybrid New Member

    So, for many stoners it seems, smoking brings out our creativity. I'm creative too, naturally so... but the weed definitely helps bring back that child-like quality of imagination.

    Blowback Well-Known Member

    Me i love packing a bag and going across the border to Sinai drive 30 mins along the beach find a nice place on the beach..down there they have little huts on the beach that you can rent for the night..and local lads work there bring you drinks and food and of corse weed.but they don't bring the smoke till night time so if you arrived in the morning ever hour or so one of them will bring a joint over so you stay baked all day until your stuff turns up at night.its not the best bud there but what the fuck sun sea and sand what more could you want...and its cheap as chips....

    skunkushybrid New Member

    Sounds sweet... nice 'n' chilled, but hot at the same time...

    wakebud77 Active Member

    i love the snow skating behind the car but one of my friends did it and the car hit a snow bank he flew into the back of it and broke his jaw and then the people he was with eft him there all alone so be careful

    dankciti Well-Known Member

    its funny i could have wrote 4 out of 5 of those things but fraggle rock man only my super pot head friends even know what the hell that show was and as for the darkside, my next venture is to make my own fry:hump: (so until theres a forum for that) but alas bud is easierand prettier, plus i have always been the guinee pig (how do you spell?) so if its not right... LD50 baby all the way to hypothermia..

    where were we??:confused:

    skunkushybrid New Member

    Fraggles are everywhere... with their wobbly heads and jiggling arms...

    EmtMdwestPipes Active Member

    Man! I can't believe this isn't longer! I've got a laundry list of stuff I like to do....

    I must say that Amsterdam is one of the chillest cities to go walk around and go to museums.....I'd advise against going to the Anne Frank house though, that shit is for another day.

    I love walking around too! First of all, it means that you're going to be outside. I used to live in a mountain town in CO. I lived three blocks from a small ski slope (singular) and would take my dog over at 2 or 3 AM trippy as hell and practice in the half pipe for hours......best times of my life in someways. Being with a 130 lb. dog with it snowing and listening to the board/skis on snow is just heaven.

    You do have to have people that you're comfortable with around however, concerts are a little different...I went to Radiohead at Red Rocks one year all by myself and met some pretty cool people who were happy just sharing the experience.

    Get all your chores done, plan ahead a little so you don't have other shit on your mind and enjoy everything that nature has to offer!

    Cleatusmadmedoit Well-Known Member

    Walking the dog is a big one for me

    also cleaning, after about 30 minutes I get inspired and will organize things

    taking a nap is nice since I have insomnia

    and always a comedy movie

    KMFG Well-Known Member

    Whats the name of the beach you go to? That sounds like fun

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