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fish tank grow system?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by pot smoker, Nov 26, 2009.

    pot smoker

    pot smoker Member

    mkay every one ive just got a old fishtank thats about 36inches by 18inches, it has some long lights across the top, would these lights support 2 plants? I know you can put plants in the water n the lights work as a sun, but are thay strong enough to support a :leaf:plant?:weed::bigjoint:the bulb says eclipse natral sunlight, idk...
    pot smoker

    pot smoker Member

    the lights r about 2 1/2 feet long, i think thatz what thay look like n thay have a fuze(btw)

    Bauks Well-Known Member

    Probable Not Enough Lumens I'm Guessing Fish lights are made not to fry your fish

    All At Walmart

    Rubbermaid 4$
    Air pump 7$
    Air-hose 3$
    Air-Stones 3-6$
    Reflective Survival Blanket (Mylar) 3$
    CFL's 2-15$
    Lamp Kits(cord,Socket) 6$
    Light socket Y Adapters 2$
    Room Thermometer/Hygrometer 6$
    Fish Tank Thermometer 3$
    Fish Rocks(Grow Medium) 4$

    Hydro Store & Online

    150w HPS 80$ Online
    Netty Pots .25$ Hydro Store
    Nutrients 30$ Hydro Store
    PH Up & Down 20$ Hydro Store
    Ph Tester (Liquid) 6$ Hydro Store
    TDS Tester(Stolen) Otherwise 25-200$

    Thats pretty complete list of my stuff there and current Prices ....Hope It helps
    pot smoker

    pot smoker Member

    okey, i have 2 plants, what nutrents do i need, im useing a tomato grow kit, why do i need a air pump? and will a matress one be good? do i need to test the water that much? its indoors, i use a brita filter n let it sit 2 days, so it declorantes

    lostfedexman Well-Known Member

    First off how are you growing, Hydro? Soil? Hempy?

    Do you know anything at all about your lights? Like:

    Your also going to need some sort of ventilation.

    I thought about doing a fish tank grow. I have an old 55gal fish tank, had to give the fish away cuz it got a crack in it. Anyways I was told not to do it by a few people cuz it wouldn't work... Hahaha, I went ahead and did it anyways! And it's so far working well! lol, here are a couple pix, maybe they'll give you some ideas or something... These pix are a little bit old, but I can take new one's if you'd like. Just let me know! Hope this helps!

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    skate4theherb Active Member

    i would say this so right.cheap quick easy set up.i just went to wal-mart for this stuff. the one thing is witch kind of CFL light should i look for?? cuz there r so many out there.

    mamador1r Active Member

    at first i thought this was a cheap hydro setup. is this a hydro grow setup or a grow box setup?
    pot smoker

    pot smoker Member

    id use about 2-5 drops of hydrogen peroxcide mixed with a shotglass full of water, any tomato growing things will work, but rember, it will efect the taste. dont water them more then a shot a day, give 14-18 hours of light a day, then use dimer lights for rest, when thay are taller then 8inches give them 18-20 hours of light a day, keep um moist and make shure the leves dont fry, if thay get droupy leves put them on the porch for 3 days.(take them in at night so thay dont get too cold) all u need is merical grow, liquid seaweed if ya can find it, mix 1 ounce in 8 ounces of water, let it soulut for 3 days. and ofcorse a few drops of hydrogen peroxcide in the water(water =h2o, peroxcide =h202), it will put oxygen in the soil, required for THC to fourm, also, use a air pump if you can not a fan that close, it killz the plant by vibrations, a old matress pump, flip the hose backwords, and it will suck air out., keep a hole in the botem of the buckets so water can drain, it will build up n rot the roots and mold or rot. hope i helped.:weed:(in budding phase, harvest 4 days after bottem leves turn yellow, cut vertacaly with sharp sisors.):leaf::hump:(this is all i know
    pot smoker

    pot smoker Member

    +rep bro thanx

    redeyesuk Member

    Im using my fish tank light grolux and they are both looking great just like yours.

    purplesmoke678 New Member

    I just started growing in my old fish tank I need help

    Highocaine Active Member

    This thread was 2 years old dude..

    purplesmoke678 New Member

    I found it on Google

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