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Enter The Scrog/Scroggers United Post Page

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by woodsmantoker, Dec 11, 2009.


    907guy Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah I pull hand fulls every day, I took to handfuls off before I took that lol!
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    Tkboy Member

    Hey guys this is my first post so I’m basically a newbie.. I’ve been growing for over a year though and learning as I go along.. the info from these forums is invaluable.

    So this grow I decided to change my whole setup.. this is my first hydro grow after only using soil and my first attempt at a Scrog. I’m not sure if my plant numbers (16 plants in a 3x3) depict a true Scrog but I’ve been tucking like crazy and I’m now 3.5 weeks into flower. I trim the odd fan leaf that blocks other budsites, I take a few off every day pretty much. I stopped tucking about a week back or so..

    I’d appreciate any suggestions or constructive criticisms to help me get through this grow. I’m feeling pretty good about it at this point..

    Thanks guys

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    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    you have 16 plants in there?!?! im kinda curious how this plays out lol! thats a bunch in one area, you seem like you are doing good though! keep it up. maybe next time less plants and more training :)

    gr865 Well-Known Member

    May I ask what the total wattage of your lights, true wattage not equivalent?
    The look as if the are doing a bang up job for you.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    That is a lot of plants, my suggesting is begin defo, lollypopping and start tucking the hell out of them under the screen, need to get them lower buds a rocking. Just an opinion, I don't grow SCrog but do have a bit of knowledge, LOL. So I am dangerous. bongsmilie
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    randydj Well-Known Member

    What you really have there is a Sea of Green SOG not a SCROG. 3 plants would be plenty in 9 sqft. for a SCROG. Just grow it out trying to get as much light to the colas as possible.

    907guy Well-Known Member

    Thanks! That one is only running at about 120w right now, I’ll bump her up to maybe 140 if she can take it but I don’t have allot of space from cannopy to light so I doubt it will be able to stand much more, I built my lights with QB boards.

    Most plants fry above 150w in these tents at less than 18”

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Looks good bud nice job :)

    I agree the bottoms could get a trim but still look happy

    Tkboy Member

    Yeah I totally agree with you.. I think I was ill advised at the grow shop but I just have to run with it now and adjust next time around. I have two of these 3x3 tents that I want to fill. I just wanted to do one tent this time as a test run. I do like the short veg time though so I might run with 5 or even 9 plants next time and train them more. I have height restrictions so my options are either a screen or pure SOG which I’m still considering. I’ve grown SOG in soil quite a few times. With so many plants my access to the bottom of the plants is pretty much impossible. I do need to try and defoliate more. I’m happy with the colas though, they are starting to stack nicely. I’ve still got a lot to learn but man I enjoy it so much..
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    0321Marine Member

    I am getting my Romulan clone tomorrow and finally starting my Scrog! I wanted to share a few things and hopefully can get some input from you expert growers?

    Ive been testing over the past week, for humidity and temps (we live in an area where it frequently gets down to 20 degrees F) and I have got everything stabilized at between 68F-75F and 50-60%RH even when its snowing outside. I have my Co2 setup going, and literally the grow tent is set-up 100%, its just missing the plant itself. I have watered the soil, to mimic RH while the plant is growing during this testing period, so hopefully that was a good move.. it certainly brought up the RH quite a bit and changed a lot of values to bring things down to stable again. I will take some pics and add them soon, but until then let me explain what I have going:

    1. 3'x3'x6' Grow tent - Sealed with no exhaust/intake + Large moving blankets draped over
    2. 600w LED (280 actual or so) - ***not sure how high to hang initially.. thinking 24-30" when clone first arrives?
    3. Natural Co2 setup (non-gas) - hung from top at top of tent
    4. 6" Fan at the top of tent, blowing down towards plant about 30" away
    5. 100w Heating Lamp (like used for Reptile/Chicken cages) - x2 and hung at top of tent (away from plant and light)
    Lamps are plugged into a thermostat that cuts them off at 75F, and back on if temps get any lower.
    6. 2 layers of Scrog screen, pre-strung in place.
    Top layer is left with interior portion left untied to make future pruning much easier, and I can easily attach the top layer of screen once bud tops start to grow into that area and need further support. Bottom layer of screen is 6" above the top of the pot and 8" above the soil. This screen has roughly 5" openings and goes to the edge of the tent, same as the top screen. Since I am sensitive to hairs/fibers in my buds the screens are made from a polysynthetic rope (plastic) and braided for strength. Its about 1/4" thick so it should do a good job of holding, while not cutting into my plant I hope.
    7. 5 gallon smart pot, with organic soil mixture - plastic catching tray, and 1/2 board underneath (to protect from ground coldness)
    8. Dehumidifier pack, to help maintain RH during rain/snow times

    So, any helpful initial tips.. like how soon I should top, 4 weeks or more of veg time, and any advice on sealed tents with Co2? ..Especially for those flowering times would be much appreciated. My plan is to bring temps up (80F) and RH down (35%) during flowering, while keeping my Co2 levels high.. Ive heard this can really be beneficial to yields and perhaps potency?

    This is a very important grow for me. Ive been paying out the ass for medical herb for far too long and with my nerve issues (combat injuries) Ive been looking for Romulan for far too long that is grown well.. from what I have heard it can be amazing for nerve pain as far as strains go. So, my hope is that in 4-5 months I will be enjoying a nice smoke that helps knock my pain levels down a bit and relaxes the hell out of my muscles.

    Last thing.. Anyone ever grow Amnesia Haze? Im planning on maybe doing that next.. Id like a good indica and good sativa to go back and forth with. And of course, plan on me sharing a lot of pics throughout all of this process. This is my semi-official coming out of the weed closet post.. see you all again soon!

    - Irish

    randydj Well-Known Member

    Most of that sounds good but you need to go out and research VPD vapor pressure deficit. Your planned humidities are off. When the canopy gets large the plant itself will contribute a lot of moisture to the air that you are not venting so I see real problems trying to control humidity. Condensation may start forming on tent walls and in the lights at lights off. CO2 only makes sense if you are just trying to replace what the plant is using in this sealed space. You do not have enough light or high enough temperatures to utilize CO2 but you do need to make up what the plant is using so keep ~ 450 PPM. It would be better if the room the tent is in could be warmed up to say 65°F and then air could be vented but you have to work with what you have.

    0321Marine Member

    So you're saying that flowering temps with a low of 80F and an RH of 35% is off for later? What should it be, if you dont mind me asking? I did do some research in the VPD area, but had thought I was being pushed in the right direction with the plans I had in place (this was based off of research and what others have said worked well for them)? And are you also saying the even though my tent is small (actual 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet inside), my 600w LED is not enough?

    I do have plans for further dehumidification, but not until flowering.. as for Veg. I had heard that the 50-60% at a high was good? But I also know that my Co2 output will not be optimal for a few weeks, so that is on the slightly lower end right now at 600-800ppm. It should be closer to 1000-1500ppm once I get to flower stages, based on my math.

    Now, I can vent out.. I just was under the impression that I would see more benefits if I can keep it sealed and under control.? I could easily vent out the bottom, still drawing the Co2 through the canopy (later), using a 100cfm fan but turned down a tad. This would only pull the heat down, so temps should stay fairly the same. But I really am not sure? I plan on increasing my dehumidifier packs to industry sizes if necessary, and may even resort to a plug in dehumidifier if needed. As for now, the 900grams or so of silica beads have brought RH down from 99% with lights off and 70-75% lights on to their current state of 50-60%RH. And the nice part with those is I can swap packs out, and recharge them in a few hours in the oven.

    I have 2 goals here: Grow an amazing plant, and keep my electricity costs as low as possible.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Make sure that heat bulb does not emit light during dark time.

    Best laid plans have gone to shit before lol. Just get at it (not saying your research is bad its great).

    But youll learn on every grow despite what yoy already know :)

    Ive read miles of stuff on growing still learn new stuff :)

    As to amnesia haze i just so happen to be running it currently cant recall the breeder but jt was a freebie from the tude i belevive. Amnesia is in the net on the left :) 20180304_215956.jpg

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Dehumidifier has my vote but may raise your temps but if you run it at night it functions as a heater plus lights off is when moisture spikes

    0321Marine Member

    Thank you very much. And yes, those heat lamps are zero light emitting.. (first grow lesson I ever learned was about NW growers and skylights causing issues with their grows from city lights leaking in at night- thank you HT magazine, circa 1993.. lol).

    Please let me know how that Amnesia Haze goes.. is she a big stretcher? Nice yielder? Easy grow? Etc.. Ive read things, but the info is more sparse on trustworthiness out there. I cant seem to find decent grow journals or info for this type of girl and she seems like a good fit for me with her penchant for helping muscle issues. I will need her to deal with high temps if I grow her in the summer, as planned.. so let me know if she seems upset with any heat.

    And again, I appreciate all the help you guys are offering here. Really, really, truly. Its only by helping others, that we can make the world a better place.. that is the single thing I learned from my military service that I will take to my grave. Always help, when you can.. so thank you, for helping this aging veteran get shit right the first time (hopefully!).

    0321Marine Member

    Is using the packs I currently have a bad idea? Its silica bead stuff.. non-toxic, which is really important to me. I am striving to grow a clean, natural plant.. as much as I can. Too many bad chems have already been into my body over the years from exposure to shit, so I cant keep doing it by inhaling more. Ive heard to be careful, of bringing RH down too low, which is fairly obvious.. but have you heard of, or know of any other negatives to using dehumidifier packs/silica beads?

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member


    Heres a link to my journal..

    Its my first run with it .

    I grew it outdoors just to see if it looked good and it started budding on me before i took cuts .

    But it looked good so i took some monstercrop clones.

    So far she is a vigorous grower great plant so far .

    Has very greasy stems and a very powerful smell that i cant really describe (i hate smell descriptions lol)

    But it smells great, cheesey and citrus cleaner?
    On the sweetish side mabey some sour?

    Im in week 2 now so ill know here soon :)

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Constant replacment unless you get it free.

    Look and see if it can cause silicosis? I know silica dust is bad . But i never checked desiccant

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Your plants can be thought as water pumps .
    And roots filter out the nutes and dump the water back into the air through the plant

    In bud they will transpire lots of moisture

    0321Marine Member

    Ok, so you're saying I may get fucked without a proper dehumidifier down the road here.. I will plan on having things in place then.

    Any general recommendations on a smaller dehumidifier unit? One that hopefully wont suck too much wattage/amperage?

    And as for the beads.. good point. I do however feel that with these being sealed (its a gel based, not powder like some) I should be okay.. but still, definitely something to look into.

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