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Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by woodsmantoker, Dec 11, 2009.


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    fucking epic grow, nice work

    ps i like the shrooms in the last pic ;D

    wheels619 Well-Known Member

    just a tip a 4x8 tray wont fit in a 4x8 tent. :( i tried a 4x8 tent is ment to fit a 3x6 table. i know i called bullshit also. a 3x6 is about 130 new but if you look on craigslist you can find one for about 80-100.
  3. what is better to use the green plastic screen with smaller holes or a wider sectioned string one, i used a green fence last time and the squares were about 1 inch , and it worked and supported them well.

    POUND TOWN Active Member

    UPDATE first day 12/12

    need advice on nutes
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    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    I've heard that, but actually bought a tent guaranteed to fit a 4x8 tray just in case. It's oversized in that respect.
    Still too rich for my blood.

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    wheels619 Well-Known Member

    very nice. i didnt. lmao.

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    My next grow will be a C99.
    What percent of the fill was from the stretch? Never mind, i found the journal.
    I am just finishing a cinex and she didnt stretch that much at all. I could have veg'd it a few more days.


    Mechanical Active Member

    Ya I could have vegged a few more days as well. There are a few c99s from Female Seeds going on. The non scrog stretched alot but his was under a 250 dual arc so its hard to tell but I don't feel like mine stretched much under a 600w HPS. In the past 72hrs from today(Day 19 Flower) one cola from the more indica looking plant stretched .5" and the sativa looking cola stretched 1". Right now I'm hoping they stretch a little more so I can have some nice sized buds above the screen..

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    three plant 2000 watt 4x8 scrog. northern lights/skunk#1, blueberry gum and a pineapple express.
    View attachment 2528526
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    I've got some under lighting running in this grow

    I was thinking about leaving a little of the bud down there, rather than cleaning out the whole area. Thoughts?

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    I wouldn't suggest it. Plants can't process light underneath the leaf. That's where the spores are for C02 uptake if I'm not mistaken. Those lights would be better used on the sides. You want to get all your buds above the screen to reduce the risk of mold cause I don't know about yours but my screen has a layer of fan leaves directly underneath.
    I have never done this though but I'm always in search of new methods to increase yield so I Googled it and read nothing but negative things about it. Some people say it can damage them and some say it just won't help at all but out of about 10 threads on under lighting there were no positives for it. Hope this helps and long live the scroggers:)

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    day 8 flower update
    Canna Connoiseur

    Canna Connoiseur Active Member

    Hey everyone!

    I was just wondering what the scroggers of RIU thought of what I got going on. The question is if I should flip my babies to 12/12 now. They are looking pretty good to me, but, what are the more experienced guys doing this think? Here are some pics for you browse through:
    2013-02-24_16-08-29_569.jpg 2013-02-24_16-08-37_136.jpg 2013-02-24_16-08-44_12.jpg 2013-02-24_16-08-54_556.jpg

    Thanks for the input in advanced guys!

    wheels619 Well-Known Member

    let them grow another week roughly then tuck them one final time and then flower them.
    Canna Connoiseur

    Canna Connoiseur Active Member

    Thanks for the reply! I was kind of thinking the same thing. Because only a few tops are able to get through at the moment.

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    Hi guys! Here is a video of my baby.
    1 Big Amnesia Haze. Still 4 weeks to go!! Enjoy.

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    medichronic Active Member

    ok so i am 6 weeks into veg and ready to flip to 12/12 what i want to know is how long after i flip the lights do i keep tucking tops under the screen ? i read some whare that i should keep training for the first 2 weeks of flower then let them go ? also i read during that time i should raise my lights as to promote the plant to strech ? .....any advice will help as you know this is a verry crucial time thanks...

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