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easy/cheap way to increase bud size/density?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by twiztidserkilla, May 31, 2009.


    twiztidserkilla Well-Known Member

    so im about 2 months into flowering my mango kush... im runnin an ebb n flow wit hydroton and a 400 w hps.. nutes are the general hydro trio... just wondering whut.. if any.. cheap household ways to increase bud size/ density???

    i just havent seen too much growth/thickness in the past week or so... please lemme know if theres anything i can do??

    heres a few pics.. sorry shitty cell pics wit da notorius HID lines

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    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    1. cut off the bottom 1/3----lolipop---bottom is not getting much light and plant will redirect that energy into the top buds.
    2. lower your light as close as possible
    3. keep your temps 76 to 78.

    Morduskull Active Member

    You could prob try a few nute addertives like big bud or voodoo juice from advanced nutes dunno how helpfull it will be this late into flower tho

    edro Well-Known Member

    :shock: Do what Dr VonDankinstien said, plus add 5ml molasses per gal of water. Works for me, I'm still looking for ways to increase yield, if anybody out their has any idea's???? be glad to here them..(read)
    :peace: uh, when u use molasses you have to watch out for mold...but it can be handled..if you find some mold, cut back on the amount of mo. trim off affected leaves, another fan, lower humidity, all ways to control mold.:joint:

    brick20 Well-Known Member

    altering size starts in vegging dont know bout this late intl flower

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