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Beginner Grow Help ( Autoflowering )

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by AvidSmoker420, Jul 20, 2013.


    AvidSmoker420 Active Member

    So as alot of new people i have some questions. But my questions are well thought out and are only a handful compared to a 2 months ago when i started hardcore researching. Im going to give you guys my planned set up ( have not started anything all in planning/critique/blueprinting), my questions, and then finally my concerns.

    Grow Room Setup ( Not set in stone just a rough rough rough rough rough draft)

    Dimensions ( 5x3.5x6 ft closet) Kind of a weird " L "

    Reflectors - 2mil thick Mylar
    a) These will be held onto the walls by velcro
    b) Should i put Styrofoam on the walls before mylar to add some kind of heat resistant/stealthy grow.

    Hood ( was thinking of making my own cheap one then maybe add 2 small computer fans into the sides to cool the lights)
    a) this will also be painted in reflective paint or covered with mylar
    b) held up by chains attached to ceiling ( allowing me to move up and down)

    Exhaust ( NuTone Ultra Silent 110 Cfms from homedepot)
    a) will be ducted down to a crawl space in the basement ( the house is very drafty)
    b) carbon scrubber home made

    Air/Fans ( was thinking maybe an oscillating fan, like the traditional stand up original oscillating ones
    a) Was thinking maybe that 1 fan and maybe 2 small wall mounted fans to help control air flow

    Lights- Germ/Veg ( 400 watt mh ) Flowering ( 1000 watt hps)
    a) Im only growing 2 plants

    -Timer ( will be set to 18/6 )

    Ballast- HPS/MH (where to buy????)
    a) what kind of sockets do HID lights take?

    Humidifier- Keeping humidity between 70-75% veg 42-47% in flower

    Dehumidifier- Anyone think ill need this?

    Temperature Gauge/RH Monitor

    Germination- Wet Paper Towel sitting on a bucket with a 400 watt mh about (how far away i dont wanna burn the paper towel and is this correct? havent looked too deep into germ since its only like a 12hour-3 day thing.)
    a) Was wondering should i germinate in paper towel and as soon as they start sprouting put them in 3 gal pots?

    Water- Ph balanced water

    Nutrients- Fox Farms Nutrient Liquid Trio Pack

    Soil/Medium- FFOF
    a) Was thinking about 50% FFOF 30% Peat Moss/Maybe some blood meal? and 20% Perlite ( or should i do higher FFOF)
    b) Keep in mind the above all actually everything on here will be with the plant until harvest since it is an autoflower.

    Container- 3gal buckets

    Cannabis Strain- Auto Candy Kush ( Auto Pounder x Kush )

    Ph Tester- Where to buy locally?

    Watering Can? Not sure best method of watering plants without killing the Ganja Baby

    Do i need to train my autoflowers? Very nervous about killing it by stressing too much or cutting wrong part.
    a) If yes then at what point do i do this.
    How do i have maintain steady humidity and temp with this set up? A little confused

    Do i have an optimal set-up to grow these 2 plants into beautiful thc potent budddddddd+ ( Can i get the same results with less wattage)

    Could i have the same results using like 2 t8's or 12s for veg then 4-5 t12s for flower ( your standard wattage gonna stealem from work if so)

    Do i only feed my plants the trio pack FF nutes and water them or is the liquid nutes just an additive and do i need to feed them something else with the nutes?

    Is my medium of 50/30/20 optimum or is my ratio or medium wrong?

    How many plants could i grow in this set up if i ever wanted to grow more?

    Does my carbon scrubber go on the end since ill have an exhaust in the ceiling?

    Best way to water?

    Do i need to tie my plants down or SCRoG?

    Can i just follow the nutes on the bottle starting with 1/4 nutes Grow Big & Big Bloom 2 weeks in then Tiger Bloom for Flowering? OR is this not gonna work for autos????

    Would a reflective floor help optimize growth and buds? or is this not necessary.

    Would splitting the wattage up equally and putting 1 bulb above each plant in each stage equaling 400 mh and 1000 hps work better?

    Anyone got a good schedule for Auto Candy Kush or if anyone whos grown it could give me some pointers?

    Would this set up yield a 200gs a plant? The Seed Bank said the strain can grow at optimum set up and yield about 300-400 per m/2 sq

    18/6 or 20/4 or 24/0 for best quality smoke with biggest bang to the head?

    Best floor set up? plywood?

    Should i use a a 400 watt hps and a 50 watt mh during veg then a 600 or 1000 watt hps for veg? Itd be like an Agro right? 20% more blue

    Is using this nutrient trio pack do i or how do i add more phosphorus during flower for more thc content? Or do i even need to

    After flushing do i move the plant to a new fresh pot of FFOC or leave it in the same original bucket and add some more liquid nutes?

    Thankyou for all the help in advance REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. I know i have alot of questions here but all of these questions ive gathered from hours upon hours of research ( 8 hours or more a day) and felt that i knew the jist of growing but not the details that make decent weed into mythical yielders and taste.
    LoRd MeGaTR0N31

    LoRd MeGaTR0N31 Well-Known Member

    Do not put a mh or any thing above your paper towel. Drop your seed in a glass of water (seed will float) and sit the glass of water in a nice warm dark place for 2 hours then tap the seed now it should sink to the bottom of your water then place water back in dark warm area for 24-48hrs or till tap root shows. Then just pot into your 3 gallon pot.

    AvidSmoker420 Active Member

    So as it starts sprouting just put it In the pot thankyou!

    maddox420 Member

    Hey I got 3 candy kush autos going now their 17 days old in 3 gallon pots with 70/30 coco perlite using full line of H&G aqua flakes mine are very short and bushy with very fat leafs how did yours turn out got any pics how many days did they take any thanks in advance

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