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Could the Cops Use This Forum to Find YOU?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Islam, Jun 13, 2012.


    Islam Active Member

    Could it be possible? What if cops pretend to be your average user, yet they use the info you give on this forum against you and to find you?!?!?!?

    Every stoner's worst nightmare I presume.

    My reaction to this situation would start at 22:57 of this video:


    Oh yea, any conservative right-winged cop would want to watch the video I attached. Go find real criminals like that Luka Magnotta psychopathic prick or join the army. Stop throwing people in jail for using a harmless substance that has PROVEN medical benefits! Slaves to Zionist politicians and banking elite you are! You're part of the working class, why fight your own kin?

    KushXOJ Well-Known Member

    I have 3 plants going right now if the cops want to come get me over 3 plants, so be it. I'll post bail and be out the next day doing it all over again.

    Suck it coppers !!!

    Edit: didn't watch the video because its 30 minutes and I got shit I gotta do today /:
    Winter Woman

    Winter Woman Well-Known Member

    The answer is yes. They are definitely here. So don't act like a fool.

    They know who is worth the effort and who isn't.

    Cut.Throat. Active Member

    Of course the cops read this forum. They'd be idiots if they didn't. So many people posting pictures with identifying marks (tats, birth marks, etc).

    I wouldn't be surprised if some people post pics with the exif data still on them.

    billybob420 Well-Known Member

    Don't give out any personal info. That's pretty 101 internet stuff.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i'd say they are here, but i don't know of one person who has been busted from this site alone, not a one in about 4 years of being here..
    don't post pix of the outside of your place
    don't post pix of any tatt's you may have
    don't post pix of your car's
    don't tell people where you live, exactly what town / state / etc

    even if they got your isp, all that would give them is a general area that you're from, it's not like a treasure map right to your grow room..
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    ineverveg Active Member

    the cops prolly are here, they should be using their time to catch predators grooming children online, or even just trying to stop/prevent a crime of some sort ...
    Winter Woman

    Winter Woman Well-Known Member

    Especially if you live in an anti-mj state.

    KushXOJ Well-Known Member

    Unlucky is an undercover DEA agent....

    With a penis

    DST Well-Known Member

    If the cops want to find you they will look in there database...everyone who has ever registered with anything will be in there.

    However they obviously do approach people on this site (whether or not through the site or something else). So just be careful.

    Kalebaiden Well-Known Member

    This has been asked many times before and i'll fill you in on what is what, or at least the most likely scenario.

    Q. Is this forum monitored by law enforcement agencies?

    A. Yes, law enforcement agencies would be remiss in their duties if they didn't monitor this forum.

    This forum is more than likely monitored by one or more agencies such as HLS, CIA, RCMP, FBI, CCIS and so on and so one.

    Q. Do they really care about the average grower?

    A. Not really

    Persuing an investigation is costly, alot of effort and paperwork. Hours and hours of investigation contacting officials for a warrant (or similar) and finally there will be a knock at the door.

    In Ontario, this is a huge waste of budget dollars, I imagine other agencies are concerned about their budgets as well. Instead of making sure everyone is in compliance with law, they strategically target serious or repeat serious offenders and trafficers.

    If you don't traffic in illicit drugs and are just a personal grower then you have nothing to fear. Your not who they will put their budget dollars to.

    I do what I do unashamed and unhidden, If the police took my plants I'd be sad but I'd keep growing the very next day, not to mention hold my case up in court for 2 years or more by which time Canadian pot laws will be stricken.

    anyways back to the question.....(stoned moment)

    Yes this site is most likely monitored by authorities of various countries.

    DST Well-Known Member


    1993stoner Active Member

    I bet like five cops have already read this thread.
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    CR500ROOST Well-Known Member

    I would think they would be going after the big grows not the legal 6 limit.
    Carne Seca

    Carne Seca Well-Known Member


    Wannasee Member

    This is more than true... if you are big enough (in "hostile territory"), they will come searching. "They know who is worth the effort and who isn't." - I couldn't agree more

    Kalebaiden Well-Known Member

    6 is my limit?

    I want sauce on that!

    I was going to be happy with 3 but if I can do 6...... YAY!!!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    the last i checked in bubble you can legally grow up to 99 plants, but it's been awhile since i've checked... :)

    Wannasee Member

    Exif data?

    I don't post pictures, but you have peaked my curiosity on this...

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    the last i checked in bubble you can legally grow up to 99 plants, but it's been awhile since i've checked... :)

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