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can you tell the difference between MH buds and HPs Buds?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by snypavat, Mar 19, 2009.


    easygrinder New Member


    i have absolutely nothing to feel inferior about, i got a nice house in the country, i got a nice car i grow better weed than you can ever imagine growing, i'm married with two kids, yeah i'm pretty damn content with my life and the way it all runs, thats why i don't need to get into name calling with you

    kryptakrOnic Well-Known Member

    Yo laserbrn I keep my lights about 2-3 inches away from the tops of my plants 2 ..I jus give em a 360 turn everytime they wake up...I don't noe if this hurts the plants but sure looks like it does more good than harm

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    I'm unsubscribing now...this guy is a lost cause...he thinks that plants grow bigger and stronger outside because of the spectrum of light ALONE and nothing to do with the unbelievable increase in intensity.

    But I guess those that grow under a signle CFL in the right spectrum would be able to grow great strong buds equal in potency to those grown outdoors or under a 1000w light also.

    Can't listen to delusional rambling today, see you guys in a useful thread.

    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    good. im glad to hear you have everything you want. blessings to you and yours.:leaf:

    easygrinder New Member

    that will no doubt me more of your misguided information

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    I don't keep it THAT low, but keeping my 400w's inside of 6" allows me to get some dank nugs. I use my A/C to keep my grow closet nice and chilly so those lights don't burn the tops.

    I'll probably switched to 2 air cooled 600w's for my next one. Won't be until the summer passes though, I don't like growing in the summer, well flowering in the summer anyway.

    I work on genetics and grow some mothers over the summer so that come fall I can go back to doing my thang and doing it right.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    can't help myself, but your the one that started id,or you on meds cuz your memory is gone. nobody started that but you. sorry:weed:

    easygrinder New Member

    i didn't call him any name, you tell me what name i called him. i only asked him if he could read because he couldn't see that i said both lights were good at different things, not that anyone was better overall.

    so before you get all jumped up please join the same reading class as nickfury as you are obviously missing out some words that are too difficult for you otherwise it wouldn't be too hard to work out what i said

    Bractman Active Member

    its a well known fact that headlights off of a [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]1988 Buick Regal is far superior for veg and x-mas lights and glow sticks are the best for flowering , :-P:shock:

    actually I had a dream once where Leonardo Da Vinci made a room with thousands and thousands of oil lamps or candles and used mirrors and lenses to focus the light out a small window into the next room a white washed grow room the beam hit the celing and a set of lenses mirrors and diffusers in turn bathed the room with intense light , and this is how leonardo da vinci streched out the growing season
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    easygrinder New Member

    I have been saving up for an awesome set of xmas lights, there's an 18 wheeler that parks just down the road from me i've also contemplated having his headlights away too

    easygrinder New Member

    if i had a single cfl that matched the spectrum of the sun i would grow super potent buds, i would only get a gram of it, but it would be super potent

    intensity effects size not potency, infact intensity has an adverse effect on potency, why else do you dry your weed in a dark place?

    snypavat Well-Known Member

    Holy shit guys, I didn't mean to start a bud battle by asking a question. Wow.

    As for bud potency and yeild. Way too many pot smokers here get shit that looks like this... this is what my wife picked up last night


    This is commercial crap correct? This is probably imported bud from some other sub-par cenral American country no? It's full of seeds and is brownish.

    The point is.. all of us here no matter what kind of light we are using is going to produce MUCH better bud than that crap. All we grow is Kind Bud. How much difference could there possibly be between indoor growers on potency?

    As for the advice everyone gave. I'm growing much better shit than what I could buy. The shit I end up with will be MUCH better than the crap that goes around this town. I want the quantity and the potency and since I know I'll have better bud than commercial crap I'll use the HPS for the rest of the flower and see how it works out.

    Thanks to all...and...can't we all jus get along?

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    ok so you didn't call him a name sorry but you sure did start all this. an opinion is an opinion, and everyone is entitled to one, but its how you go about stating you opinion is how others reacted. no one is going to agree on every thing no sense in arguing over it.:weed:

    easygrinder New Member

    It doesn't really matter which one you chose overall, you'll grow great weed with either or

    I just didn't want you to feel like hps was the be all and end all, i was giving you factual information that both have good qualities for flowering and it was up to you which was more important to you.

    I admit i will argue a point when someone says something is set in stone and this is the absolute right answer.

    There is a 100 ways to skin a cat and everyone here grows different and for different reasons, but when theres two sides to a story and only one is being told, i feel the other should be heard also.

    The facts are hps produces decent strength weed that will knock you on your ass and a decent amount of it too.

    Mh will produce slightly stronger weed that will knock you on your ass, but you will see a slight dip in yield.

    Mix them both together and you got the best you can give them artificially.

    houstonblowskush Well-Known Member

    Mh lamps produce less light then HPS lamps and less is useable by plants, which use primarily red and blue light to most efficently power photosynthesis. Therefore growth under mh is slower and yeild less.MH lamps emit more uvb light than HPS lamps.The result is that buds ripening under a MH lamp have a higher THC content then those under HPS.During the vegatative and most of the flowering us HPS lamps to promote growth and yeild. Then switch to MH lamps for the last 2 weeks of flowering to increase potency.If you dont have MH use a reptile light during flowering with the HPS

    TeaTreeOil Well-Known Member

    So you buy twice as much! :lol:

    snypavat Well-Known Member

    How about a 200w CFL and a 400w HPS during flower? Does a CFL add blue spectrum light?

    easygrinder New Member

    The output of a 400 watt incandescent bulb is about 25 watts of light, a 400 watt metal halide bulb emits about 140 watts of light. If PAR is considered to correspond more or less to the visible region, then a 400 watt metal halide lamp provides about 140 watts of PAR. A 400 watt HPS lamps has less PAR, typically 120 to 128 watts, but because the light is yellow it is rated at higher lumens (for the human eye).

    Color Rendering Index
    In general, CRI is a numeric indication of a lamp's ability to render individual colors accurately. The CRI value comes from a comparison of the lamp's spectral distribution to the standard (e.g. a black body or the daytime sky) at the same color temperature. The higher the CRI the more natural and vibrant the colors will look. A bulb with a CRI of 85 or higher is excellent being that the sun has a CRI of 100. Eye Hortilux makes 90 -92 CRI bulbs that are used in aquarium, horticulture and other applications.
    Color Shift and Variation
    Different colors are produced in metal halide lamps by using various arc tube shapes and metal halide salts. In new lamps these halides need to "burn-in" for approximately 100 hours before they reach their optimum color. This is why new lamps can sometimes be unstable or vary in color.

    a mh halide as a cri of around 85 a hps has a cri of 24

    hps isn't so good for veg, i don't get anywhere near as tight node spacing with a hps as i do with a mh

    TeaTreeOil Well-Known Member

    CFLs emit about 8% UV on average(of their radiant flux), 6500K bulbs have strong blue output. 80-90% of the radiant flux emitted by CFLs is PUR.

    snypavat Well-Known Member

    Wow. Information overload. I don't even know what to ask now.:sad:

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