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400W in 4x4 diy tent

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by smilin'highs, Jan 11, 2009.


    smilin'highs Active Member

    Hey everybody, this is my first legit grow(had one plant under cfl before) and I'm doing it with a 400W MH in a 4'x4' area and am using 3-4gal. 10"-12" pots and promix as my medium. SO in total thats 16 square ft. Now here's the big question to everyone out there, How many plants should be grown in this space?

    At first I was planning on following the 1plant per foot rule but it seemed like it would be a little much for a 400W. Anything is appreciated and happy growing.
    Doctor Cannabis

    Doctor Cannabis Well-Known Member

    400W is enough to efficiently grow 4 large sativas or 6 small n' bushy indicas. 4'x4' seems like enough space to fit 4 plants, not more thou.

    EyezofSnake Well-Known Member

    400 is not enough for a 4x4. Try a 600 or a 1000.

    I grow in a 1meter x 1 meter tent and have included a picture of my 7 plants in there. As you can see, it's really crowded and unless you know how to prune well, i would do 4 females.

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