1. Urihalton

    Grow light recommendations

    Hey guys, so currently I’m running a sf4000 in a corner of my 10x10 room because that’s all I could afford earlier. But I want to upgrade my grow room, and was thinking which LED lights I should go for. My choice so far is spider farmer se1000. I’ve also checked out luxx lighting. I need a...
  2. A

    Light question

    I have 2 of these 2500w (425-435w actual) cob lights that I got for a really good price. I've looked into them and they look good to the people I've saw using them or similar. My issue is that they don't dim. What's the best way to approach using them with burning everything but not getting too...
  3. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow Lighting Black Friday 20% Off Sitewide SALE!

    Medic Grow 20% OFF SITEWIDE SALE! :clap: :clap: Place your order and enjoy 20% off everything on Medic Grow! :hug: $524 for our Best-selling: Medic Grow Fold-8 720W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants :hug:$559 for Medic Grow Ez-8 Hydra 1000W LED Grow Light :hug:$799 for...
  4. G

    Have some experience in growing on balcony (summer) - Now, my very first indoor grow (winter)

    Hi guys, I need help with learning about the best material to use in reflecting the light (in my grow room). I need it not only because it helps the plants to get more light but because the costs in light and electricity consumption is frustratingly high, and I plan on getting the best for my...
  5. D

    Should I add QB20s strips to a 650r??

    I know that the 650 is very nice light and will perform just as is so I know dumb. But new to leds so was thinking adding QB20 660 nm or something else will it make a difference to use them in flower or should I add something else just trying to help with more red but don't know if it does...
  6. N

    Will this survive or should I start over?

    Basically came to the conclusion that she's over watered via two posts. Could have some lighting issues too Do you guys think the roots have already dampened off and I should just start over or should I transplant into my 5 gallon pot and fix watering? I just don't want to transplant if its not...
  7. I

    Perpetual growing 12’x24’ need advice????

    Thinking about starting a perpetual grow with about 48 plants, 16 in the seedling stage, 16 in the veg, and 16 in flower. I want to go led lighting and want to know how many lights I would need in each area. (Brands, wattage, type of lighting for each area) Also do you guys think this will be...
  8. RF90

    24/0 with 40w light.

    Okay guys. Here’s a question I’ve never seen asked. I’m doing a small closet grow with low flyer dwarf auto (4 square ft grow area). My seedling just sprouted. My Vivosun 300w LED is getting the closet WAY to hot (90s). I have a weaker 40 watt LED that keeps the temps at a much better range...
  9. F

    Letting the plants out

    I take my strongest girls out in the evening for natural light from the west window. I have a good light setup but i believe that even a little strong sun benefits the plants by giving light to sides and bottom. Anyone else do this. If anyone responds, ill post some pics of the buds in the...
  10. lilmafia513

    Has it really been ten years?

    Hello all my fellow growers, smokers, and stoners :bigjoint: It has been a very long time since I've logged in, or had the tent setup.... But.... I'm back!!! And I've been looking at some upgrading of old lights and equipment.... Been looking at this setup on Amazon, and curious if anyone has...
  11. S

    Which LED light is good

    Hey thanks for reading I’m my local hydro store they keep saying the maxibright 600w is the way to go but they want about £800 per unit. I see someone online voted the Mars hydro ts 3000 as the best. You can get...
  12. A

    what can i do when electricity outage ??

    Hello, i'll make my growing room soon and I am afraid from possible position now i know the vegetative stage lighting 24h and flowering stage lighting 12/12 in my country Electricity can be cut off for 2h in min and 2 days in max there's any tips about electricity outage (for min&max hours) in...
  13. ddeck96

    LED light question (HLG)

    So I just got an HLG Scorpion Rspec 600w. I let my plants get a bit too tall for my tent. Well... more than a bit. My light needs to be like 12-15 inches above the canopy, but that puts my light pretty close to the top of the tent. So, my question is this: Will the light or the driver of an LED...
  14. mikaroni

    Super confused about lighting and their plugs!

    Hey guys, new to growing and to this forum! So, I am confused about getting started with an LED grow light. One light that I found and am interested in is this one...
  15. M

    Show me your electric corners/closets/walls! Share your pride.

    Share pics of your wiring/electrical area outside of your tent where your drivers, meters, wiring/splices, surge protectors, etc. are all setup. Any tips to save heartache, time, money or burning your house down? Beware of? Maybe if we get enough examples this can be a sticky or very useful...
  16. S

    Just ordered from budgetLED is it a good light???

    Hi guys I just ordered this light from budgetLED. I’m expanding my grow into my full closet instead of half I’m currently using 2 rapidLED chilled logic pucks. I just purchased this light and want to make...
  17. Cylis420

    T12 change to a t8 and or led bulb???

    Hey guys and gals wondering if anyone knows 100% if you can switch out a t12 for a t8 as long as you can match specs... just have an older shop light I would like to use on babies on a rack I’m thinking any suggestions are welcomed thanks again for taking the time! Cheers to healthy and happiness.
  18. C

    Can anyone diagnose this?

    So I've checked soil ph and it's 6.3-6.8 in all pots. I'm feeding them as needed not more than once or twice a week depending on how they look. They all look very healthy but then on occasion one or another will get a leaf like this. By the way I'm growing these on a spider farm 200w light...
  19. Rusty Lee Shackleford


    so just got my rdwc setup got 8 recirculating. But what's the best lights for a decently cheap price? Looking to spend about 500 to 1000 and need to cover a 10' x 12' room
  20. Dreminen169

    Will this light be ok for clones/seedlings?

    It’s 40w 4000k. Is 4000k good enough or do I want higher?