1. still_smoked

    Will it work?

    SITUATION: The Grow Space is a 3x5 tent and it has a 2x4x6 multi-tier steel wire rack. On the bottom half of the rack, there is a 270 watt HLG 300L RSPEC. I bought some seeds and want to start off with some autos. QUESTION: The distance between the top of the 5 gal fabric pot and the light is...
  2. CrazyDog

    260W QB V2 RSPEC LED Or 135W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit in a 2x4 tent

    Hello guys, I am looking for some new lights and after researching it seems like the HLG are good lights to invest in. I am looking to use a 2x4 tent for flowering and due to wanting to setup a perpetual grow I was thinking that it might be best to use two separate lights instead of one light...
  3. Jobob420

    Not Enough light? Too much light?

  4. hybridway2

    HLG 650R , ChilLed 660, Amare Bar-6 or Bar-8

    These units are considered to be some of the top tier units available for commercial HE , HO grows in led today. EDITTED: This is My opinion based on cost as a relevant factor. Apples to Apple's. Gavita & Fluence may sell more but thats about it. From these x3 Fixtures listed, ChilLed 660...
  5. Weouthere

    Will these lights work?

    Hey guys! Got a new 4x4 tent the other day. Got it all set up and my plants moved in. I’m waiting on an HLG 550. It’s in China currently.. waiting to be shipped. Got it off Alibaba so I’m not sure how long it will take to get here. In the mean time I’m running my HLG 100v2, a blurple my buddy...
  6. D

    Second, not so happy grow and same issues... What am I doing wrong here?!

    Hi Everyone! I'm not sure if I posted in the right sub forum, sorry if its the wrong one. I am running organic nutes so I figured this might be the right place to post? This is my first post, I've pretty much been a lurker for the past year reading a ton of posts on here. I must say, I've...
  7. Mikenike

    Round 2! HLG Saber vs Amare SB800 RDWC

    Took awhile but I’m back to hydro. Got 8 cuts nicely rooted and they’re all pretty even. Same setup as before with the addition of 4 UVB bulbs. Last run I didn’t post exact weights because I feel I neglected HLG’s side a little more. But Amare won that round by about .5lbs and with the whole...
  8. Weouthere

    What is this??

    Hey guys! Back with 8 plants this time :) One of em looks weird and I don’t know why. To me it looks like root uptake issues or something. All my plants are the same age, planted on the 17th of March. Started with a cheap blurple (idk the watts) and upgraded to my HLG 100v2 when I transplanted...
  9. Weouthere

    Time to change lights?

    Hey guys! Long time no see, but I’m back and I’ve got 8 plants this time instead of 2 Learned a lot from my first two grows and I’m looking to start these fellas indoors until it’s a lil warmer out(I’m in the PNW). Basically I have this unknown light on them now that my buddy let me borrow. I...
  10. Armyofsprout

    Help with HLG-600W-54A

    Hey guys I’m running 4 QB288 rspec boards and I bought the meanwell HLG-600-54A version. Just trying to make sure 54v is correct for the 4 boards. I don’t know how to calculate voltage and amps and all that, I’m not an electrician I can just build things lol. I incorrectly bought the 48V version...
  11. Armyofsprout

    Sherbinski's - Larry OG Auto Grow

    Wassup everyone. Got a new 4x4 going under my 600W HLG Setup. Fully organic grow. Light cycle is 18/6 Strains 9x Larry OG autos in 3 Gallon 1 Purple Alien in 5 Gallon humidity is low around 35-50% at times but it’ll do, I’m not wasting money and space on a humidifier. temps go from around...
  12. Armyofsprout

    4x4 autoflower setup, 2 or 3 gallons?

    Getting a new separate 4x4 for autoflowers only. I wanna run 10x plants at a time. Should I use 2 or 3 gallon pots? I’m gonna be running a coco blend. Also gonna be running a HLG 600 Rspec v2 in that area to max it out. Hoping to yield a pound +. Gonna run 18/6 the whole time. Gonna be...
  13. RainDan

    Timber RIU Spring Discount Code

    Hello RIU, We appreciate your support and wanted to offer a discount code 'TIMBERIU' which will save forum members $25 off each light, no limit. This code is good through 3/31. If you have any questions please let us know. Have a good day. Regards, Dan
  14. Yesyes3000

    HLG quantum boards 288v1 for $29

    Hello I’m wondering how I could run the 288v1 boards from HLG without heatsink. If I were to run them at 60watts a piece does anyone know what the least expensive driver would be for that scenario? So a 240watt driver. Kinda of looking for the qb132’s LRS-350 driver equivalent to the 288v1...
  15. ThatBoyZooted

    Go Big or Go Home..

    Originally i was looking into upgrading my 600w vivosun (240 @ wall) for a MarsHydro TS1000(150w @ wall). Seeing how that was solid but still a little weak i kept looking then found the TS2000 performing well on my size tent for $250 & wanted to get that instead . THEN I stumbled upon with the...
  16. Cookie-Monster

    R-Spec? No... B-SPEC!!!!!

    These things are absurdly awesome! Here's my vid review with half-assed PAR readings.
  17. Armyofsprout

    Tips for denser buds

    Any tips for denser buds under an fully organic soil LED grow? my environment is two 4x8 tents with 8 plants each in them. Coco blend with added amendments such as blood meal, oyster shell, epsom salt, EWC, down to earth 4-4-4 and 4-8-4 Two HLG 320W XL for veg Two HLG 600W for flower 2x 6”...
  18. Armyofsprout

    B Spec HLG

    Has anyone seen the new blue light B-Spec LED boards from HLG? they look awesome. And I can’t wait until they release the boards alone for sale.
  19. XtraGood

    DIY QB96 driver advice and options

    Medical card + caretaker home grow planning, looking for criticism/advice about my plan: Looking to run LEDs, I decided on HLG panels without finishing researching other panels, strips, and COBs; picked panels because I need to order parts soon and they seem popular/functional. If you think...
  20. G

    Photomax2 1000 for 8x8 grow setup?

    #1 Hey Everyone, I'm looking to buy more led lights for my 8x8x6"11 gorilla grow tent. I already have a phlizon 3000w cob light and decided from here on to go top quality led lighting that can produce potent high yeilding buds. So far I was thinking about getting the black dog photomax2 1000...