You want to know about Spacedawg? TGA's re-release

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    geekmike Well-Known Member

    funny you mention... shooting a video of my space dawg today, posting in my thread later.

    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I got one 5 pack from tga and 1 ten pack from rd genetics was thinking how mean to germinate to get 5 female and one male would be nice to make me some more seeds!

    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    I usually get a good ratio of females I though it was because of the ffof I be using. I'm going to do 5 of each and see which works out the best. This is my first time I went to a dispensary I didn't know what to get for one and two I didn't know what they had in stock. Now I know they have most of tga sub cool 5 packs for $50 or RD Genetics 10 pack for $80 dona ti0n :lol: I was like a little kid! All I got was the seeds and a gram of blond hash it was good but I smoke it in two days :) I'll be able to cross breed them or whatever make me some seeds it'll be tight but I've vegged ten plants before I can do it~

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Watch out germinating seeds in fox farms ocean forest... Its a little hot for seeds... I usually use fox farms light warrior which has basically no nutes in it just to start them in...

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    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah I start'em in sunshine mix 4 for 2 weeks first week plain water 18 oz cups second week 1 gallon pot sunshine mix 4 and 250 ppms of sensi grow then the 3rd week ffof and plain water .....

    alanboy420 Member

    hi. does your spacedawg have a chem dawg/ sour diesal smell?
    Sir Stickybuds

    Sir Stickybuds Well-Known Member

    My pheno is very sour/sweet/melon/bubblegum/peach there is also a lemon pheno I have heard of but did not find with the few I planted. I was happy enough with the 2 females I got that shared this smell that I didn't attempt to find anything else
    Blue Dog

    Blue Dog Member

    Hey guys great thread thanks! I've got a spacedawg at 3 weeks now and I'm hoping to nail the harvest, when you give flowering times are they from when you flip the lights or first see pistils? Thank you.

    grownbykane Active Member

    i count day one when the lights come on after their first 12 hour dark period.

    tommo891 Member

    Wicked report mate

    heelzballer Well-Known Member

    I noticed that on TGA website space dawg is no longer listed...Does that mean that once the seeds run out it's out completely?? Just ran a couple and got a nice short, female that is stacking nicely 3 weeks in..

    Coloradodreaming Active Member

    So I'm in FOCO and my girl cannot find Space Dawg anymore and it one of the only strains she found that really works for her medically. None of the dispensary carry it hear anymore and my clone guy is still on the lookout for me. Do you possibly know anyone with flower, edibles or clones of Space Dawg ?
    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member

    considering the last post to this thread was nearly three years ago, i doubt it, but i do wish you luck!

    as an alternative, you can talk to @bigworm6969 as he has some very good medical stuff, or ask @kmog33 who is very knowledgeable on current medical strains, and offered advice to me in the past (thank you kmog!) that has helped me turn my life around after a spinal injury.

    good luck! :)
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    blue.ash Well-Known Member

    Tga re released in their line up again. James Bean and others have them. Go get yourself some and stock up!

    Toby_Terpenstein253 New Member

    They look amazing! I am actually in week 2 (day 12) of bloom now with Space Dawg. I think I have 2 phenos, a tall pheno and short pheno. All for sure female. But so far so good. I Could use any suggestions/tips/help since you sound very versed in her. To me it looks like she'll be a 9-10 week strain, but I read 8. Great job though!

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