You want to know about Spacedawg? TGA's re-release

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    This girl is the prize of my garden. I grow a lot of TGA and a few other breeder strains but this is my favorite! I knew the first time i grew her, and caught a whiff of her smell that this was something special. Ocanabis called it "Lemon's and Fruity Bubble Gums with hints of spicy hash, skunk and grapes" and " I found my self taking smell tests and thinking Man the stuff stinks but yet I was intigued by the smell that I had a hard time putting the bud down." It is a sour tart smell that wakes up your mouth like biting into citrus first thing in the morning. When I first started smoking it, it sent my short term memory loss into overdrive. Forgetting where I was going, what I was doing. Telling someone I understood what they were asking and 2 minutes later having to ask them again. As I got used to it, the memory loss has gotten better but I still find myself sometimes feeling this effect. Sharing this smoke I have made people throw up and accuse me of lacing the bowl. One guy smoked some on his lunch break, he called off work the rest of the day and had to pull to the side of the road and take a nap. One person said "2 thum... no 13 thumbs up!" I know there are a few more stories I have but they are not coming to me at the moment. My main point? GET YOURSELF SOME SPACEDAWG! you will not regret it. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask. Here are quite a few pics of her, this is grown in a very small perpetual SOG under a 150hps. I take her down after 56 days of flower

    IMG_1408.jpg IMG_0554.jpg IMG_0677.jpg IMG_1415.jpg IMG_1412.jpg IMG_1129.jpg IMG_1293.jpg IMG_1294.jpg IMG_0788.jpg IMG_0683.jpg IMG_0038.jpg IMG_0010.jpg IMG_0475.jpg IMG_0640.jpg IMG_0396.jpg IMG_1318.jpg IMG_1005.jpg IMG_0916.jpg IMG_0078.jpg IMG_0081.jpg IMG_0789.jpg IMG_1503.jpg

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    looks very tasty for only a 150 hps thank you very much my friend for the pictures. long live the weed nerd!
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    Some smoke reports and reviews

    Breeder: TGA

    Strain: space dog
    Lineage if known: Snow Dog x Space Dude
    Grower: Lpski420
    Judge: Lpski420
    Type (sativa/indica ratio): mostly sativa

    <6> Density
    <8> Aroma

    COMMENTS: there were 2 phenos , this one produced chunkier looking nugs, but they were not as dense as the other pheno I had, Although I think I liked the way this one grows because of it's bud production and the way it denses up yet stays airy at the same time, very good strain easy to grow, mold resistant, Mite resistant.


    <8> Potency
    <7> Taste
    <6.5> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
    <1> Indica Influence
    <9> Sativa Influence
    <4> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
    <3> Duration (In hours)
    <2> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
    <10> Overall Satisfaction


    High Description: This is a Perfect Get yer ass up and Go Type of weed. I rolled a fatty That lasted about 15-20 minutes burning, My heads racing, and I'm thinking faster than my hands can type, So I'll try to write as much as I can While I'm still High, About half way through the Joint, I found myself hacking pretty hard, the weed itself is not harsh, just powerful and I could have rolled a much smaller Joint that would have had the same effect, cause I didn't need much more after the first 10-15 puffs. But I finished her off, I had to get up and catch some air towards the end of the joint, I went outside to get the mail, immediately threw it in the garbage and then found myself inside the living room walking around in circles. I feel motivated to get some shit done, So This will def be a great morning/ afternoon smoke, or anytime for that matter, not good for sleep though. I'm feeling my stomach waking up a bit, So it's great for appetite stimulation as well.
    Smell: like a fruit basket of mangoes, cherries, apricots, kiwis, and apples, with some fuely undertones mixed with some sort of chemical/ cleaner smell. kinda like the stuff they used to clean the batrooms in school, lol,more sweet smelling and fruity though.
    Taste: sweet , The Dry hits before I lit the joint tasted amazing.
    Medical Effects: motivating, anti anxiety, appetite stimulation, pain relief [​IMG]
    <9> Medicinal Strength

    <+> YES
    <> NO

    This Strain Is the bomb, I look forward to getting to grow her again sometime soon, very interesting specimen, awesome cross. buds look amazing

    Breeder: TGA - SubCool
    Strain: Space Dawg
    Lineage if known: Snow Dog x Space Dude
    Grower: Ocanabis
    Judge: same
    Type (sativa/indica ratio): 70 % Inica 30% Sativa


    <7-8> Density
    <9> Aroma

    Pheno's that are more Snow Dog dominant are dencer and chunkier and while the Space Dude dominats plants appear more spear shaped and a tad lighter/flufier.

    Best to harvest be for the 50 - 57 days if you want to retain the Fruity Bubble gum aroma's that come from these gals.I missed it by a few days and harvested at 60 days and the aroma's stared to fade off with the exception of the lemon Pheno's.


    <9> Potency
    <9> Taste
    <10> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
    <70 %> Indica Influence
    <30 %> Sativa Influence
    <2> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
    <2-3> Duration (In hours)
    <1> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
    <10> Overall Satisfaction


    High Description: Clear and center headed with an easy laid back feeling
    Smell: Lemon's and Fruity Bubble Gums with hints of spicy hash, skunk and grapes
    Taste: ranging from Citrucy Lemons and Grapes
    Medical Effects:
    <Y> Medicinal Strength Calming,Mood elevating,Relaxing
    <Y> YES

    30 days cured
    Lemon Pheno's are excelent tasting leaning to a very sharp citrucy yet slightly sour, almost diesel like Lemon taste.It leaves a very Lemony taste on the gums and pallet long after you finish your bowl. The High comes on fast and hard hitting but after 20 - 30 minutes it will level off to a realy nice cruzing spead buzz.I felt very energetic and refreshed after smoking just one bowl but yet I could also just kick back and watch a movie or some thing.By the way,the buz from just the 1 bowl lasted 2 hrs at least.

    Bubble Gum Pheno's: I came across 2 pheno's here.1 tastes of grapes with hints of lemon that when smoked it leaves a menthol coolness on the exhale.Yet she smells of Grapes and skunk.Its a very unique smell that is like a love hate realation ship.I found my self taking smell tests and thinking Man the stuff stinks but yet I was intigued by the smell that I had a hard time putting the bud down

    The 2nd pheno is Skuny,hashy and earthy.The smoke from this gal reminds me of the classic skunk weed with the hashy undertones from back in the day but yet she is very,very smooth tasting.She almost has no taste to her at all.I realy had a hard time figuring this one out and this is about the best description that I could come up with.
    The high both of these pheno's are very up lifting / motivating as well.Although not as potent compared to the Lemon pheno's I would say these are good day time or all day smokes.

    Bubble Hash

    So I made a batch of Bubble from all the pop corn buds and trim.Let me say this,its some of the nicest hash I have made to date.She taste of Spicy hash and hints of lemon that just roll off the tongue when exhaled.The High is top shelf with its extreme potentcy could easily put the most experianced smokes on there ass guarantied.The beauty part is you don't even see it comong.It seems to come on a bit slow but then by the time you take your 3rd to 4th toke thats when it hits you and leaves you with a holy crap expression on your face.Best to leave this to late night as it will put you out to pasture for the night easily.

    Thanks for bringing the Space Dawg to the masses Sub Cool.I realy enjoyed the experiance that came from them

    and another

    "Space Dawg. Some of the best tasting smoke I've had in my life. It's very potent. Taste's lime minty, and the funk smell is very strong, I swear I thought I smelt it outside the jar. I had a tiny bud in my car in the glove compartment, and after getting out and then getting back in, I could smell that funk stanky space queen like smell that I love so much but with a hint of citrus. " - Batman Skunk

    "mmmmmmm Space Dawg oh you are so going to love this stuff" - Ocan's words

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    Very nice report man! I can almost taste it :weed: lol

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    Nice report Sir Stickybuds

    I have to admit,this is one of the best strains for potency,taste and effects I have ever had the pleasure of growing.I only wished I had kept a cuple of cuts but then again.I hope to get a pack when Sub re release's it.

    Sounds like you are enjoying it very much.


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    Mmmm looks proper &#57605;. I'll be trying some soon as I can.

    subcool Well-Known Member

    I heard it hit Washington Yesterday :)

    laxfiz New Member

    havnt seen it released yet. but i dont go to collectives everday...
    and man the places in seattle here are thieves... they sell 10 packs for $140, 5 for $70.
    they didn't use to be this way, but just recently......

    thanks for heads up. gonna drive around town see if i can get a 5pack germing tonight.
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    nice photos! buds lookin like they taste the way they look :-P :leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf: may dank be with you!

    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Yea,but what about Ocan land :)

    DQ Blizzard

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    Picked up a 5pack yesterday $60, oh what a awesome dilemma I have; do I start Chyrnobl, Deep Purple or Spacedawg next.
    DQ Blizzard

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    LOL I do that sober, I swear my wife does't tell me half the things she says she does!!

    RedEyedNReady Active Member

    Got my pack yesterday too! Hope there are more on the way! Thanks Sub for the AWESOME work bringing back a legend!

    Purplehaze66 Well-Known Member

    My hope is it finds it way outta Washington, maybe hit Michigan or somewhere we can order it from;-)
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    TGA Subcool Seeds - Spacedawg

    Aka: Snowqueen

    Strain: Spacedawg
    Breeder: TGA Subcool
    Location: indoor, greenhouse
    Type: mostly sativa
    Flowering: unknown
    No feminized seeds.

    Sativa/Indica: 70/30
    Genetics: Snowdawg x Spacedude
    limited edition
    Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree


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    hahahah what a mut eh??.......good mut!.......still waiting for the Tude to drop em'......

    dankydonky Active Member

    wow! very nice genealogy tree there!! this new strain must give ultra stinky dank..! wait for some smoke reports on this'on testers!! ^^
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    Subcool Posted:

    Space Dawg
    I decided to create this Space-dawg and give all the seeds away for free. A certain smartass breeder that sells a Snowdawg BX pissed me off and it inspired me to shake up things, make a better Snowdawg hybrid and just give it away. In Snowdawg part 1 I detailed its creation as well as the history of many of Chemdawgs other famous strains. During a visit from Chem I was able to sample a large variety and I wrote a article based on this experience. The first story covered strains like:

    Super Snow Dawg
    Sour Diesel
    OG Kush
    Chemdawgs Sister
    Mass Super Skunk
    Chemdawg D
    Dawg Days
    Head band
    In the first article I used information I found by doing research online. I found a post that detailed how Wonkanobe and Pbud met chemdawg and sold him an ounce of high quality pot for 500$ He found a few seeds in some of the buds and popped the first 4 seeds. The information went into detail about the following crosses:

    1.Super Snowdawg (Bubble Chem x [Super skunk x Oregon Sno])
    2. Giesel (Chem D x Mass Super Skunk)
    3. Bubble Chem (Chemdawg’s Sister x Sag's Bubbleberry)
    4. Dawg Daze aka ChemHaze (Chem D x ’93 Sensi's NL#5/Haze)
    5. Chemdawg D x Pbud (another old-school Colorado strain)

    I like Cannabis history to be very accurate so I quoted the information verbatim. When the article came out in Skunk someone named “High & Lonesome” contacted Mamakind and accused me of stealing the entire article. The facts are I used 274 words that I took from online and actually wrote 1651 words myself. Regardless I made things write and he was paid at my rate for every word. He declined a signed book from me as he considers me a hack. I wanted the real story to come out to clear my name, I am never at a loss for words I just wanted the facts to be correct. Personally I think the guys a moron admitting to a cash drug deal and maybe that’s why the article was filed under “Guest” and not a Nickname I could name as a resource.

    The Snodawg was my favorite of the samples by far and I was hoping to improve the resin profile and increase the speed of vegative growth. I choose our Space Queen male, knowing he would increase the potency based on his contributions to other crosses he has been part of. Over the last several months we have collected test data from growers and I am very happy with the results.

    I would like to thank Ocanabis one of my official testers for all the hard work and amazing photography on this project. A predict you will see more of his talented pictures in print very soon. Other growers helped me with grow reports and smoke reports and I would like to thank all of them as well. Over 200 growers received a pack of Space-Dawgs absolutely free in different contest or giveaways put on by TGA distributors. I also donated a huge sack of seeds to the local medical co-op OGF.

    The first grow reports appeared online in October as the first seeds started poking through the soil, Ocanabis started just 6 seeds and had a 100% germ rate. They were grown under a 200 Watt CFL and remained there for the first few weeks until transplanting where they were moved under a 400watt Metal Halide for more vegging and training. After the first week they were fed using Advanced Nutrients line of organics as well as Fulvic and Humic Acids. These are to promote a stronger root and stem structure. At just two weeks the plants were very wide and stocky with nice thick stems. Three of the plants were perfect and 2 had slight mutations possible damage during the seedling stage. After 16 days of Vegative growth Ocanabis had them on the following nutrient schedule:

    Mix per 4 liters of water

    4 ml Fulvic
    4 ml Humic
    4 ml B-52
    60 ml Met Tea-Grow
    5 ml B. Strap Mollases
    5 ml L. Karma
    PH at 6.4-6.5

    Fed once a week and water in between

    Day 40 revealed 3 nice females with 3 un-indicated as of yet and all had a short Indica look with wide fan leaves and nice side branching. After 52 days of growth another plant indicated female and Ocanabis added some Iguana Juice to his regiment. All of the plants were very uniform bushes with tight internodes and very sturdy stems. They had now reached the point where the growing shoots had alternating nodes indicated sexual maturity. The plants were officially placed into bloom at the 60 day mark under 1200 watts of HPS Power. After just a few days in the new area the last female indicated making five females from six seeds tested.

    Once the plant had been budding for 2 weeks a new feeding schedule was implemented.
    Mix pr 4 l (1 gal) water

    4 ml Fulvic
    4 ml Humic
    4 ml B-52
    40 ml Met Tea- Bloom
    4 ml Iguana Juice-Bloom
    5 ml Molases
    Ph is/was adjusted to 6.4
    The plants responded well and visible trichomes were already forming as the first buds starting filling in. After 4 weeks of budding the plants started taking on characteristics that allowed Ocanabis to start selecting his favorite plants based on smell and structure. He described it as the smell of Juicy Fruit Gum only 10X stronger! The plants all formed nice bushes with four main branches and a large number of both inner and outer lower branching.
    After 6 weeks in blooming the plants looked incredible taking on attributes of Snowdawgs smell and Space Queens resin profile. The fruity aromas got stronger and the resin completely covered all of the plants making them look like they were covered in morning Dew but in fact it was THC latent resin! Even the outer fan leaves had resin. At day 46 Ocanabis started his final flush and also used stakes to help support the colas that were starting to sag under their own weight. He reported smells ranging from Bubblegum to Lemon Candy and also Fruit Punch, he was having a very hard time picking his favorite at this point.
    Harvest day came at day 57 or 8 weeks just the time we like all of our hybrids to finish at. A plant has to be ultra special to warrant longer than 9 weeks in our gardens. All of the females looked like they were covered in Diamond Dust at harvest and even the smallest yielding plant was encrusted with resin and had a thick smell.
    The first smoke report on this strain was turned in by Janjaweed a grower at the forums on Breedbay and he was also very impressed. This is his smoke report:
    <10> Potency
    <10> Taste
    <10> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
    <8> Indica Influence
    <5> Sativa Influence
    <1> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
    <2-3> Duration (In hours)
    <2> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
    <10> Overall Satisfaction
    These buds are tasty and full of flavor, but they are also very potent so
    much that it numbs your head and after a few bowls my teeth were numb, like i had just been to the dentist
    chunks of analgesic grapefruit, more of Indica effect. if you have pain this will kill it lol
    people with low tolerance should be careful not to over indulge as it may cause them green outs and nausea.
    Medicinal Strength: 11++
    <X> YES, favorite is staying indefinitely.

    Everyone seems to love this strain and that makes this project to me very rewarding. My main goal was to work with Chems Snowdawg and see if I could improve its resin profile somewhat and we were very successful. My other goal was to simply do something no other Breeder had done before than I know of, to create a new strain for the fun of it and give every seed away to the growing community. The cries to make more have already started but I have already passed the mother plant on to another medical grower who likes Indicas. For me the fun was gifting something to people that others charge way too much for in my opinion. The fact that everyone that’s grown it so far is so impressed with the cross is well, Gravy on a biscuit!
    Sir Stickybuds

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    By Subcool

    There is a great deal of interest in the strains created by the grower Chemdawg. The story goes like this. At a Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, 'joebrand' (aka 'wonkanobe') and 'pbud' met 'chemdog' and sold him an ounce of very high quality pot for $500. joe and chemdog exchanged numbers and they later arranged for two ounces to be shipped to chemdog on the east coast. According to chemdog, one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 seeds.

    In &#8217;91, chemdog popped the first 4 seeds. From these seeds, one male was found and disposed of. The 3 females were labeled &#8216;chemdawg&#8217; (now &#8217;91 chemdawg), &#8216;chemdawg a&#8217; (now chemdawg&#8217;s sister), and &#8216;chemdawg b&#8217;. In '01, chemdog and his girlfriend attempted to germ 3 more seeds, labeled &#8216;c&#8217;, &#8216;d&#8217;, and &#8216;e&#8217;. the &#8216;e&#8217; seed never germinated, &#8216;c&#8217; turned out to be junk (according to chemdog), and chemdawg &#8216;d&#8217; was the keeper. In '06, 'chemdog' and 'joebrand' reunited and joe was given 4 of the last 6 beans: Chemdawg phenos 1-4, '4' being the chosen keeper. Joe thought the '4' was the best representation of the original and thus dubbed it the 'reunion pheno'. Chemdog still has two seeds left in his stash.

    Chemdog' and friends made several other crosses that are held closely by a small group of friends and acquaintances. Among them are:

    1. Super Snowdawg (Bubble Chem x [Super skunk x Oregon Sno])
    2. Giesel (Chem D x Mass Super Skunk)
    3. Bubble Chem (Chemdawg&#8217;s Sister x Sag's Bubbleberry)
    4. Dawg Daze aka ChemHaze (Chem D x &#8217;93 Sensi's NL#5/Haze)
    5. Chemdawg D x Pbud (another old-school Colorado strain)

    In August of 2006 Chemdog came out to visit Mzjill and myself to swap stories and have a smoke out. It was a fantastic party with late night bubble sessions and everyone got along great and Jills cookies worked her magic. Chem is a super nice guy as is his entire family and we hit if off like old friends. During the festivities Chem and I slipped upstairs and traded some goodies so that I could do one of my famous Live Photo/Taste sessions.
    It went on to be one of the most viewed threads at the time at Breedbay. You can view the original thread in the Hall of Fame @

    Chem was more than generous giving me the largest buds of many of the samples. The quality of each sample was very good. Cured well and not green even shipped around theses samples were all top shelf. These are the strains he had with him.

    Super Snow Dawg
    Sour Diesel
    OG Kush
    Chemdawgs Sister
    Mass Super Skunk
    Mendo Purps
    Chemdawg D
    Jacks Cleaner
    Jacks Cleaner
    Purple Kush
    Master Kush
    Dawg Days
    Head band

    Now we had a proper smoke out but I am better judging at my own speed with a clean bong and some strong coffee early in the morning. I can test two strains per day properly any more and the high&#8217;s just mix together and you can&#8217;t tell the slight differences in each bud sample. My Original Toke notes from

    Ok first hit&#8230;.
    The flavor is not really something I can put a name on other than I really loved the initial intake. It kind of reminds me of the White Russian sample I had at Ruskia before WR started sucking. I coughed a few times and then smiled let me dive into this a bit.
    I really like this but it would be nice if I could describe its flavor to you guys I am gonna have to stick with DANK for now.
    Hit #2
    Slight skunk on my finger tips, if all the samples are this good this is going to be a warm up to the Cannabis cup except with Real Cannabis! Its totally yummy now that my lungs have warmed up but the delicious taste just came through in and out I like this bud a lot and I am already stoned as hell and considering the amount of THC we consumed last night that&#8217;s pretty impressive.
    Hit #3
    Sub takes a breath, hey it&#8217;s hard work but it is my job to bring you the latest Cannabis info&#8230; The third bowl brought tears to my eyes so it must be some pretty serious dank I am trying to move to the second strain but I am gonna enjoy this buzz awhile.
    Sir Stickybuds

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    By Subcool

    Early this year I was able to grab a cutting of the Snodawg and set about growing her out.
    She grew easily and also cloned very fast. The plant stays short in veg and once topped she forms a really nice multi headed bush without much training at all. Once placed into 12/12 her stretch is minimal and she only increases in height about 30%. She has very wide Indica shaped leaves and I removed the larger ones to allow light to penetrate down to the lower second shelf buds.

    The plant started fading by day 40, which indicates she is a heavy feeding plant as she was placed in my concentrated Super Soil that has plenty of nutrients for most of the varieties I grow. I top dressed the container with more super soil and gave her a feeding to slow down the yellowing and on future runs I will increase the amount of concentrate I use on her. By day 60 she had a beautiful Red and Yellow fade and just a really nice fruity Indica smell. The buds were full and hard and we harvested her at day 65 when about 40% of her Trichomes had turned amber. The buds were air dried for 7 days then placed in open glass jars until the stems started snapping when bent. This indicates enough moisture has evaporated and its now time to place lids on the jar. After 3 weeks the buds had loft all of there green smell and now had a slightly fruity smell that reminded me a lot of White Widow. The smoke is very think and Oily and Strong, just a few bowls and you are very high! We smoked a joint at week 4 curing and it was hard to finish between two of us and afterwards we sat still just staring off into space for a good hour. I still think the cross could use more resin as it makes very little Sugar leaf but this is common for dense buds like this.

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