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    so when did the great state of maryland become medically legal??????????????????????
    Cory and trevor

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    and when will the people be informed? LOL

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    Yes, if you read the article, you'll learn that pot will only be available thru teaching hospitals.


    what they aren't telling you is that teaching hospitals won't get involved since they fear losing their federal funding since marijuana is still illegal federally.

    If you search this subject, there is quite a bit already written on the Maryland issue.


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    its been a lot of crap with the legalization in MD...They made it medically legal on friday, but there are so many stipulations to being prescribed that your have to have a terminal illness for you to qualify. You must also go to your regular doctor, to avoid fraud from a crooked doctor

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    from what i have heard virginia and and a couple other states are also legal and have been for awhile but the chances of anyone getting a card is impossible..virginia has been since 1978 but there were only 3 recipients who had them and there dead now so there goes that.. so maybe one day the world will see the light.

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    This was all but expected to happen. After all the non-legal states saw what happened with Calif and Colorado, many of the states are scared to fully legalize. So instead, when it is voted on and passed, they make it nearly impossible for anyone to acquire it. They put so many stipulations, rules, applications, fees, etc. on it, it will never be fully implemented. Or they go the route of N.J. and limit the THC content to 10% and charge $480 for an oz of mid grades that no one wants and force you to drive 2+ hours to a storefront.
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    the really screwed up thing about any state becoming MEDICALLY legal is that its still run by the government and not the state. all new medical procedures medications or anything new has to go in front of a state and government panel to pass any scrutiny so nobody will start filing law suites against anyone for them letting it go out in the MEDICAL world..but hell it's one step closer to having all 51 states legal.. vote when you can and be vigilant about anything you can do to push it along..
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    Who cares about medical pot!? I want to hear about recreational use becomeing legal. I don't need some other fucked up problem just to smoke pot, diabetes is problem enough for me, besides i seldom have a problem finding it anyway. Also who wants to pay "high dollar" just to say i can smoke it legaly, when you start smoking the strong stuff, you have to keep smoking it, the stuff you used to smoke which was ok until now won't do it for you, its not strong enough. So ALL for recreational use otherwise who cares.
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    I don't want to buy it, just let me flower 5-6 plants at a time and I'm good.
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    its coming its all got to transend like right now marylands mad greedy but don't want to piss half the ppl off and the usa will soon just like a solid 10 25 years I bet for full legalization

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    Been legal since '03 find a Dr. that supports it your good. Good luck with that, first doctor to do it will probably put his career on the line. Maryland is getting better tho slowly but surely. 9 grams or less just a $100 fine now.

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    I hope this state will stop backing down and being scared of what can happen. It's passed and they need to push it to the point that if a doctor says its ok then its ok. They can hand out pills like candy and wonder why its the way it is around here. Just let the people smoke that need to and that want to it'll stop the crimes a lot if they would stand up for us.

    EmmaStonesToes New Member

    I've lived in Maryland for a few years. Its awesome that there is little fines compared to other areas. My friends tell me the police have to catch you with more tha 0.7 grams to lock you up. Otherwise it is a fine. Honestly, I don't mind the law as it is right now. The state is way to close to the District geographically to not be influenced by some fed sources.

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    hey guys that law is bullshit what they forgot to tell everybody is if u do get the lesser charge u give up ur right to a jury trail, i got popped with 1.6 grams of weed they locked me up and release me with no bail , then when i went to court they offered me 30days in jail and a 600 fine so i went and got a lawyer and still wanted to give me 30days so my lawyer worked his magic and i got a 600 fine, i never had a drug charge in my life and to boot it wasnt even my weed i took the charge because my son wants to join the military, the cops treated me like shit and then was trying to get me to snitch on people all for 1.6grams of weed talk about a waste of our police departments money, there is so much worst shit going on then worrying about me and my sons little bit of weed
    Eyes on Fire

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    I've heard that D.C. has had it's first MMJ Sale a couple months ago.As well a bill was put through to make D.C. decriminalized for recreation too.As Far as Maryland goes,that last I heard was 2016 was the time where MD. was planning to hop on board as long as it goes through.And as we all know,the Taxable income is too much to pass up for most any State.I'll look into the Doctors here about some of the web links that were on this thread.I spent a couple weeks at Georgetown teaching Hospital and all the chronic pain team as well as the MS Docotr who saw me didnt seem to keen on speaking with me about MMJ in the least.LOL!

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    Hospitals are telling their Doctors not to get involved in dispensing marijuana for fear of the hospital losing Federal funding for various programs.....this was set up purposely as I said previously. When I talk to my Dr. about pot, all he seems willing to discuss is how much his doctor friends are making in Colorado dispensing it.......it still all about $$$$$$$ to most of them.

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    welcome to the real world buddy!!!!

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