What's it like to smoke all cbd weed?

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by Apical Bud, Apr 27, 2014.

    hellmutt bones

    hellmutt bones Well-Known Member

    Its like taking pharmaceutical drugs without all the negatives.
    Lets just say u wont remember the night.
    And dont recommend doing them in the day.. but nothing like regular weed.
    Ur gonna sleep good fo sure.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Why do you want cbd for seizures over thc?
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    Bwilkons Active Member

    I would love to find one of these strains...I used to love getting stoned now I get so paranoid I can't do it any more

    hhdubs New Member

    Also, because I'm a mother of two kids and work so I can't be high all day. Just want to control my seizures without being high. Also THC can be a seizure trigger.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member


    why i ask..read it..

    i guess not everyone can function properly while on thc. but dont pretend that cbd doesnt get you high, i wish i could smoke pure cbd even cbn crystals too. now thc is not a full agonist and you will eventually getvsuch a tolerance your only high for maybe 30min and not even very high.

    also i wouldnt smoke it but make controlled dose capsulses. i dont know if thats in the link.

    Jon021781 Member

    Candidia is 20:1 it's usually 10%cbd and
    .5%thc I'm sprouting a seed now mainly cuz I need something to put to veg and I'm not sure if my clones will take and I figure I'll use it to cutt THC high strains so I don't need to smoke as much cuz the.cbd has this enhancing pleasure of thc effect so I figure if I can get 1 CBD plant and 1 thc plant y not
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