What's it like to smoke all cbd weed?

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by Apical Bud, Apr 27, 2014.

    Apical Bud

    Apical Bud Well-Known Member

    Hi guys. I've smoked some 1:1 cbd:thc weed, and I've smoked all thc weed, and I know the effects of them but I'd like to know if anyone has smoked all cbd weed? If so what were the effects like? Thanks.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    if it's truely all cbd, and no thc at all, i'd imagine there would be no high, nor any stone to the smoke at all, but i'm not sure if any strains exist atm that don't contain any thc at all..
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    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    whats the lowest percentage thc to cbd recorded?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i think i've seen a strain that was 2/1, cbd / thc rory, but that's pretty rare imo..

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    im thinking i should get a nice cbd strain..could help my back..idk..

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i just had an offer for a cut of z7..
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    Grojak Well-Known Member

    If you're a legal WA patient I can hook you up in a couple weeks with a cut of the Harelequin, its the Harborside cut.

    I process shatter/wax of what I grow, I grow a Harlequin that is 9.5% CBD and 5.9 THC, I didn't get the shatter tested but man it was psychedelic the first couple times I ripped it. I'm hooking up a cut of AC/DC soon as some are available (guy got hit with mites so scrapped his last batch)

    Like RB said the all CBD wouldn't get you high, I blazed a J of the HQ the first time I harvested, man I used to get higher off mexi brick weed, but if someone was a new smoker it would probably be a good choice for pain relief and to ease into getting high.

    KineBoisin420 Well-Known Member

    Z7 is a great strain! I've done several different phenos of this strain, and it is one of my favourites. It spits out different ratios, with one being a 3:2, one roughly 1:1, and a high THC pheno. Its an amazing smelling/tasting strain!

    ShaggyBoyBuds Member

    I had the opportunity to medicate with a strain that was called The Wave. It contained 11% CBD and .75% THC (yes, that is a decimal before the 75). It was by far the most relaxing feeling I've ever had. It's just too bad that the strain is difficult to grow and does best in outdoor conditions.

    Cascadian Well-Known Member

    I have 2 strains now that fit that bill. "The Remedy" up to 17% CBD and .66% THC and Sour Tsunami #3 up to 11% CBD and .34% THC. The only effect from smoking it is a medicated feeling, they work great as an anti-inflammatory and pain killer.

    No high at all, I tested this once with butter made from both of them. Slathered a lot of strong butter on 3 pieces of toast eaten about 45 minutes apart. About 30 minutes after the 3rd piece I did perceive a "cannabis" like effect but not psychoactive at all, just medicated and very relaxed.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    smoking straight cbd, I would describe as a light opiate type of high

    CannaCole Well-Known Member

    Scrapped because of mites? Poor AC/DC.

    hellbillygeek Member

    I'm not sure I could get enough cbd from smoking to feel much of an all cbd effect. However, I have been able to get interesting effects from the high cbd ac/dc caps that are around. It feels really different from the thc high. I get a clear headed sense of well being and a mild stimulant effect. It's not a strong effect at all but I do find it quite pleasurable. The problem is getting a high amount of cbd without appreciable thc. A couple of those "2x" acdc tabs is what I start with. They claim to be 27mg cbd and cost $7 at the dispensary. Note that the nih experiment that showed positive effects of cbd on social anxiety used a dose of 600mg. I'd love to try a dose in that range but don't know any way to do so at a reasonable cost and without picking up a lot of thc with it.

    Cascadian Well-Known Member

    I just did the math on my experimental high dose of CBD. I put 1/2 oz of each strain (1oz total) into 4 sticks of butter. I would estimate that I had about 4 Tbs of the butter or 1/2 stick. I also estimated that the total CBD was around 5000mg based on extractions I have done in the past. So I probably consumed about 625mg CBD + or -. The THC was around 30X less that than that or about 20 mg. I think the pills are a ripoff personally, much cheaper to make your own butter even if you have to buy the bud. Grow your own and the cost plumets.

    Only got these clones recently so won't have the benefit of a good harvest of the high CBD/low THC until late fall (don't grow indoor in summer).

    I have read that CBD in low dose has a more stimulant effect and in higher doses has a sedative effect so your experience does match with that. Other than that experiment I only have experience smoking Sour Tsunami3 a few times and plenty of Harlequin and CBDcrew Sweet and Sour Widow from my last harvest which both have a higher THC%.
    Apical Bud

    Apical Bud Well-Known Member

    I've smoked acdc and remedy. I got them both from the seattle cloners market so I hope they are what the say they are. I gotta say I liked smoking them. In my experience they didn't get me high. I would feel like I was getting high, but once I got up the the top of the curve I'd realize I wasn't high at all. I would feel very relaxed and clear-headed, and seemed to always want to play guitar. But that said it seemed like these effects wore off in less than 20 minutes. I'd smoke between a hit and a bowl from my bong. It also made me lose interest in smoking THC weed, and it took a few days of not smoking anything to have the craving for weed again.
    On another note:
    I'm in the seattle area. If anyone has a confirmed high THCV strain I'll glady trade a remedy clone for it. I'd like to breed a low thc plant with a high THCV plant, so if anyone can help me out please pm me. I plan to release it to the community with no premium if I ever get such a hybrid.
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    35 to 1! Cannatonic.. Anything beat that?

    Also Charlottes web strain, for epilepsy.. Although they may isolate the CBD so the THC na effect little kids

    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Where the Tsunami and Remedy Hail from?!
    hellmutt bones

    hellmutt bones Well-Known Member

    Pennywise and canatonic..
    will fuq u up.
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    Harlequin strain

    Harlequin strain New Member

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    hhdubs New Member

    What kind of epilepsy do you have? I'm very interested in trying to treat my epilepsy with CBD.

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