We've got to prove we're adults now.aka I lerned it by waching you...Babysas' Hill


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so last year i did good..but had a lot of plants ...this year the county changed the game on me...changed the law to state limits....

...only 6 girls can of scary in a way...

over the last year i started learning the right way to do stuff....i hope some of that time shows in my work...

i am running 100 gallon smart pots...my soil mix is:

2 1.5 cf bags FFOF 22.5 gal
2 2 cf bags happy frog 30
.5 4cf bag of perlite 15
1 2cf bag black gold coco 15
1 25 lbs nature's source worm castings 2-4 ish?
homemade amended soil 13 ish
6 cups dolomite lime
few cups rainbow mix

the genetic line-up is looking like

grape kush original
grape.jpggrape top.jpg

deadhead OG

agent orange
ao.jpgao top.jpg

jilly bean.jpgjb top.jpg

xj-17.jpgxj top.jpg

all have been topped...some twice

last spot is to be picked by the users of RIU ...these are what i would like you to pick from

cherry ak
blackberry kush
confidential cheese
derbin poison
blueberry jack
sour flower
fire oG
purple nepal
blue dream

what do you think riu?


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IMG_0073.jpgIMG_0074.jpg veg tent...i want to put them outside...i need the space(as you can see)... also added blue dream to the list....
oh...one pic is using the flash



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here is my hill ....


here is querkle qurkle.jpg and con cheese con cheese.jpg (it's like 2 weeks old)

i will add more pics when more votes come in

so far

2 for con chesse

1 for querkle

please vote!

i also added pics to the OP


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blue dream
i love the structure of this plant...it's like 2 in 1... topped twice

blueberry jack
i topped every growing tip on this plant...just to see what would happen...she didn't mind too much...


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im playing this song for them on loop

powerful,powerful,powerful,powerful,powerful,power ful,powerful,powerful


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well plans changed....
i went to medicann for a renewal and i got my limit upped
and our landlord got her rec as well so the garden is going to get bigger...nothing to crazy like 10 plants topps
i have ordered 2 65 gallon smart pots ...i plan to use root organic based soil mix...the 100 gallons are fox farms based..so i can see what i like better....

connie cheese and purple napal are in the lead ....voting will end in mid May...

please vote from

blackberry kush
confidential cheese 2
derbin poison 1
blueberry jack 1
sour flower
fire oG
purple nepal 2


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So big! They look beautiful. How much $ extra was it to up your plant limit?

it didn't cost any more than my renew did.....i don't really trust this sheet of paper all that much...but my landlord also got her rec...so i think we should be fine....


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well it's dark and the first 8 are outside for their first night under the stars


these were taken right before night fall...it's such a big milestone in their life....I'm the proud papa tonight!

the lights are set to come on @ 3 am...

oh and the two 65 gallon smart pots came

it's still a tie on voting .....play along damn it!