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  • hi brandon, its all types of growing over there at bubbleponics... im DAT over there. yeah lets keep in touch. I have pm priveleges over there! lol..
    although today i cant get into my JOURNaL!!! its always something. take care kiddo.
    Hi Brandon, It was great getting to know you here. GOod luck with everything, school, gardening, ect. You can find my journal at bubbleponics my name is DAT there . I have a journal in , of course, the journal section. lol... i hope we can stay in touch. I think you are the fuckin bomb!
    Thanks for the rep. It amazes my how some of my friends are always broke, but always eat out. Cooking is not hard and I can feed a group of people for what some of these people spend in a day, maybe less. It helps to have good cookware. I recommend the 12" T-Fal brand skillet. They call it a "jumbo cooker. It is 30.00 but lasts a long time. I have owned many over the years and it has proved to be the best. Stainless steel saucepans are a must and always go for the ones with a glass lid. Good luck being "out on your own" !
    I don't get it 0_0 Sometimes my notifications will disappear and people I've added as a friend disappear from my friends list...

    Glad to have you back anyway <3

    Should really be asleep XP
    Oh so many things, snowmobile, ice fishing, i like to bake, sew also snuggle but I do so under warm soft fleece blankies!!!! ya it's an average of -20 celcius around here but u add wind and it feels like -35 or colder. Right now it's still warm days are about 5 celcius and nights just below freezing, but it's weird it's normaly much colder and we haven't gotten snow yet
    Maybe bring moms for a pedi and lunch ;) lol
    I sure do, waist deep snow is very common around here :) and :( lol (Ontario)
    I'm always in crocs or slippers, baby soft feet ;) hahahaha i hate when women get "hard heel" lol
    Dude it's so relaxing, not sure how people can work all day cleaning feet (ewwwy) but i enjoy getting one.
    A lady does not sweat, we only release lovely beads of female nectar into the air to please and seduce our victims ;)
    No my winter boots are fuzzy and way to warm, not gonna lie i change my socks as soon as i remove my boots, warms ur body up pretty fast ;)
    so do u get pedicures too lol
    HAHAHAHA dude i honestly hate feet, they fester in socks , shoes or boots all day, usualy cracked and nasty, most men have furry toes, some women do too but lets not go there lol I only think me and babies have cute feet rflmao, well maybe kuroi ;) lol
    why do chubby women always wear open toe shoes??? and spill over their flipy flops!!!! lol i don't even own flip flops lol
    lol maybe we should start an erotic sock thread? have a few painted toe harlots show some skin ;) hahahaha

    I'm a hanes girl, the ones with gray toes and heels, so damn comfy :)
    U spend so much time in lace and frills but i'm yet to see ur panty shot :) lol
    RIU lost my 700 word reply to you 0_0

    I just want to stress, there needs to be more men like you in the world.
    Don't ever feel bad because of me! Thankyou for looking out for me. I still need to have a harsh chat with myself. Putting myself out there is the only time I have ever felt in control, but it means I'll never get over this feeling I'm 'indebted'to every man I'll ever meet.

    Thank you so much x
    im inviting people to my thread to post the best buds or pics they have if u want to post post on last page of doggies nuts thread on the general marijuana forum mate...hope to see you there..
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