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Mar 7, 2018
Aug 6, 2009
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Mar 7, 2018
      hello I am a week into flower and they look grate used 20-20-20 plant prod threw veg then week ago switched to plant prod 15-30-15 just want to know if this will be enough threw flower or will i need a booster or sum sort I am growing outdoors in soil there Hugh i am also in Canada plz help and i know the food using ant that good but its what i have
      -east coast
      I just wanted to stop by and say whadup its been a while since I have been on hear and you were a cool helpful and informative mufucka :)
      hello, i would like to say thanks for answering my posts i did about the info on growing bag weed. However whats a good site to get seeds discreetly and rather fast ? Also whats a good pre mixed soil with nutes and everything in it ? Whats a good fertilizer mix to follow up the premix soil ? I want organic stuff please thank you
      scotty bagmonster
      scotty bagmonster
      thanks for the like , I got some pitbull im gonna grow next .this time im going to veg for two months ,hope to pull almost half a pound off of this super high thc strain also it will be under a 600 with uvb reptile side lighting .
      about time ... slacker, lol.. anything good pipe??
      Hey, thanks for accepting. I'm a new face on here, and starting my first grow, indoors, with quality seeds very shortly. I couldn't help but notice your knowledge base and would be honored and very appreciative if you'd be willing to share some advice or wisdom with me, if you had the time. I'm also trying to do this organically, no chemicals, since I'm highly sensitive to them.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you,
      hey whats up I know your a indoor guy but any input is a great start! haha. i just started my first grow thread and i got a lot of kick ass flavors goin on this year. If ya got a minute or two take a look and if ya can leave me some advice on some good veg and flower nutes that be awesome! Thanks here is the link.

      Cali chronic
      Cali chronic
      I know it is a great book with quick troubleshooting and tips. Thanks
      well I guess i won't be going into the legalities of selling pipes on RIU...
      philthy phil
      philthy phil
      hey pipe dream,i was talking to racer 71 last nit and i was asking a question about my romulan plants........for medical.....and he said to contact u and it would be cool..he was saying u had just grew some nice rom....? is 1 rom plant i noticed has like acouple tiny brown marks on them on the sidestem also iam in day 52 like week 4 into flower and its looking rally nice ph great 6.1 also no nute probs or over watering i did a flush about a week ago thats the only thing new i have done to them also in soil sorry...have like 6 nice kolas going on plus it great quality alreadt caked up in thc so i did lolly pop the bottom weak stems tonight to make nice thick tops...could i of made a rookie mistake and maybe when pruning along time ago i cut to close being high.....but would love to here ur thoughts on what this brownish colr is on my stem ..any info bro would help also on this strain..1st time with it........philthy phil
      heyy wats good man?? heyy u gotta delete ur messages. i keep tryna w/b 2 u but it wont go through cuyz it sais u exceeded ur storage. lemme kno wen u delete them soo i can reply to ur message
      What up fool? Been days,clear your dam PM. Peace bro.
      hey just asking a bunch of ppl from CO as i am more than likely moving to CO and needed some advice/help on some things, I am looking to get back on my feet get healthy again and start a dispensary and or at least to start off to vend to them until i can get back on my feet so to speak.

      here is the link to the thread i started and thank you for taking the time to read it, and sorry if it gives you a headache from its length LOL its not really that long haha anyways here is the link

      Thanks for showin up in my debate. I told both threads that I was done. I don't have time to figure out how to say things 15 different ways every day. I'm not against it,but to argue in public is pointless. Again homie,good lookin. Oh,clear your PM area. Your message box is full. Lol.
      Okay...I lowered my tacky fans so they don't blow the hell out of the girls and upped the fresh co2 intake by adding a 4"booster duct fan. I also got rid of all the drug dealers, crack heads and prostitutes so it doesn't look so ghetto....lol There is a lower leaf on each plant that is brown/yellow but all others are fine, I made sure the light is'int to close to the plants and im making sure not to over water, Is it a common thing in young plants taking to a new nutrient rich soil to loose a leave or two? Im going to wait the recommended three weeks before feeding so they get just water for now no nuts so it cant be nute burn & I leave the water out at least a day just in case the Ph is high. I dont understand what Im overlooking any suggestions?
      Thanks for you help
      Hey man hears a link to a quick peep at my set up. Tell me what you think. Be honest

      How can I check my sent messages? I sent you one and Im not sure if I sent it correctly. Thanks Dawg
      hey man update on grow pics
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    DNA Cannalope Haze x10
    WOS Afgan Kush x 5
    WOS Colombian gold x 5
    reeferman colombian gold x1
    kc brains Mango x 4
    TFD skunk #1 x 7
    Joey weed Blueberry f2 x 8
    Barney's Top Dawg fem x 3
    Reserva Privada Og#18 fem x 1
    Dr Greenthumb The dope fem x 2
    Sannies Jackberry x 5
    Breeders choice Chocolate rain x7
    breeders choice true BB x chem x5
    Smokeman's Black rose x gdp x 6
    Unknown cherry slyder x critical mass x8
    reeferman Early purple kush x 4
    resin seeds sour P fem x 2
    thseeds pg13 x5
    gage green Mendo montage x6
    private JOTI God Bud f2 x 15
    private outlaw gorilla grape f2 x9
    MNS super silverhaze x6
    private Sweet Pink Cheese x10
    Unknown Black haze (g13 haze x blackberry) x2
    Northern Flame x OG18/skunk x4
    rocklock x OG18/skunk x6
    TCVG 09 Mix x5
    Breeders choice cheeseberry haze x3
    Dr Herbal CVK x cherry widow x 4
    breeders choice choco mix x 15
    killing kush x4
    Top shelf seeds Urkle S1s x 3
    Top shelf Seeds Exodus 99 x2
    London Grower Bluemoonshine x sleestack x1
    Grapefruit x Blueberry f2 x2
    Oaxacan x 15
    Delta 9 super star x3
    JOTI Blue God x7
    Sensi Seeds Mr Nice x4
    unknown canadian mix x 5
    chemdawg x cocoa kush x5
    Sannies Killing fields f3 x 8
    mosca c-99 bx x6
    Dna pure afgan x 4
    VISC Burmese x 6
    Dynasty seeds mocholope x 2
    Private Snowdawg x Querkle x 8
    Joey Weed C99 F4s x 25
    Fusion Seeds Jack Herer x C5 Haze x 8
    Breeder's choice Blueberry Sativa x8
    E$ko Blueberry f2s x 2
    E$ko Trueblueberry F2s x5
    DNA Chocolope x 6
    Ultimate thai x13
    Kaliman Rockster's Cheese x5
    Kaliman Cheese #1 x5
    Immortal Flower Grapehead x 5
    Immortal Flower Jaffa Cakes x 10
    Immortal Flower Moose Juice x 10
    Immortal Flower King's Blood x 10
    Immortal Flower Masterlow F4 auto x 17
    Private Russian Rocket Fuel auto x10
    Private Auto AK F2 "low bush"x 12
    Unknown Auto AK47 x11
    Bodhi Lucky13 x 5
    Bodhi Nepali landraces x20+
    Glitch GDP x4
    Unknown c99 x Trainwreck x4

    Federation Romulan F2 x30
    dpd x black rose x romulan x30
    hawaiian x hawaiian x60
    RM colombian gold x hawaiian x100
    Auto Purple Mazar F2s x60
    Pineapple express x c99 x 50
    c99 x Mikado x 50


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