Vert(600+400) 5 plant, from Ukraine with love

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    I like your designs. Here in the West we get too carried away with features and forget that an important consideration is cost. Lower cost is always better than more expensive for the same results!
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    Been considering this design for a while now, actually submitted a design to an LED company, they shot it down.
    Just waiting for them to introduce it to the market, then I got them.
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    Honestly, I don't think round LED lights are the best answer to the problem.

    I tried it and I found that round racks didn't play well in square rooms.
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

    I repeat, the lamp above, it's a lamp for Pegasus from Moscow. My lamp will be short and illuminate the top of the unit. It will replace Philips Green Power 400. At the bottom, there remains the lamp Philips GreenPower 600! My cycle will be experimental, for a clear and clear understanding and comparison of high-quality sodium lamps Philips Green Power and high-quality LED dies of the brand OSRAM.

    I myself am interested very much)))

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    No comments

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG Снимок.JPG Снимок1.JPG Снимок2.JPG Снимок6.JPG Снимок7.JPG
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    I count 6, there is one at the very front.
    And your running a 600 and 400 stacked HPS.

    Sedan Well-Known Member

    Yes, Bro, mr. GR is right, there are five plants in the installation, and one that occupies the inspection opening !!

    Hi, Братан!
    Have you already taken off your harvest?
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

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    we will continue later, do not turn off ...
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    1.PNG 2.jpg 3.jpg
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

    I do not upload photos, only three and that's all! Help please, guys!

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Maybe they are bigger then 10 mb ?

    Plants are looking mint :)
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro! Yes, you're right ... that was one photo .. she did not boot !! The whole reason is that I recently installed the Windows operating system 10, and in it, for some reason an application for photo views is not attached, by default opens through the Paint.) Now downloaded the application, now, with your help, I'll figure it out, Братан!

    5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg 30.jpg

    Attached Files:

    • 10.png
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      3.8 MB
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    That's your problem; you used Microsoft.
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Not everyone can afford not to have those problems ;)
    I've tried to come back to Mac OS with hackintosh and didnt find it that great either (high sierra). They all have their own flaws and windows is closing the gap with each generation but I agree that mac is still better. But the pricetag tho...:wall:
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

    then it's time to tell you one more aspect of Russian life: in our country no one uses licensed software, media, audio files on CD and other media!

    For home use, we all use pirated products, because no one can afford to buy, according to our standards, for rabid money, some software for Tamagotchi, so the government closes the eyes of this ugliness!

    For businesses and offices, it is more difficult, but possible.)) There is such a service, the department of investigation of economic crimes. This public service in itself is an economic crime, however, they go to offices and check software.

    When I registered my construction company in early 2000 and got a license, then I rented an office .. It all started! From the very beginning of the work, as a watering-hole went coyotes to my office! This is the fire department, the tax service, sanepidemstantsiya, .... service for tracing economic crimes !!!))

    The latter found in my office an unlicensed program. They threatened to arrest me with property .... I had to give them $ 200. The next time I was smarter, I hired a hacker, he made me a lock to get to these programs pirated, I had to break into a lot of passwords. How they did not try, when they came next time, they did not break the defense! ))) My hacker was wiser than them !!)))

    But this is the simplest thing that can be ... From these services, as the tax inspection can not hide, they have to pay bribes .. They go-you pay .. others go-you pay-it's a system we have, because taxes so predatory that if you pay them, you'll go broke right away, no one will pay taxes officially!

    We do not have any other software support, except for the products of the old Bill-merchant by the air)) All pirate programs are made only for Microsoft .. There are Linux and so on .. but they are not running.
    I've downloaded my favorite game on the torrent tracker, it's free absolutely-run-play ... only on the network can not.


    As for movies and other things, as soon as they go to the rental, they immediately on this day appear on the Internet in a format reshuffled by an amateur camera in the Cinema. And when they go to the DVD officially, immediately a copy appears on the Internet in the HD.
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

    And here's what I would like to add, on pirated sites, where you can watch the movie for free, you need to watch the commercial before the movie ... Now, carefully business in Russian!))) Advertising videos are just as accurate as on state television .)))) Now calculate what profits bring pirate sites, if the state. tv "Inter", this ads will cost to run, per month ... let's say this: about 100 000 $ !! Pirate sites are very much in Russia and Ukraine! Who owns these resources and who receives mega-profits from illegal activities? !! You are right, my friends! Those who later turn a blind eye to the fact that the people use pirated products! Otherwise, why would they need these sites !!)))) So we are in the country! The government deliberately creates conditions for people to break the law, and they, like the authorities, then blackmail people with jail or a fine to make a profit. They create conditions for people to not pay money to their right-holders for their work, but to the state!

    This is the same scheme as with commercial banks, people become hostages, you can say, slaves of the state for life-they even if they do nothing, still have to !! At least for rent, gas, electricity, etc. can pay no more than 20% of the population - the rest do not have enough salary!

    They owe the state, they are horrified that their government will take away the apartment for the non-payment of rent !!! Their fear can be easily manipulated as a puppet !!

    On the police, I am silent.))) I will say one thing-Alphonse Capone angel in comparison with any .. hear-anyone! chief of the district police department of my city.

    Next time I will talk about the medical service of our country)) The film "Doctor Lecturer and Lambs", which for some reason or other are silent))), will seem to you a comedy film, after my story)))

    PS: I have no idea what an idiot it occurred to write this script for the movie "The Silence of the Lambs." You imagine what a pervert and maniac in the depths of his soul !!!! ??? Why poison people with such abomination! And how can an actor get mega poplar for this movie !! ?? My friends, in my opinion, this is not a film, but delirium of the implanted !! The whole movie is bullied and tortured by people-it's just unbearable to watch it !!
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