Using Super Thrive Properly

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    You know my one gripe with superthrive aside from many saying it doesn't do much is that the bottle always seems to seal itself shut, no matter how clean I try to be that fuckin thing gets tight as fuck. So now I don't even bother buying it because I hate to see a whole bottle go to waste because I can't open the fucker.
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    Using Super Thrive Properly:

    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    i use super thrive at every transplant

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    If it make you feel better...

    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    dont go thru any shock . and helps roots grow into there new homes.... it doesnt make me feel better it makes my plants feel better

    GreenJoker Active Member

    Brilliant peice of information.

    Currently use superthrive in the veg stage once at aprox 4th week in & again as s booster in the 8th, before I flower.
    I found it's brilliant to reduce stress after LST or transplanting.

    I used it excessively as an experiment, I found it sometimes caused root problems, a think dense growth with sometimes stunted growth.
    I harvested as would with any plant, but never planed on smoking it.
    My brother did. Within a day he appeared to be sick, fever, weak & very uneasy (anxiety) for 4-7 days.
    He didn't smoke it again, but we both put it down as BAD bud.

    In the flower stage if caused airy, empty buds & popcorn bud on the lower branches.

    Incredibly potent plant hormone, I feel people don't research this nute enough & understand the proper usage.
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    Siino Gardens

    Siino Gardens Well-Known Member

    I am kind of confused, you used superthrive twice and you are blaming it for airy popcorn buds and getting sick? How much of this shit did you literally have to put in there to make you come to this conclusion. I have been growing for years now (still an amateur) but I did not notice any increase in density after stopping the use of superthrive.

    Maybe you been using the same bulb for too long? Maybe you didn't feed her properly? Maybe the genetics are boo boo...

    or maybe you just didn't know what you were doing.

    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    I think he mean he was using it more at first and got poor results then started using it less
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    Well, if you actually read my comment, you'd find I say I use it twice on the average grow.

    I then went on to say I ran an "experiment" in which I used it excessively & in the flower.
    The point of this, was to see why it's to be used in such low dosages.

    Perhaps it was an "experiment", as I stated as apposed to my ability to grow.

    My mh/hps bulbs are changed after every grow, usually two/three months to each.
    LED lights are replaced yearly.

    I've been growing from 1997 son, runing two grows a year, I think I know how to grow.
    Perhaps you could be doing with better literacy skills, before you question another mans ability.
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    GreenJoker Active Member

    Not exactly, I started using it, in around 8 years ago now. I'd never had any problem with it, but following a few negative reviews & other users raising concerns I decided to run an experiment of excessive use in several plants.

    These were what I tried.

    -I ran with ST, the entire grow using it twice a week.
    -Twice a week, until flower.
    -bottom feed only.
    -drench feed
    -misting (lights off)
    & in early seedling stage.

    Basically I found using it, more than once a week or in a more concentrated dosage did have a knock on effect. May of been small, but it did take a negative effect.
    herm & growth stunt were the most common.

    But, before this I'd never had negative effects.

    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    I like to use it at transplant and if I'm looking unhealthy and can't diagnose with certainty never in flower
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    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    I wonder more as why on certain bud booseters are only recommended for certain weeks I.e advanced muted big bud weeks 2-4

    GreenJoker Active Member

    I'd assume it's their level of NPK suits that particular stage of growth, in not certain though. I've been using less & less nutes lately.

    Using natural forms of nutrition, eg dried up banana skin to help with a possession defficency.
    I'm finding my results aren't just up to the standards of the nutes, but it's an old school smoke that's just delicious & second to none.

    DesertGrow89 Well-Known Member

    Dr. Who posted something recently about the supposed efficacy of superthrive being disproven.

    ozgreek Member

    I use ST from start to finish with excellent results, I use at a rate of 1ml per 4 litres of water, + Canna A+B 2ml per litre and 1.5ml per litre of rock supercharge with 5.8PH and that's my veg cycle and flower is too much too write up lol but I grow in coco and I guess everyone will have mixed views on ST and I respect both

    Jgray766 Well-Known Member

    Wow it's a shame when I see others being sarcastic about grow advice...

    offworldvacations Active Member

    just my opinion you are a dick and this site is here to help. people like you drive members elsewhere and fracture community. you have no idea what their situation is.
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    offworldvacations Active Member

    ahh, yes, disinformation ops.

    Aowhite4217 Member

    Has any one tried soaking there seeds in superthrive solution to germinate?

    jovi New Member

    Hello! i did transplant (first time) my clones in my garden, but seems they are under stress ... so my question is : what doses super thrive i can use to help them?
    Answer to me ASAP plz :)

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