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    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    Hello again! Hope everyone is having a great day so far.. or a great night. Wherever your at.. hope your doing great. I know I am. ;)

    Just trying to help the noobies with some nice informative information about how to use Superthrive properly, with your cannabis plants.

    Superthrive is a very very potent additive. Some people think that its nothing more than a nutrient. Well, its more than that. Superthrive contains a whole line of complete micro nutrients and mirco vitamins (such as B1) which Cannabis plants love to absorb. ST also contains many of the micro-nutrients and micro-vitamins and trace elements.. that alot of today's nutrient brands don't have.

    Superthrive should only be used during the veg cycles of the cannabis plants life. You shouldn't use it during flowering, or on a plant that has started to flower.

    Superthrive also contains synthetic Auxins, NAA (1-naphthaleneacetic acid) which isn't good for foliar feeding at all. However, the roots LOVE the synthetic auxins.. which helps the plant develop more bigger and more robust root systems.. therefore.. we all know that the bigger the roots.. and the more roots a plant has.. the bigger; healthier; and healthier the plant will be. More bigger roots, also means bigger more robust buds by harvest time as well. Once again, use it foliar and your plant will stretch (or if you use too much of it) too much will create freaks, not fun best place for auxins are the roots (unless you're into stretchy plants).

    Also, Superthrive should only be used once.. maybe twice.. per plant. Any more doses than that, per plant.. will lead to more problems than you want.

    Lastly, Superthrive has a mix ratio.. that's the exact same as if you were mixing up a batch of Molasses and water. So once again, the general rule of thumb for mixing Superthrive, is 1tbspn per gallon of water. Stick to that, and only use it once.. twice at the MAX.. and your plants will be just fine. But again, its not something you use on a weekly/monthly basis. It's just a one time (maybe two time) thing.

    Oh, and before I forget.. Superthrive is also well known.. for bringing sick plants.. back to life. So, if you ever have a plant that seems sick.. or seems like its not doing very well?? Mix up a 1tbspn per gallon of water.. and give it a watering.. and within two days.. that plant will be back to life in no time.. and it will look 200% better than it did before it received the ST/h20 mix. It will make the stems more robust and stronger; it will make the plants leafs bigger.. and just overall bring the plant back to life.. only it comes back 200% healthier than it ever was.

    I hope I have cleared up some of the confusion about using Superthrive with your cannabis plants. If I helped just one person, than typing this up was worth it.

    If you have any other questions about the subject, feel free to send me a msg here on the site.. and I'll get back with you ASAP.

    Thanks for reading everyone.

    -written by GanjaLuvr ( 2010

    max316420 Well-Known Member

    why not use it during flowering?
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    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    SuperThrive is popular among ornamental growers because it makes flowers last longer. It slows down the flowering process and that means longer flowering times for cannabis plants before they are ready for harvest.

    If someone has a plant stress problem they can use SuperThrive while in flower BUT they want to use as little as possible as few times as possible or it will work against them more than they will like.
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    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    Thanks for explaining that Bricktop. Appreciate it... I really didn't feel like having to explain that.. LOL.

    You know, you would think some of these people would have the intelligence to use Google to do research and look up their questions instead of asking us to explain it all. Just MO though.


    golddog Well-Known Member

    The correct dosage is: (from the bottle)

    1/4 teaspoon (1ml) per gallon :weed:

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member


    but anyhow, I recommend 1tbspn/gallon. Thanks for your input though.

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    max316420 Well-Known Member

    ahhhhh i see, new wrinkle for my brain. See and that's why we ask questions..... thanks dude
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    golddog Well-Known Member

    Have you ever used it?

    It is only used for clones, rooting and shock.

    If you give it too much you will damage your plants.

    Follow the manafacturers suggestions, it's been around for 50 years. bongsmilie
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    skunkushybrid01 Well-Known Member

    why does it delay flowering?

    IMO this is an old wives tale brought about by the fact superthrive contains auxins responsible for rooting.

    it makes sense that auxins are actually more dominant in a flowering plant than they are a vegetating one. cytokinins (kelp) are also not recommended for flower by some for the same reasons... I even once was told that dipping my cut stems straight into raw superthrive would do something bad... yet i get 100% rooting and fine, healthy plants.

    HookdOnChronics Well-Known Member

    I read, and was wondering the same thing when he said to use 1 tbsp per gallon..... Because the bottle says 1/4 tsp per gallon. Or one drop per gallon. Everything I've read on this stuff says it's super super concentrated. I'd be scared as SHIT giving an ENTIRE tbsp per gallon..... I can see the 200% improvement after using the dosage that the bottle tells me to use...

    Great post though OP! +rep!

    max316420 Well-Known Member

    ya great post, very informative....

    RemeberMe Active Member

    How long does it take good roots to sprout when using ST? I've been getting good roots in about 4 weeks just using a little B1 with water and dim lighting.

    skunkushybrid01 Well-Known Member

    depends on the weather... you can get roots in 5 days if the environment is good. colder it is the longer they take to root. Having sufficient light is always a good idea too.
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    i have never used it as a rooting aid because i don't have space to clone but i am happy to hear reports of it being used raw with good results. i use it in my seed germing solution and have a nearly flawless germ rate. however every time i see a superthrive thread i always feel obliged to mention that it is HIGHLY acidic and ph should be monitered. and yes i have observed it doing fancy things to seedlings and young plants.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Thank you for the laugh. I think the very same thing very, very often so it is nice to know someone else feels the same way.

    CrazyBudz Active Member

    i been using superthrive every feeding this past burn or problems or anything

    turdnugget420 Active Member

    Good luck w/ that fucked up plant after doing that tbsp per gallon...more like 1 drop per gallon

    gregk Well-Known Member

    which is it one drop or one tablespoon? anyone with experience actually using it know?

    jpdnkstr Well-Known Member

    This is in response to not using kelp during flower?, don't a lot of the flower hardener and finishing products contain kelp? or am I thinking seaweed? or both?, I am also real curious about not using superthrive during flower, because I have used it on soil-less mixes in the past(I believe through the entire cycle?, it's been awhile). I am currently using an aeroflo set up and have just recently rediscovered this wonderful product, and would appreciate any expert advice on it's use! I will tell you I was unaware of the delay in flower(or myth), because my last batch(no superthrive, veg or bloom phases), seemed to be a little bit further along than my current one, at the current time frame(I am only 28 days into bloom right now)although my current grow is much healthier than my last, I don't attribute all of this to the use of superthrive, there are many other factors I have improved, such as cooler res temps, better EC control etc. Back to the point- I would appreciate proven scientific or field tested results(NO BS PLS), there seems to be a few people who have responded to this thread that know their stuff! I think I am going to post a thread describing my entire grow and equipt. to get advice, so if you guys would like to help a semi-experienced grower(new to aeroflo) please look for this. Should I post this in the aero section? I am very new to these types of internet sites because I am back in the garden game legally now and am not paranoid to use the computer for advice anymore! Thanks Again!

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    1 tablespoon per gallon on seedlings = death

    perhaps it may work on a large healthy plant but IMO 1 drop per gallon is plenty

    as experiment I once did 5 drops to a gallon on some clones and it killed them all in 2 days

    people please follow the directions and always remember LESS IS MORE

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