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    1. Bpeace
      Hey Riddle is it way too late to go through your course this noob needs it. Ya gotta have those pm's laying around somewhere. ..lol Thanks man you obviously offer a lot of time effort and expertise
    2. TheHazeNKushSmoker
      Hey man you probably will never come back but if you do and read this i just want to let you know that i thank you for every informations that you gaved us :D Very interesting stuff! Good luck with the book im really looking to buy it when its fnish (:
    3. NCMC
      Hi RM3,
      Did u ever write the book? Do u have a website?
    4. ajeezy2012
      Hi Riddleme,

      I've been using your technique of making it rain on my first grow, and it's making me think I've mastered growing! Just kidding! However, a quick question. What pH do you keep your nutrients at when you feed after making it rain?

      Much appreciated, thanks.
    5. serndippity
      So is it a myth or what? I read your article which was amazing but i got that flushing it bad? correct? So how should i flush? 3-7 days with just water before cutting it???
    6. Bryndol
      My grow started with some bagseed from a bucket of 4 or 5 strains which I used to make cooking oil (made SUPER brownies!), threw the used herb in my yard and some seeds started to grow. Some died, leaving one and it's a mystery to me what strain it is. We transplanted and watered it, and when it showed her girly parts I had to get her inside. I've taken a few clones off her, which are ready to flower themselves now (designated two as future mothers to continue the strain). The original mother is now in her 6th week of flower. Things are looking pretty good, but I think she could be bulking up a bit more.. plus I'm having a lot of leaves in the center of the plant turn yellow. I was diluting my nutes just a bit (about 70%n/30%w) to give more water, but recently gave that up- less is more. Full strength nutes, half dose, 2x per day. I think it's helping, but my question still stands.
    7. Bryndol
      P.S. I started reading your 'make it rain' thread, it seems pretty helpful but still a little vague. I'm having trouble deciphering exactly how you know when she wants to eat, and when she wants to drink. And the 'raining' procedure- how often is it carried out? I need to invest in that book- Marijuana Garden Saver. I'm seeing a few different things with my clones- some leaves curling under, and some yellowing. From what I have heard/can guess, the yellowing is a sign of the plant going into its own reserves for nutrients needed for flowering, so I should raise amount fed (so I stopped diluting). Thanks for your help, I can tell you know your stuff (;
    8. Bryndol
      Hey Riddleme.
      I'm a semi-new grower, figuring all this out. I'm working with 1 *unknwn* strain, getting it down before adding more strains. My goal: to learn how to read my plants and give them what they want, accordingly, for the best poss. yield. I'm using soil, 50/50 mix of Happy Frog and Fox Farms OF, and General Organics nute system, with RO water. Veg in a closet with 1 400w MH, and flower in a 5x5x7 'tent' with intake/exhaust and 1 1000w HPS. My temps range from 68-83 deg. Humidity stays around 30-40%. My question is: How do I read her to know when to flush? My plan is for a 10 wk cycle vs 8, as I think she's a Sativa Hybrid. I've been suggested to add MOAB for bulking 2 weeks prior to flush, and to flush for 2 wks before harvest. How do I know from looking at the plant when to start adding xtra nutes so I will have the time to flush? 5-10% of the hairs turning orange, and something is telling me to give her those nutes now.. Any info or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!
    9. dopeedogg
      Hey man i love your "nutes on a budget",....that and Uncle ben inspired me to try out jacks Classic dynamic duo for my current grow. I am 4-5 weeks into flowering. I have a question for you. How much jacks did you use for flowering. Right now I am using 1/4 tbs per gallon water of the bloom with 1/4 tbs per gallon dynagrow Protek. i am dong a feed-feed-water schedule. Does this seem right or should I feed Once a week with a higher dilution?

      here is my current grow- thanks for any advice man
    10. dopaw1
      hey can u pm me when u get thechance i know u busy just got some bout to be new to growin questions
    11. jj7414
      I'm new to growing my wife is a pain patient and I'm trying to provide her with something beautiful if its not to much to ask for could you provide me with advice and help as far as lights (this is in a closet ) I have pics of what I have so far in a post I put up if you could please take a look that would be great thanks my wife just wants me to make sure I'm doing this correctly thanks for your time and help
    12. dsmoke1
      Man, I hate to do this, but I really did try a good couple searches. I've been at this for a while, and am very interested in your drowning methods. What would you suggest for DWC? Completely turn the air pump off? Put it on a timer to go on and off? Turn it down to the lowest setting? Any advice would be great man, I truly appreciate it.
    13. kevin murphy
      kevin murphy
    14. lkymnky77
      hey riddle,
      its me..still pooring over all these nugs of info you and a few old timers put on here. i wanna say thank you for putting up with same ???s asked over and over.i tried to start a grow twice,first i killed,second grow new baby came way sooner then expected..so now i have been using the search more and checking journals,trying to absorb what i can... ive heard weird things are going on round here,and i wanted to express my thanks to ALL your contributions.
    15. Expresso
      Hi Riddle. I have an aquaponics setup for growing veggies and fish for some of my restaurant clients. I have been hesitant to try my ganja plants in the system because I have always bought into the super high P marketing gimmicks (recently open sesame from fox farm) After reading some of you and UB's posts I have concluded that marijuana and Auqaponics might work albeit high N throughout. Any thoughts?
    16. Cure
      EDIT: Never mind man, I just realised that I didn't read it fully.
      Thanks for the help inadvertently though!
    17. lindemann4
      Hey Riddle I just wanted to thank you for your help. Im bout 30 days into my first grow and I seriously believe i wouldnt have made it this far without posts and class. Thx again i'll be fallowing your latest grow!
    18. cowboylogic
      Howdy Riddle, hope this finds you well. I have been spouting about as you know. Venting I guess would be the politicaly correct term. I was just wondering if you would like to do a journal with me, the 1/2 clone/bean in out thing. Plenty of time to work things out beings the sun will not be prime for a month or so.1st rule I know. Finish with what you start with, we will read the plants in the end. Rattle it around. I think it could be fun.

      Happy Trails
    19. Yeah Right
      Yeah Right
      Riddle, you're pretty sharp so I'm going to ask. I had asked you to look at my pics in my grow journal and you did. Thanks btw. My issue, if it's an issue is still occurring with new growth. There are a couple of better pics there since you've posted in my thread. I'm not even sure if I should be concerned. This plant is growing like a little monster. She's only under a 125w CFL. I've done as much research as I can, looking at pics and reading and haven't seen a deficiency that looks like this. I'm even having a hard time finding LA Confidential in grows. Well, I guess I could google it. Maybe it's genetic? I thought maybe it was that she needed N. I figured adding it in the form of FF Grow Big, being a liquid, it would at least translate in the new growth. I realize soil is slower to react. Thanks in advance and hopefully I'm just paranoid for nothing.
    20. bspkayaker
      I noticed this (see post below) and thought I would include even though I live in a very close to tropical area
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