Useful tips on how to lose weight. Also please share yours

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    It's tough on the rest days. Because that's the day to drink...exactly what the muscles need :roll:
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    I'm not saying it works for everyone, and I know there will be a lot of naysayers, but here goes: My daughter who is 40, and myself, 61. were both getting a little "hefty". We're both moderately active, walk a lot, and do quite a bit of physical labor. Since Jan 1 of this year, I have lost 27 lbs, and my daughter had lost 81. We are both tall. I'm 5'9" and she is 5'11" so we weren't complete tubbos, and we are boobalicious girls, not trying to be skinny. I weigh 155 now and she weighs 162. I can fit into size 10 jeans...and look good in them.
    Anyway, we are both down to healthy weights and have had to buy new wardrobes.

    Our secret....pot edibles. We make our own.with pure sativa butter. I make them strong, 1oz to one pound of butter. We started out nibbling on them throughout the day. It also helped with aches and pains. I was amazed at how flexible I became, and how it increased my range of movement. We just don't get hungry, but make a point of eating small healthy meals, lots of fruits and veggies and very little meat.

    We eat one small indica edible at night to get a great night's sleep. My daughter's best friend has tried the diet with us and it hasn't worked for her, but she drinks alcohol which we do not. I don't know if that is the difference or if it only works for some people, but I wanted to put it out there since it has worked so well for us.
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    Stop eating the good tasting stuff , stop drinking alcohol, exercise continuously.....dammit I cant do it nomnomnom
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    Its all in the head
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    Los Reefersaurus

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    only drink water till 11 am then eat and drink what you want all day and night till 7pm then only drink water after 7pm. This will bump you into a ketogenic state while you sleep and you will be burning on fat till you eat or drink your first coffee in the morning at 11am.
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    Eat 5-6 small meals per day rather than 3 large meals
    Avoid carbs after 8pm
    Cut out sugary drinks and alcohol
    Drink min 1.5L water per day
    Exercise regularly (3-4 times per week for min 45 mins) - focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training) and weight exercises
    THROW THE SCALES AWAY - weight loss should be focused on how you look, rather than a number on the scales. If you want to track progress, take regular body measurements instead

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    That's interesting. You use any particular sativa strain? It seams that eating most sativa strains would almost be like being on speed and you never slow down. It really keeps you up and at it on the next level, and, we all know how easy it is to slow down and take in more calories than we burn.

    Yep, alcoholic beverages are my weakness. I run and Mnt. bike like a freak. Otherwise, I'd be a big ole chunker. Maybe not with the sativa

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    Maybe this could help you, it did helped for me.
    2011 I married my wife, beautifull day, lot's of photos were done. As I reviewed them for the album, I had quite a shock. I knew that I was close to 100kg on my weight, but never saw myself as the chubby guy I became.
    Still took me one and a half years till I pulled the trigger. Beeing a 100kg chubby yound men, it was time to change.
    I came across P90X (introduced by a friend) and intermittend fasting.
    I went through the whole P90X, didn't skipped one day, did my workouts for 3 month and ate my meals according to my meal plans.
    I did not turned into a sixpack carrying bodybuilder with a dreambeachbody, but lost 18kg of body mass and helped myself to became a bit sporty again.
    It showed me what I'm capable to achieve, and changed myself since then.
    I had my off sport time during the past years (back and hip injury) and had times where I turned back to the more fluffy side again. But always started another round of either RIP60, TRX or P90X3 to get me back.

    Not saying I didn't enjoyed my life just playing video games, eat fast foods and beeing a bit lazy, but it's a part of my PAST life. Right now I try to get me to a point I never thought I can achieve (to many back, knee and hip injuries) but with enough will I can get there, I know it.


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    Keto is the way to go if you want to slim down how ever modify it to eating lean meats such as chicken and turkey. The good part with keto is it uses your body fat primarily to fuel your body's glucose needs in fact the glucose it breaks down is one of the best forms for brain function. Keep the carbs under 50 grams and once you meet your goal weight make a full on lifestyle change on your eating habits. In the military I was a CFL or command fitness leader I now this works and combine that with simple running and calisthenics it really cuts your body down. Also something to look into is eat for your blood type google eating for your blood type.

    This is easy and maintainable I've helped many people and easily drop 15lbs or more in a month. Before the military I was way out of shape since for over 10 yrs I've kept it off and maintain muscle. Typical day starts out with a three to five mile run three of those days I run with a hundred pound weight vest and do all my sit-ups and such with it. You can find them at they're pretty damn tough and comfortable. Hold out for the first week most ppl are known to get headaches the first week while your body switches fuel source. Stick with it and you'll do well.

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    Well, as a "health professional" it all depends on your goals. You wanna be ripped? Hit the gym and eat right. If you just want to lose weight try to get like 250-300 minutes of descent cardio and just eat right. So many different diets. I personally just eat what ever I want but I do everything by the macro and it works great but I also go to the gym 3-5 times a week for resistance traning. I don't even really mess with cardio.
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    Best workout vids imp p90x and fitness blender. Most effective wieght loss for me was keto. If doing keto mct oil is a must.

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    Simple method

    Stop shovelling so much shit down your throat. Have a cup of earl grey instead of snacking. Eat heavy in the morning, medium midday, light snack at night. Cut the sugar and fats.

    It's working for me, over 10 kg gone in 3 months with no exercise other than slow walking (unless I use the wheelchair, then I get the blood pumping)

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    No sugar, fine

    Get decent multigrain, wholemeal it sourdough bread, don't eat that white shit.

    And go to hell on alcohol, beer is not an issue as long as you have one or two beers and not one or two cases of beer

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Bugger that, I need my bacon.

    Another way is the Bad Guinness and Dodgy Curry Diet. Tried it once, lost 12lbs in one night. It's called The Shitfast Plan, look online for your local variation
    Toxic Avenger

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    Everyone has different bio markers/genes. Try listening to a leading nutritionist like Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She has been a guest on JRE podcast. If you check it out have a pad and paper cuz she'll take you to school.

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    ha! ha! no you won't

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    whole grain multi grain same crap

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    The point is that it's not that stodgy white stuff, and multi can have more benefits depending on which grains are used. Not much of a difference, but when you add up all the small differences you can get a big one.

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    If someone insists on eating bread, eat whole grain, but it raises blood sugars just the same as white. Bread for a diabetic is a big no no. Whatever tiny benefits you gain (which can be made up with other foods) isn't worth the blood sugar rise.

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