Useful tips on how to lose weight. Also please share yours

Discussion in 'Fitness And Well-Being' started by DavidKratos92, Oct 17, 2016.

    MMJ Dreaming 99

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    Eat less and walk. I found the hills in Colo for walking are killer. Youtube has many videos on losing weight with interval (burst) training. One black guy has a bunch of them on you tube where he does calistenics in burst. They are pretty brutal. Drink water too and stay away from carbs like bread, pizza, donuts, cookies. All stuff that I love.
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    Lifer99 Member

    If you want to get scientific about it the easiest way to do it is listen to a clients symptoms, goals, and lab work to find out where they are vitamin and hormone deficent (not synthetic dangerous hormone but bio identical hormones aka the same ones your body produces). From there you combine it all to formulate a gameplan for success and look at the root of whats causing many of these things internally. Its much like if something is wrong with your car but you dont quite know. you take it to a diagnostic center (like you would do with blood work) and it prints out to tell areas you have room for improvement.
    Susan Harris

    Susan Harris New Member

    Thanks for the awareness David.
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    Lifer99 Member

    Id be happy to help. its been my background for close to 20 years. there is alot that goes in to ea. individual persons regiment because no two bodies are alike. That being said feel free to ask. I train doctors quite often on different ways to not only help their clients lose the weight but to keep it off. I dont believe in starvation diets like the HCG, its a scam.

    I do believe no matter what you do, if something is off you will never be entirely efficient. the first thing to do is a simple lab pannel checking hormones, vits, and function of liver/ kidneys/ etc. Once You know those I can provide guidance. I can tell you what tests to have checked if interested. I dont use insurance w my clients. i have such good pricing negotiated w my lab its not worth battling them to cover a $4-5k pannel when I can do it for a couple hundred bucks or less. Im not saying you have to use me. im just saying ill tell you what you need to check and i would be glad to explain it to you. Most Docs say "your normal your your age, your ok". No, fuck that. Normal is not optimal!
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    Stealthstyle Well-Known Member

    No bread no suger no alcomahol
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    Altered State

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    Switch to a 90% Vegetarian / Vegan diet with a few day a month of meat with meals to maintain a healthy system. This means no dairy no sugar no oils or fats or butter , with coconut milk and oil being the main source of Fat.

    legumes and rice can be used for a staple to replace meat and potatoes and oddly many vegetables have as much protein as meat.

    Once your taste buds adjust to the new diet in a few weeks you will lose cravings for sugar and fat / desserts etc. Instead use real foods like dates and fruits not sugar and fat.
    I switched my diet last year to this pretty much Vegan diet with a few meat meals a month and am fit and healthy without the belly fat. Its funny I weigh the same but am much trimmer and have more muscle by changing the diet.
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    well I could help.....
    ok you are a bro...

    look at the 9-10 hour fasts, that will get you last 10 pounds off.
    If you are pre- last ten pounds go find a competitive sport that interests you. AND LEARN TO DOMINATE AT IT YOU FAT FUCK.
    Go run you fat fuck!!!!!! run every other day!!
    and not jogging ,,, run like something wants to kill you....
    Really though this is the best advise. I am great for advice.
    Serious I will will help send me messages if you like
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    You could always eat less and walk more as was mentioned , its actually a good place for fatties or anyone out of shape to start.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Your body is a symptom of your lifestyle.
    Unless you are up for a change of lifestyle, you will not see a change of body.

    Unlike plants, we don't inhale any nutrients. What you don;t put in your mouth, can't end up on your arse.
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    well we are not designed to inhale our nutrients it doesn't stop some people from trying real hard at it.
    With the first serving consumed in 42 seconds followed by more much more.
    I have a friend Fat Phil who fits that bill not sure how he's still alive.
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    JanieWilliams New Member

    Use the weight loss supplements. It helps in faster weight loss.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    You could also start taking meth.
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    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    If you want to lose weight start Jacking off during the summer with the heater full blast. If you start to get stomach cramps, you're doing it right.
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Brave of you to share your technique with the World mr sunshine aka abs of steel haha
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    blu3bird Well-Known Member

    You can't expect someone who's overweight and out of shape to go balls out right away, that's a good way to get discouraged and give up, also you're an ignorant asshole for calling people fat fucks. Just start out slow and steady. 30 minute walk a day is a good start

    Aerobic activity such as walking, cycling and swimming will lose weight. Physical activity such as lifting weights will keep the excess pounds off.

    You also have to eat to shed body fat, eat clean (no junk foods no pop plenty of fruits and vegetables). Sensible portions. Drink lots of water.
    Eat breakfast everyday, this is important, it will jump start your metabolism for the day. You have to feed your body to keep your metabolism going to burn those calories. You cannot starve yourself out to lose weight, when you starve your body, it starts to eat muscle and you need that muscle to lose the fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.

    An easy starter schedule would look like this -
    Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday walk/bicycle 30-60 minutes. *Always start slow and pick up pace when your comfortable*
    Tues and Thurs lift weight 30-60 minutes
    Saturday rest day

    You can easily lose 1-3 pounds a week with a little bit of effort.

    I have a thread going if anybody wants to document and keep track of their activity.

    Here's some motivation. I was 40 pounds overweight 1 1/2 years ago, this pic of me is this morning. Anybody could do this with a little bit of effort
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Abs of steel blu3bird , I jumped on the fit wagon last year and have admittedly fell short of results like that !
    I did turn a 36 inch waist into a 30 inch waist and maintained the same 160 lbs body weight now without the flab.
    Plan is to to put on 15 or 20 more lbs of muscle then maintain it.

    Have been slacking with the weights since Christmas need to get back on it to reach my goal of being a fit ass 50 year old and attract some fit pussy my way.

    What got me started was high blood pressure to the tune of 167 over 80 now Its 130 over 80 and still dropping , that and hopes of attracting a quality MILF.

    I am going to try and find your thread shouldnt be hard with the search function and user name

    Good job abs of steel
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    Los Reefersaurus

    Los Reefersaurus Well-Known Member

    All about peoples feelings eh you sensitive guy ?, hope it gets you laid, oh sorry I assumed your gender, and I assumed you sexual preference, my bad again.

    But great job man you are an inspiration to the community that it can be done

    You could do it your way or you could do it my way, your way you burn calories while you are slowly exercising, or floating like the matinees at the local pool.
    Or you work hard and build fast twitch mussels, build your anaerobic , aerobic system and the ability to switch between the 2.

    Really though it ain't up to you , our friend will do what he wants.

    But really what ever our friend does, the hard part is starting.

    So all you fat fucks who want to get healthy get out there!
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Humor is good way to motivate people it gets them thinking without being overly harsh.

    Fat fuks lmao
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    oldtimer54 Well-Known Member

    About a year ago I started working out and that included nothing but riding an exercise bike.
    I ride for approximately 35 to 40 mins and average about 8.5 / 10 miles per session.
    I average about 4 times a week.
    To date I've lost over 40 lbs
    The only thing I've changed in my diet was I greatly reduced my sugar intake.
    I'm almost 60 years dad died when he was 65 years old.
    He was overweight and a diabetic and smoked most of his adult life.
    I'm just trying to change my lifestyle in hopes of hanging around till my mid 70's .
    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Taking care of yourself makes life more enjoyable. I mean it beats putting another nail in the coffin. That makes a person feel like shit.
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