Uh-oh I have tested positive for The Rona.


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Lads and lassies come on STOP COME ON STOP HIJACKING THREAD rule of any forum. Peace out to all


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Have you seen the Canadian stats since April.

If your under 50 and healthy you'll do fine.

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Not to be a downer (keep up your Vitamin D levels people), that is if all you want is not to be deceased. But there are people that catch it and still end up in the hospital.

Screenshot 2021-01-17 105446.png

While deaths delay behind hospitalizations they have been relatively constant numbers, US figures. So for every death there was roughly 6 people in ICU and 34 in hospital.

Currently hospitalized 126,139
Currently in ICU 23,524
Currently on ventilator 7,755
January 16, Deaths 3,695