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  • please go back and update that Agent Orange thread when you can, there is a lot of bubbles to be burst over there.
    Hi! I was unable to message you directly, but I wanted to ask about the construction details of the grow room you have posted up. I'm very new to hydroponics systems and would be deeply indebted if you could provide some plans or details regarding your setup. Take care and much health. DocW.
    Hell ya man glad to hear it seems i may have to chop mine and toss them in the garbage cuz i may be moving but we shall see
    man things are going so well.. today is day 34 of flowering and I have 28 chunky females. So amazing, some are up to 5 feat. Its awesome man.. I had to draw a string around the canopy to bring it back cause it was spreading so much. WOW. 3-4 more weeks left.. I am SOOO excited..
    if you take too much and freak out the antidote is liquor or beer, it will make you calm down right away and allow you to enjoy the high.
    never leave it and stir always you can burn your house down its not a game so have a fire extingusher ready and watch it the whole time
    let the everclear boil lightly for 30 min
    remove the jar,
    dump the contents of the jar in a mesh coffee filter the reusable kind and strain out the weed,
    take the shot of evercler you left in the bottle and pour it over the weed in the filter to get any left over thc caught in the weed,
    take your green dragon concentrate mix it with 35 - 50 % water to make it drinkable,

    this will be very potent and tastes like complete shit so take it with a lot of chaser, beginners should not even take a half a shot at a time it may blast you into a nightmarish high for like 6 - 12 hours if you over do it,
    this makes about 1 gram primo bud per shot, so half a shot is like eating 1/2 gram primo
    im a pro and cant take more then 2.5 shots without freaking out
    sup man here a cut and paste i did from a different thread:

    i have refined the recipe throughout years of research and years of trials

    best strongest way to do it is take your buds about 8 - 9 grams to one of those 350ml bottles of everclear
    so you take 8 gram grind it to dust, put it in a mason jar, put the mason jar with weed in it in the oven at exactly 225 deg f for 45min to 1 hour
    this decarbs your weed 100% to make it all active
    the take the jar and let it cool or it will shatter when you pour evercler in it
    you can cool it fast with a fan if in a rush like i always am
    then take a pot of water and put on the stove just under boiling
    fill up the correct amount of everclear in the jar of weed
    leave a shot of ever clear in the bottle
    take the jar put it in the pot of water and let the everclear boil, it boils at 170 deg f which it below the boiling point of water in your pot,
    whats up man jus wondering if you could tell me the best way to make green dragon i researched a little jus thought you could save me some wasted time and bud if i do something wrong
    Thanks for all the info... I still have a few guestions but i'm going to write it up and send it to you in a PM , Thanks again ~ Black SS
    i also hooked up a water line from the bottom of my sink, like the kind you would use to hook up a fridge with water dispencer. its makes your life a zillion times easyer to have a water line in your grow room. I also connected the drain of my res with a 1" clear tube which drains out where my air conditioning system drains our its condensation pipe. every house with central air should have some sort of drain like that in the furnace room
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