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  • hey can you check that post please?
    Hey I'm from Mass. too. I'm starting an LED build. Check out my post if you think you have any advice. Your light look nice.
    Oh Rotted.....wish I got your email addy before we both flew ship! I caught a glimpse of your outdoor harvest this year and I almost cried. They were sooooo beautiful ;)
    I hope you and the family are doing well, hope to see you on here this winter too ;) xoxo Catt
    Thats the best way to be personal detailed log and not putting out there for the world to see so I respect that, and I remember the sensimilla tips paper, WOW thanks for showing me how old I am LOL, but man I might need your help with crossing I've never done it but I always wanted to do it, and you can post pics of your grow in mine all you want to if you want to, I wouldn't mind I would actually like to see them in there, but hopefully man if we get the chance to do a grow together I love to, and hopefully mine dont die, but if your still here when I harvest I would like to to try out a joint thread to compare grows and tips with each other being you have some weigth under your belt.
    Wait, Blue Ribbon had this happen before?? Blue Ribbon should jack up it's prices. Make some people think twice about becoming a hipster, and the die hard hipsters can pay more to drink it, and by no means will they switch beers.
    Yeah. Idk, think about how cool it is to be a hipster to the college kids who can't think for themselves. And they ALL buy Blue Ribbon beer. Why? Not because it's any different, but truly just because it's what they all drink. So that's why they all drink it. It doesn't make any sense.
    And that's for a beer that costs around the same price as others. Once you've jumped on a bandwagon that makes your grow 2-3x more expensive, what option do you have but to act like it's SOO much better now.
    hi i saw your post about pot being hard to grow, and noticed you grow all sorts of plants. I am going to clone a cherry tree and have no exp. with hardwoods only soft, and would appreciate any tips you could give me thanks.
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