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  • Thanks cat and yes I remember your lovely lady and she shot out two beans that's awsome can't wait to see what kinda pheno it's gunna be I've done a lot of research
    Tried to click your thread on my phone accidently clicked your name. DAMN THESE HUGE FINGERS OF MINE!!
    Nice page and profile pic cali
    Just sending some good vibes your way
    Stay lit
    Hey to give you a headsup it works with the bottle the plastic is totally fine and safe also make sure if your attaching the bottle to somethimg with glue before letting it dry all the way, put something like a serveral balled up napkins around the bulb between bottle to make sure it dries with even space for the sides all the way around
    Hey girl, thanks 4stoping by and checking out my lil lemon baby. I've seen ur gardening skill several times and am impressed! Mad skill girl;). Come back ne time and feel free to post what u like. Happy & high!! 4ever
    Whats up..? i was going to ask you.. How many bulbs are you using on that grow? And on the molasses, is that just plain Jane store bought??
    And does it have to be that brand, or can it be any kind? And when would you add it,? During flowering, or can you during vegging also?? Thanks...
    Tyr to get back with me, I am getting ready to head to wally world..
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