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    Can anyone tell me the legalities of a grower - one that grows for themselves trading with other growers - all cardholders, excess seeds, flower, clones, etc? I have excess clones and would like to put on CL or somewhere, but am not sure of what is legal, if at all.


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    I've wondered the same thing recently, but I haven't found the time to really pursue it. I'm classified as a "caretaker" but I am the primary grower, my wife being the card holder (the grow is in her name to keep things simple, since its done here at the house).

    There was a website that called itself "OMMP Pay it Forward" -- the url =
    ...I haven't been there in a while, but there might still be some venues there for trades or gifts. Another place to look might be MeetUps, I think there are some MM ones, although I've never attended one.

    As far as legal goes, I'm not a lawyer or an expert, but it is my understanding that you can give it away (or trade), as long as the amounts are within the legal quantities that you and the recipient are allowed to have. There are some folks on here who are much more precise in their understanding of the law, so hopefully someone will clarify.

    CL is too random for me. I've bought and sold things through CL, and you just never know who's going to show up, so personally I'd look for a different route.

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    Technically, we can not legally trade cannabis (say, for a truck as one grower found out when he tried to trade MJ with a state trooper.) However, if you're not under reporting requirements (ala patient grow thy own herb), there is legally nothing wrong with trading like for like. If you're under reporting requirements, you can't do that. If you're growing for a patient, you *REALLY* can't do that as the herb is theirs. (However, I'm not entirely sure how that works if growers are allowed to have 12 lbs from a single outdoor plant and patients are allowed 1.5 pounds in total....)
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    Thanks, it seems to be a very unclear issue. I see tons of ads on CL, but doesn't seem worth the risk. Would love to find a way to "network" with others like me though that may be flush with seeds and clones, but lacking in flower or vice versa.

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    I may be wrong.. could be wrong. But the law states that a card holder can transport and be in possession of 24oz. I often trade with other ( known) card holders, and the way OLCC seems to be slowly but surely closing out the medicinal market, that's all that will be left to do!
    I basically told my patients I wouldn't be growing for them anymore because of the costs, reporting etc... But if they renewed their medical cards I would trade with them at 50% dispensary prices!

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    HarvesterPdx Active Member

    We have a facebook group with ommp and other nice people, were going to have a "Clone Week" in April. If you want, join..the group link is:
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