The Ultimate Growing Competition

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    CrystalWildFlowerz Member

    #576 I'm so excited!! Pic's will be posted - in the pics thread - in a few hours (right after work) Thanks guys!
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    Kushash Well-Known Member

    Made my 1st mistake.
    Took a pic of a tub of soil and then I realized I needed my # or it would be deleted.
    Can anyone guess what is poured on top of the soil?
    I'll explain what it is and why I add it last in my official post in a few hours.

    I put the #121 around the edges of the paper in case I take certain pics where the entire sheet of paper doesn't fit, I can just catch the edges of the paper. :)

    100_0403.JPG 100_0404.JPG

    Madriffer Well-Known Member

    Got rained out at work. Gonna take 52 clones, 36 into bubbler and 16 into aero, now, then 38 more into riot root later this afternoon. After a trip to hydro store. Will select and run the best 63 survivors. 8 rows of 8 minus 1 for the bulkbead kit. Will rotate tnrough tables every 2 weeks for 10 weeks in the flower room. 1k over each 4x4, with an additional 600 between tables 3 and 4, (which may get swapped for a 4x8 soon).
    Off to chop, pics up soon.
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    CrystalWildFlowerz Member

    Quick heads up, pics need to be uploaded to the Picture Gallery (or they won't count)
    Go here:
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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    You guys are too kind, lol.
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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting to see if a package shows up today with the genetics I am going to run. If not, I have to go with plan B.
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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    So that there aren't only like 5 people playing tomorrow, don't forget this rule: I'd post this stuff with the pics.

    You claim the number of plants that you are going to run by March 15th 11:59pm PST.

    This rule explained means: How many plants are you finishing with?

    Example A: You plan on running 4 females out of a pack of 10 regs....So you would say that you are going to use the best 4 females.

    Example 2: You want to harvest 4 plants, so you drop 4 seeds. These don't have to be female.

    Example 86B: You take 10 clones and are going to choose the best 6.

    Example SW2C: You germinate a fem seed to use as a mother for 30 clones to run in a 12/12 from clone grow. The best 15 of which you are going to take to flower.
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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    From the picture thread: Post this stuff here, not there....
    You have 7 days from your last picture.
    You have a copy of the rules saved on your computer, read them.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    #422 Corey webster checking in.

    Soaking 4x herbies bulk Gorilla Glue Fems.
    Hoping all 4 germ and will post pics in pic thread of them shortly.
    I will be growing and harvesting all that live in coco under Quantum boards in a 3x3 tent using canna coco base nutrients and a bit of liquid kelp.
    Training to be announced. :bigjoint:

    Is the plant count as it is enough detail @Big Perm as obviously I can only hope all 4 beans are viable?
    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    Sure as long as your plan is to take all 4 to flower.
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    Way2-High Well-Known Member

    I’d just like to throw out a suggestion about the picture thread. Some people are on cullular data a lot and it would save some data if people uploaded thumbnails instead of full images. Also helps for those with slow wifi.

    dstroy Well-Known Member

    #540 checking in

    I will be running 4 plants maximum in my flower tent. Depending on how large they are, I will possibly cull to 2. The reason for this is because I am currently using my flower tent, and the plants in there have about a month left. That's a long veg time for me. Thanks for letting us be flexible. If I do have to cull for space I will make sure everyone knows which plants got the cut.

    My plan is to get some Cannaventure Tennessee Kush #2 wet. There are at least 5 beans in the puck but I've had up to 8 in his packs. I'll dunk them all. At the same time, I'll be taking 2 clones of my Cannaventure Las Vegas Triangle Kush (my #5 cut). The LVTK is purely a backup plan, in case the TK#2 is underwhelming. If I don't like what I see I will cull the entire flower tent, and transplant the LVTK into it and finish out the grow.

    There will be 5-? plants in my cloner. When I pop open the pack we will have a better idea, still might lose some seedlings, you never know.

    Since the competition is so many weeks, I will possibly have time to do 2 complete cycles. But I don't know how long this TK#2 will take, it's new to me (The LVTK is around 60 days flowering time).

    I'm waiting until later this evening to get the seeds wet and cut the clones. Right now, I'm cycling the cloner. I "pickle" it with a little bleach before putting clones in.

    I'll explain my cloning and germinating procedures in the photo thread later this evening.

    I'm working on my setup post.
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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    A phone probably isn't the best device to use for this competition. 18 weeks, 30 something people, that's a lot of photos, I understand.
    I personally scroll through threads, thumbnails are an inconvenience for me because I have to click on each picture and go back and then click on the next one, that's a lot of clicking to see a depressed plant.
    Everyone is free to post however they would like, I'll be posting full size photos.
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    Way2-High Well-Known Member

    It’s not really an issue for me 50gigs of lte a month on my phone and unlimited 1gps rocket internet. It’s just that I got bitched at on another forum for my file size and amount of pics I uploaded so thought I’d mention it.
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    Mysturis420 Active Member

    i will try to post full size from now on if you click the picture itself it should let you scroll thru them with out haveing to click each one
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    Dyna-Gro Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Regular discussion will remain here.​
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    Kushash Well-Known Member

    I was able to scroll thru.
    Awesome pics show the process nicely in your post.
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    Mysturis420 Active Member

    thank you
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    6_blade_leaf Member

    #62 checking in...

    I’ll be running 4 plants also, either 2 and 2 in seperate troughs or all 4 in one big tub. My cats took the liberty of pissing in a few drawers of our double wide dresser, so I’ve decided to modify the dresser into a fancy new cat-piss boudoir grow cabinet! Thank you cats...

    I’ll be popping 4 funk berry gum x widow, 4 black diamond kush x Sativa, 4 black diamond kush and 1 mystery goats # 1 (bag seed lol). The mystery goats seem to always come up female so I’m not worried about anything but a few nanners which will get that sucker pulled and juiced if that happens, and the other three are regs so I’ll take my three favs out of the ladies and mother and juice the ones that don’t make it. Depending on what comes up, I may decide to mother the strongest and run the second best through to flower. Also noteworthy, I’ll be separating the papa’s from the mama’s but keeping atleast one male to harvest some pollen and cross with a few healthy looking branches. Unless of course no males show their banana faces..

    I’ll be running a 315 CMH and LED combo vertical, trellising vertically inside the cabinet on its side. At some point, don’t wanna say when just yet, I’ll be adding either UV or plasma intermittently for x-amount of time for x-amount of weeks, hopefully that’s not too vague.

    Going soil, hand watering, botanicare nutes - botanicare grow for the first 8 weeks with technaflora mag-i-cal supps weekly, botanicare bloom for week 8 - 14, 15 ish most likely (also with weekly techna flora mag-I-cal supplements).

    I wanted to try on some Dyna-Gro nutes but I’ve been rolling on a budget so I gotta go with what I have; at the very least I’ll give it a go on a future run. Mad appreciation for this cool comp and opportunity to see some different styles and learn from some OGs! Big thanks to @Big Perm AND @Dyna-Gro and all the peeps throwing into the pot. Way cool.

    Not sure if I missed anything, of course also I will post this pic and all future pics in the picture thread in the link...

    Oh yeah and I’m doing dunk and paper towel germination method, 6” pots to trough transplants. May incorporate gravity feed watering (5gall pale and drippers) if theyre drinking lots by week 6. If that’s too much fuckery then I’ll stick with handwatering lol

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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    Nice - post it in the right spot and nothing else...
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